Before The Bat… There Was Gordon

I may be violating some unwritten cyber-commandment when I say that Batman has become so over-rated.

Why do I say this?  This is due to the complete over saturation of Batman in our current culture and his abilities becoming completely overcompensated so that he (for example) can go toe-to-toe with Darkseid.  Batman seems to know everything at all times and is more capable than any of the other justice league.  He’s also one step ahead of everyone in every situation.

I get it DC, you simply lack the ability to pull off any other hero on the big screen.

Gotham_City_by_dblakeThough I am excited to see the next incarnation of Bruce Wayne.

… Ben Affleck is going to be the new Batman?… uhh that’s a discussion for another day.

The next man to play Bruce Wayne, and I use the term man loosely, is David Mazouz.

This post is not about the upcoming Superman vs Batman with Batfleck.  My excitement for that was last sighted sinking deep into the Marianas Trench.  All hope for that movie turning out interesting has forsaken these lands.

Early last year I heard rumblings that there was a batman prequel TV show in the works.  It was going to be a show that showcased the early years of Bruce Wayne and the other Gotham-based villains through the eyes of up and coming future-commissioner Gordon.  I thought this was just a money grab trying to ride the Nolan trilogy’s coat-tails and didn’t invest much into it.

Today I watched the trailer.

I’m excited.

This show has the potential to give the viewing public some real substance.  Without the flashy tights, quirky gadgets, and over the top villain persona’s we have an opportunity to have to real intense and emotional interaction with countless characters from Batman’s mythos.  We get to see the insanity before they became cartoon characters, and with good story telling it can make for very compelling television.

I feel as though Batman was also a very good serial if you wanted to discuss psychology.  This could be due to the presence of Arkham Asylum and how most inmates don’t get arrested, but committed for “help.”  Batman’s edge of the other DC heroes is that many of his villains started out pretty sane (ish) and that there was a visible submission to their psychosis that made them the super villains they become later in life.  If this show can highlight their transformations, it has me excited.

The trailer teases that Selina Kyle is in the scene as is Edward Nygma and Oswald Cobblepot.  (I hope you don’t have to look up who these people are, otherwise I lower my head at you.)

The casting looks top notch. David Mazouz taking the mantle as the grieving Bruce Wayne who just lost his parents.  Showcasing his initial psychological descent into the bat.  I think it was a brilliant choice just from seeing David’s work in the now-cancelled series “Touch” where he played an autistic kid who could see more to in the world around him and how everything was connected through numbers.

This kid played a powerful role with very little speaking lines with masterful expression.  Who better to play brooding Bruce Wayne?

Robin Taylor selected to play Mr. Cobblepot is a great choice as well.  From looking at the trailer and then realizing that this was the bratty, privileged son from “Would You Rather? (very underrated horror movie that I watched simply because Sasha Grey was in it 😉  But ended up being quite satisfied by the narrative… even though a great deal of it was a bit too far-fetched.)  I am incredibly looking forward to seeing how he plays this character.

They even got the little girl from Sinister to play Ivy.

The real gem that I have to mention is Gordon himself.  Benjamin Mackenzie is the kid that a lot of people will probably only remember from the O.C.  That’s where I originally seen him, and although I am not going to publicly oust myself as a fan of the O.C, there was a circumstance that made me watch a few seasons and his acting was quite green but one of the saving graces of that show.

From the extended trailer I see that the character is in good hands and I like how the world is being portrayed.  If the show lives up to the promise I see in that trailer it’s going to be something that will be worth tuning into.

If you haven’t seen this trailer, you need to.  Go, go now!

P.S: Donal Logue as Bullock??  Hell Yeah!

Reflection on Dead Island Riptide

It’s been a number of years since video gaming was counted among my foremost leisurely activities.  This is due to a number of reasons; part of it is other responsibilities, another part is growing up, and at least some of it is that there has not really been anything eye-catching to lure me back to my Xbox.

Of course there have been exceptions.

September 6, 2011 – The release of Dead Island.  I saw the trailer on Escapist Magazine and could not wait for this title to hit the shelf.  It looked like it was finally going to be the zombie apocalypse game that we were waiting for, especially at a time where zombies were poised to take their place as the foremost monster in pop culture.

It offered heart and compassion in a visceral and threatening situation.  Nothing was going to keep me away from Walmart on the 6th. The days that followed saw a lot of late night gaming (and a few sick calls to work) with  my at-the-time future roommate That Damned Besaw.

If you really want to know what ShallopNewf 2011 thought of the original, you can check out the review here

Let’s fast forward to present day.  Dead Island:Riptide has been released for about three weeks.  Once again with That Damned Besaw I made my return to find myself stranded on another island not too far from Banoi… surrounded by infected.


It’s been about 12 hours since I finished Dead Island: Riptide. Upon concluding the main story there was a considerably loud discussion between myself and That Damned Besaw about how we felt about it.  This was followed by a drive in the car, spending some time with my girlfriend, and finally playing a number of hours of Kingdoms of Amalur.  Only after all that do I now finally feel calm and collected enough to talk about what I just went through.


Riptide is not going to get the same treatment as the original, I’m not going to separate the review into segments and tell you how it ranked because really I’ll just be repeating myself.

Therein lies the real problem I have with this game.

Before I proceed, I need to make you aware that this review is most likely going to contain spoilers.  While I’ll try to keep it to a minimum and not anything too drastic, but really after reflecting on the series there isn’t anything about the narrative that should take you by surprise anyway.

If you like zombies, and you don’t want to have anything spoiled go ahead and play the game. You’ll definitely have a good time.

… Now, where were we?

Ah yes, Riptide.  Well I was asked earlier on Facebook when I made a comment regarding my gaming experience,

“Are you talking about Dead Island, or the new one?”

My response?  “Is there a difference?”

There’s no better way to sum this whole thing up than that.

The Good
I have to give credit where credit is due on this game. The dev team really did do a lot of great tweaks to the whole experience.  The fighting controls stayed familiar, yet the skill tree and leveling system was modified.

I really like the idea that the more you use something the more you would level it up.

The story itself continues pretty cohesive from where the previous game ended, so it really did feel like a true continuation of the story.

A couple of the new sights and mechanics were pleasant.  The bunker style missions where you needed to fortify an area while fighting off a horde of walkers was a very welcome addition, as was boat travel.

New zombies made the experience more unique from the original, especially the addition of the “wrestler” and the “screamer” zombies.

One part of the original Dead Island that I commented on was addressed in spades with this second outing and that is the feeling of that survivor instinct.  There were times in DI that I was surrounded by zombies and died, but I never did get the feel of dread that comes with realizing you are on an island completely swarming with the walking dead.    Riptide, with its continually spawning enemies and more aggressive(it seems) AI, has done that.

Walking through the jungle in Palanai, I really felt like I needed to take my time and hopefully get by without encountering too many.

The Bad

If there was only one major complaint I would have to make concerning the original Dead Island it would have to be directed towards the narrative itself.  The story is superb right up until you start nearing the climax.  I’ll be the first to admit that they didn’t really do anything different with the zombie apocalypse scenario, with the whole government = bad guy mentality but for the most part it was relatively solid until the very end.

The ending to the first game is comprised of a pitiful boss fight that I was able to overcome by just using Sam B’s special ability a single time, followed up by a chopper taking them away.

I really can’t go into more detail than that, but basically for as good as the game play experience was, and how passable the story and characters where… the best way to describe Dead Island is “predictably, anti-climatic”

… Riptide suffers from this and more.

Ripdtide is still far too new for me to be so bold as to actually explain the ending, but it essentially ends of being less satisfying than the original, and yet surprisingly similar.

Really that’s mainly it.  Gameplay-wise the game is indeed solid.  I’m not a fan of the players starting at level 15 since this is supposed to be a new game and not just an expansion…. but narrative-wise that makes sense because the characters are experienced in the situation so that can be excused.

The Same

This is THE main topic of conversation between me and That Damned Besaw.  We both spent 50 dollars to get this game anticipating a great experience that will continue the story in new and thrilling ways.

A couple of nice tweaks does not make up for what we encountered through the game.  It began with just comments here and there, “oh man you know this place reminds me of the jungle in the first one”… “this path is a lot like the resort area in Dead Island”….. “this fort is almost identical to the church from the first one”…

As these comments came fast and furious, ESPECIALLY near the end, we started paying more attention to it.  Entering the “bank” in the city of Henderson was startling when we entered the very same room from the first game when the main characters were talking about how to get to the security desk.

The last act of the game takes place in “the docks” of a city… not only is it very similar, but it is IDENTICAL to the layout of the “prison” from the first one.  There were points when I was going through it based on memory almost.

The entire last act of this game was a carbon copy of the original, the only difference is they changed some textures, they put in big tanks where there once was bars.

As we explored Mr. Besaw and I were labeling what we saw.  As we entered the large room where the final fight was going to take place I remember him welcoming me to the cell block, because it was identical.


I’m actually not as outraged about this as Besaw is, I actually don’t mind the recycling of levels, but when it seems like half the game is like that and you still want to charge me over 50 dollars for this game…. I’m expecting a new experience.

The end result is basically a still-solid gaming experience.  If you liked the first one, you will like this one.. had I the chance to do it over, I would probably wait until this is a 20 dollar budget title before getting it… but if you want to get your fix and see what happens to the immune after the events of the first game there is almost enough going for it to warrant the price tag.

If you can then wait… if you can’t then you’ll have fun but don’t go in with high expectations.

Dead Island Riptide… it’s still a Dead Island game so it’s worth a play,  the gameplay has even been improved, but the extra content just isn’t there and the story is just going to leave you lacking.

I don’t do these much anymore, but for the old times sake, I”ll give it a rating.

8/10 – recycled levels and a tired, bland story hinder an amazing game play experience.  I think it suffers from being rushed out way too early before it was truly completed.

Considering this is a new company, as pointed out by my friend Echo, I will end this with saying that I am certainly anticipating a time when they get everything together.

– Ya Should’ve Been There!… Still Haunted –

Really?  I thought for sure I was past this.  Will there ever come a point and time where I’ll be able to function as a normal person again?  …. I guess I should put this into context for you eh?

It’s been a little while since I’ve had a coherent thought that warranted adding to The World Is Broken and since then there has been significant changes in my life. This gym idea has been an absolute godsend for my physical and psychological well-being.  Even though the last 24 hours have been a very bad hiccup on my path of physical fitness.

Not going to the gym, but opting to drink a significant amount of alcohol doesn’t seem like a very productive choice, however I think I needed last night just as it was as much as I need to persevere at the gym.

I’ve come to some conclusions about the people I’ve surrounded myself with in recent weeks.  Some good, some bad, but all important.  This season essentially has begun with the re-emergence of Kathryn, and the introduction to a new Emily & Johnny.  It’s a group dynamic that isn’t going to sustain itself for very long (especially since the Emily of this dynamic is leaving), but it is a very welcome throw back to two years ago when one of the most intense seasons of the last decade began.

Last night, we found ourselves having some drinks. I indulged a little nostalgia and led the gang to O’Reilly’s for Open Mic.  Anyone who knows me knows full well how significant Open Mic has been to my developing of social skills and the maintenance of my own sanity.  It has always worked as the very best outlet for what is in my head at the time.

Last night it didn’t quite work as such, because I tried to play songs that people would recognize and like more so than trying to give an accurate reflection of what is on my mind.  I ended up breaking into my rendition of Freshman by Verve Pipe, Asshole by Denis Leary, and following up with the song that has become a signature of mine (even if it is over played and pop-ish) Brian Wilson by The Barenaked Ladies.

Before getting up there I contemplated actually playing “View From Heaven”… I’ve played it every open mic since Elaine passed away and as I’ve explained in the past, this song is a word for word accurate description of how I felt about her, and how I continue to feel to this day.

Last night felt absolutely amazing.  It was the first time I actually felt like myself in a very long time; the feeling was intoxicating.  My friends were having a great time before the group somewhat split and went their own separate ways, I felt like a Rock Star having people coming up to tell me how good the set was. I even won the bar tab that O’Reilly’s gives out each week.  Later  I opted to stay downtown for a little while extra once I knew that my friends were safely on their way back home.

There was a golden question circulating last night about why I decided to do that.  I was a little hesitant about going into details last night with anyone other than the birthday girl (simply because she already knew)… The short answer is that truthfully, I don’t know how or why, but I couldn’t get my mind off Elaine.

It sounds lame, and makes me come off as probably a lot weaker than I actually am, but she was on the back of my mind before I went up.. the fact that I didn’t play View From Heaven made me think of her on stage.. and getting the bar tab for “winning” open mic brought me back to the last time I played O’Reilly’s… and how excited I was to tell her all about it and how happy she seemed for me.

I couldn’t shake her face, and I couldn’t get control of my own thoughts.  So instead of letting these new friends of mine, friends that I have not been associated with long enough to know whether or not seeing me in such a contemplative state would be something they can be okay with… I decided to stay and ponder.

I eventually managed to get a buddy to get me and my car up to the new Johnny’s place, where I hung out with them for a little while before later having that same buddy (I REALLLLY OWE you big time sir) get my car and bring it to where I would crash last night.

I think my efforts to NOT worry the new friends was in vain, especially when after I told them to go to bed I was sitting in my car with the engine running and I know they were convinced that I was going to drive.

Anyway, as much as I know I’ll never really be able to let go of her, I thought for sure I was at least past the point where I am going to be haunted by her at every turn.  I know Elaine would be pissed to know that she was the root cause of my mood completely dropping out last night… but it isn’t something that can be helped.

I will say this though, there were no demasculating tears, or heartfelt rants that needed to be said.. so maybe that’s progress.  What I do know for sure is that last night I felt better than I have in many moons, and it just reinforced the idea that I don’t think I’ll ever be truly done with doing Open Mics.  It just flows through me, it’s my lifeline no matter what is going on.

Anyone up for a jam?

– Know When To Fold Em –

C’mon don’t pretend like you don’t know the words.  “The Gambler” by Kenny Rogers is a niche song who’s chorus is etched in the minds of anyone that over the age of 25.  Even if you haven’t heard the song I’m sure you know the chorus.

“You got to know when to Hold Em, Know when to Fold Em,
Know when to walk away, Know when to run.
You never count your money, when you’re sitting at the table
There’ll be time enough for counting, when the dealings done” Kenny Rogers – The Gambler.

Honestly his advice pretty flawed for use at the poker table, in fact if you’re playing a cash game the whole “don’t count your money at the table” is a very poor strategy.  Any poker player worth his salt knows that the size of your stack in relation to the size of the rest of the table is a key thing to considering when you decide what kind of play you’re going to d…..

No.. I will NOT make this a poker entry.  This is not what I wanted to talk about.

No! Back off Kenny.  I like the song but that’s not what this is about.

*Ahem* Okay. This message is about the first part of the iconic chorus.  Know when to hold em, know when to fold em.  I’ve racked my brain and looked through a lot of proverbs and quotes and there has been a lot said about the power of sheer persistence and perseverance.

Every inspirational name one can imagine has some kind of a quote about how you have to endure all challenges.. never give up.. try try again.  I don’t hear a whole lot of people actively giving counsel towards the notion that sometimes giving up IS the best choice of action.  Sometimes you need to realize you’re fighting a losing battle, and before you drive yourself insane or end up doing irreparable damage you should considering throwing in the towel.

At the very least changing your goal.

Yes.. this is going to tie back to talking about dealing with women.  That seems to be my little shtick here in my corner of the interwebs.

There comes a time when you’re hanging with that your crush and things are going okay; you try to do what you can to be flirty towards her but not too overbearing.  You try to hangout with her, but not get too close and end up finding yourself friend-zoned.

Hell you might have even succeeded a little more-than-friend activity up to this point.

Things are looking good right?  Well what if they aren’t.  What if you begin to notice a change in your path.  What do you do if you notice that some of the things you’ve been doing have  felt forced and awkward instead of comfortable and natural?

There comes a time when you must ask yourself exactly whether or not it’s time to hold em or fold em.

This is a very important question because it could dictate exactly how this association with this potential partner will go.  Will it be something amazing yet short lived, maybe it’ll be foundation for something that can be absolutely incredible down the road, or hell maybe you just end up with another friend.  You need to make a judgement call as to where you stand.

Maybe she just wants to be friends?  You ever think of that.  This is where persistence will lead to missing out.  If you continually assault someone with intentions of more than friendship when it’s all they can offer, you’ll end up out in the cold and they’ll be lost to you.

Sometimes when someone says they just want to be friends, it could be just because they are afraid of letting someone in, sometimes it’s because they legit have no feelings for you other than friendship, and sometimes they just think they’ll end up hurting you and it’s their defense mechanism that they use to keep themselves free from  guilt.

There are thousands of other reasons why someone would want to just be friends, but these are just prominent examples.  And therein lies the problem.  two of those three scenarios can be overcome through sheer persistence, patience, and understanding.  Realizing they have things they need to work through, and trying to be there for them as more than a friend while at the same time trying to make sure you’re not adding any extra pressure to their already complicated situation.

I’ve talked many people through situations just like this.  Everything from the teen angst of a break with their high school sweet heart, right up to helping a friend talk her father down from suicide… then having to counsel her in the aftermath when she began to feel responsible.  (I include this only after checking with her if it was okay to make the reference of course)

I do get a bit frustrated at times when it comes to an attraction that is hindered by a complicated past.  It isn’t something that’ll drive me batty, but I think it’s more due to my own arrogance and how I feel I can help anyone through anything.  I feel inadequate when someone doesn’t let me help out.. although it would make perfect sense not to completely open up to a complete stranger… Anyway, I  digress.

This story is about the right time to give up, not about complicated pasts.  The long and short of it all is simply if you find yourself in a situation that seems completely hopeless, do NOT take the option of surrender very lightly.  For how cliche it is to give the “don’t give up” talk.. it really does hold water.

You very well should make sure all options have been explored or at least considered before doing so.

HOWEVER, there comes a time when you need to evaluate the situation.  You need to understand the risks of perseverance, because if you persist in a situation that fails in the end you could end up completely empty handed, whereas if you consider all outcomes you may find that by giving in or giving up before reaching that point may at least get you a consolation prize.

Sure you may not end up getting the girl.. but you could end up with a good friend..

Learning when is a good time to cut your losses is NOT the same as being a quitter, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.  There is nothing to be ashamed of when it comes to strategic retreat. Don’t be ashamed to wave the white flag..

No Greater Crime Than Wasting Time

I was sitting here at the computer watching the minutes tick by.  There are so many ideas floating around my head for possible settings and characters for the narrative I plan on writing that it’s taking a lot out of me to just organize those thoughts together into a coherent idea.

Surfing through the net I came across a line that spoke to me.  Considering the amount of time I’ve spent that I would consider to be wasteful lately it really spoke to me.

“Begin at once to live, and count each separate day as a separate life”  Seneca

How much time have we all spent wasted on useless endeavours? I moved to this town to lose weight, get my career on track, and essentially shed myself of the guilt that plagued my mind since Elaine passed away.

Albeit I believe I’m in a safer place right now when it comes to Elaine.  I’m able to remember her without getting incredibly emotional, I don’t beat myself up for abandoning her any more.

Why do we put things off?  Procrastination is such an overwhelming tendency that is hard to shake once you’ve been doing it so long.  When I should be sorting out my gym membership and working on my writing I’ve spent my time gallivanting around aimlessly with the free time that I had.

I made very childish mistake of putting the important things on the back burner in lieu of leisure and irrelevant things.

Am I saying that I will not be having any more fun until I’ve met all my goals? Oh god no, the human psyche needs to have entertainment.  I’m just saying that I’ve put too much of that too high in my priorities.  I’ve written before about the Strain Of Leisure, well now I’m beginning to feel it’s burden.

Why do we do this though?  In a lot of the cases I’ve experienced and heard about people become their own worst enemy.  There is no bigger obstacle to the development of a person than their own meandering thought processes… the lack of initiative to go out executing the plans you make.

In two years I think I’ve had well over a dozen “Day Ones” in my life, I’ve even had three different attempts at starting a separate offshoot blog of “The World Is Broken” to monitor and track my progress towards meeting these goals.  So that in the end I’ll have an amazing keepsake and record of where I was vs where I ended up.

And yet here I sit… I’m stagnant in the same position I was months ago.  I’ve made strides lately.  Finding work helped, I have my own place, and I’ve made it impossible to use my credit card so debt will not grow… I’ve even taken steps lately to start reducing my needless spending and consumption.

But this time.. am I really ready.  I have said this a lot in my day…  this time it does feel different.  I feel like I’m actually in a mental and physical place where I am going to pull this off.. Maybe this is why it’s been so long between the end of last season and the beginning of this one… maybe I needed to be ready and this season is going to be the transitional one… Finally.

I guess you guys can just wait and see.  Hopefully 6 months from now I’ll be able to boast some results and 12 months from now I’ll be linking you all to the blog that’ll show how I got where I ended up.

It’s time to treat every day as though it were a new life… free from the mistakes and the sins of my past, and bursting with a limitless potential for the future.

Wish me Luck.

I’m Their Biggest Fan!… No You’re Not.

12 Stones are absolutely incredible, I defy any of you to find a bigger fan of them than I.  Let the earth open up and swallow us whole and the heavens burst with the thunderous roar of all the ancient deities if I am ever proved wrong on this…

Wait. what?  Um, No I don’t really know any of the members names other than Paul McCoy being the lead singer?

Uh, Where are they from? Well I know they’re American.

Newest Album?  That’s easy, Anthem For the Underdog is their newest album.  I like it better than Potter’s Field but not as much as their original self titled albu… what? Their new album is actually out now?


*Pauses for the Rapture described in the earlier statement*

Alright I’ll be the first to admit that this is probably a little more dramatic than I need to be with this entry but this is something that has come up a number of times lately with more than one person in my life so it needed to be said.

Essentially this is going to be a discussion on the term Fan.

The first disclaimer I want to say is that I’m using this is in a very specific context.  In the terms of someone claiming that they are the “biggest fan” of someone or something.

The term Fan these days is defined as
“A person who has a strong interest in or admiration for a particular sport, art or entertainment form, or famous person.”  So I’m not saying you need to know every little detail about something in order to fall yourself a fan.  Simply liking it will suffice in todays world.

However the word originally was short for Fanatic.  If you tell me that you are the biggest fan of something you better be able to back up a statement like that.

Before I get the eye-rolling just hear me out.

I can appreciate that you don’t need to be completely knowledgeable about something to be absolutely crazy for it.  I really like 12 Stones, I would rank them as definitely one of my all time favorite bands that I have  grown up listening to.

Ever since I found out that the male voice in “Bring Me To Life” by Evanescence was not the band co-founder Ben Moody, but was in reality Paul McCoy from this unknown band “12 Stones” I’ve been hooked.

I’ve downloaded all of their albums and purchased as much merchandise as I could find (albums included).  I am a fan of 12 Stones, and I love their music.  I can listen to any of their songs on repeat for hours and never tire of it.

Am I their biggest fan?  I’d have to say No.  You see there is a defining difference between liking something a whole lot and being a huge fan of it.  I would never consider myself to be a huge fan of something unless I knew more about it than most.

I know Paul McCoy is the front man, I can sing along to almost every song and I can name off every album(save for the new one) and every song on it, but as far as when it comes to the band itself I know not a lot about their history, their current tour schedule, and to be honest I don’t know anything about how they got started or any fact really that isn’t directly on their album.

This is not huge fan behavior. Now let’s look at the alternative.  WWF/WWE in the mid 90’s to the mid 2000’s.  Throughout this decade I was a die hard WWE fan.  I would consider myself to have been one of the biggest fans on the island at least, maybe even on a grander stage.

There was nothing that could stump me about the industry. I knew the inner workings of the matches, the ring psychology that the really good superstars use to put on entertaining matches.  I knew almost every superstar on the WWE payroll, by both their real name and their wrestling name.  I could rhyme of the results of any pay per view, and for a lot of them I could even tell you the attendance at each one.

I watched Owen Hart fall to his death, I watched Shawn Michaels win the World Title for the first time, I wrote articles on the shows I’ve been watching and I read all the forums of the so-called “insiders” that would report on the drama and politics going on backstage.  I even kept up on news posted on the actual guys own home pages and stayed in the look.

I was a huge wrestling fan..
Did I enjoy wrestling more than I like 12 Stones?  To be honest I don’t know.  The enthusiasm I had when I was younger drove me to soak in everything WWE.  I enjoy 12 stones immensely but in my later years I don’t feel that same get up and go for anything really.

I am a fan who LIKES 12 stones, but I was a huge FAN of WWE. See the difference.

My buddy’s girlfriend really enjoys the Rolling Stones.  Like she goes completely ape-shit when anything Mick Jagger comes on the radio or CD, she is even more knowledgeable about the songs and albums than most stones fan.  She is by far a significant fan of the Stones, but when she told him that she was the biggest fan in the world of the stones .. he politely corrected her.

One of our friends could tell you every detail about every tour, and discuss just about every myth surrounding the stones, hell I’m pretty sure she could tell you the exact date of birth of Keith Richards down to the minute.. without the aid of google.

Anyway, this is a bit of nit picking I’m sure. I know it’s just an expression. But, I think it’s something that’s used far too loosely in our day.  Maybe this is all just stemming from my own annoyance with the cliché of, “I’m you’re biggest fan.”  at the beginning of every fanboy/fangirl e-mail/letter to their favorite celebrities.

Anyway, that’s it for now.  I got something else to talk about but that’s more about my own future.  But more on that later.

Note to self.. Get the new 12 Stones album after work today!