Tuning up the band. The return of the Puppet Master! – T-Minus 6

To begin I need to express my absolute crookedness at the moment, the new work schedule is released and revealed that I will be working till 130am on Halloween night. I haven’t had to work a Halloween night in … ever actually. I’m beyond rotted, but have no right to complain to anyone here because I took for granted that I would be off early that I didn’t bother asking to be free that night.

… *Insert lots of yelling and profanity here* …
Okay. Give me a moment to compose myself, I’ll be with you shortly…

Ahhhhh Yes.  I feel so much better now.  Mr. Band, you do good work. I love this series!!!

You hear it all the time when people talk about the great franchises you will find when you look into the horror genre, you hear of Jason Voorhees, Michael Myers, Fred Kruger, Regan MacNeil, and so on.    If you dig into the cult classics you even become familiar with Ash Williams and even personalities like the mistress of the dark, Elvira.

A truly underrated and under-appreciated franchise that seems to be passed over quite frequently by all but only the most avid of horror fans is the Puppet Master series.  The gang is all there, Blade, Pinhead, Tunneler, Six Shooter… the list goes on.  If you were to ask me what is my favorite horror movie of all time, I hope you had a couple of days to spare while I dive into the genre in an attempt to answer that question… if you ask me what my favorite franchise is, the answer is clear.  Puppet Master.

Puppet Master is the baby of a legend in the horror franchise, Charles Band.  Never heard of him?  Well he’s got a near endless amount of movies to his credit.  You won’t find a multi-million dollar blockbuster on his resume but the man started making films at the age of 22, and he’s still at it.  In fact the inspiration for this post is the release of the 10th Puppet Master movie.  If that alone was enough to get me absolutely pumped, this movie is called Axis Rising meaning that it is a return to Nazis!

Blade & Pinhead – Two of the most well-known puppets

…  Upon news of this I have decided the retrospective I had planed to record for the Paranormal Activity saga must be placed on hold because the Puppet Master series is the one dear to my heart and there’s so much to talk about.  Seriously, if I didn’t have restraint in this post, it would go on for hours.

For the sake of this post I’m going to just give a brief over view of the story, but if you are a fan of horror or just want something creepy to watch for Halloween then watch these movies.  The first and second part are more like your classic horror films, part 3-5 they seem to hit their stride of realizing that although the puppets were capable killers and should be feared and respected… they were also VERY likable and developed their own fan base.  The third movie takes place in the second world war where we see the origins of the puppets as they take vengeance on the Nazi’s for the murder of their creators wife.  The 4th and 5th shows the emergence of a new puppet master, and the puppets are displayed in a more positive light defending their puppet master from the antagonist of the movie.  Some people say this is where the series got a little too over the to… I’m getting way ahead of myself.


The story of Puppet Master is the story of Andre Toulon.  Toulon was a puppeteer during the second World War, his specialty was providing incredible puppet shows and miraculously there did not appear to be any strings on his puppets.  Only Toulon ever knew the secret of his act, and it was a secret that he took to the grave.  (You find all this out in great detail in the third movie, which is a prequel showing Toulon in the 40’s)

The discovery of the puppets and the secret behind animating them is the blood line of the series.  In the first movie there’s a very malevolent Puppet Master therefore the puppets are merciless killers, in later installments with a new Puppet Master you see the change in their demeanor.

SixShooter – Another Fan Favorite Puppet

Come to think of it, I think I saw the 4th & 5th movies were the ones I seen before the original because the puppets were never scary to me.  They were systematically killing people off in the first movie, but I always saw them as friendly.  It’s strange how perspective can shape a film.

This is by far my favorite series of any horror franchise but regrettably I have not seen the later installments of the series.  The 5th was intended on being the end of the series and has a pretty good ending to a series, but this is an issue I’m going to remedy very soon.  Puppet Master marathon anyone?

The effects on the original movies especially haven’t aged all the best but they were amazing for its time.  Mr. Band definitely had a masterpiece with The Puppet Master, and the cast of characters (The puppets) is so diverse and creative that it’s hard not to be drawn into the series.

I’m absolutely stoked for tonight now to catch up on some  Puppet Master.

… This post was actually supposed to be about Charles Band more so than Puppet Master, but I am just way beyond excited about this new movie.

Well at least I now have my idea for tomorrow.  Charles Band and more specifically Full Moon Entertainment.  Providing some of the best practical effected horror movies in the genre.

Longest Running Halloween Traditional – Halloween Specials Prt.2

Television doesn’t play as large a role in my Halloween as it does to Christmas time.  Oh man… the Christmas specials that I need to watch each year come together into a substantial list.  Halloween does not really fall into the TV heavy area, although there was a lot of time spent in front of a television.  Halloween was more about the monster movie marathons and less about the actually Halloween television specials.

There are of course some exceptions, like the Great Pumpkin, South Park Halloween specials were awesome as well, and new favorite, the Community Halloween special where the zombie apocalypse breaks out at Greendale.  These are a few of the specials that have become a part of my Halloween tradition but none more close to my heart really making me feel like Halloween is near than the longest running TV show in prime time history, “The Simpsons”

The “Treehouse of Horror” series usually came on a week or so before Halloween and it was the defining moment of the Halloween season. The graveyard and the  “Treehouse of Horror” title made my brain twitch and truly believe that Halloween is upon us.  I long to return back to the days of watching these horror anthologies where the Simpson writers had total freedom to do whatever they wanted to the characters without worrying about the canon of the show.

I get a little apprehensive when it comes to the TOH series.  I don’t think I’ve seen the latest episodes and the last one I watched was just an anthology of movie parodies.  Not horror movies, not even a scary cartoon, just a funny parody.

I think it was Treehouse XXI where I lost the will to follow the series.   The first of three cartoons was about Homer being bitten by a spider and paralyzed only able to communicate through passing gas.  The end of the episode sees him being bitten by a radioactive spider and becoming a paralyzed spider man.  The second cartoon, the only one that tries to be a little horror-ish, is one where Ned becomes a serial killer thinking he’s doing God’s work, when in reality it was Homer speaking to him through a Bible-shaped radio.  The third is simply an Avatar spoof.  Yes, the blue alien, Steven Spielberg avatar.

It felt like they just stopped trying.  I think I may go and watch the newest Treehouse tonight and see if they redeemed themselves last year but I highly doubt it.  Al Jean just doesn’t have the same approach and style that James Brooks had.

That being said, there are some great moments past in this series.  I really enjoyed how they were tied together.  Unlike the recent episodes that just throws a few disconnected cartoons at you, in the past they were all held by a narrative.  There was a Halloween party where each cartoon was a story that one of the characters was telling in an effort to scare the others, which paid off in the end with the kids all laughing and wondering “who could be scared of stories like that” and then a shot of Homer shivering with fear.  Earlier series had a similar premise of the children taking turns telling stories except it was in their Treehouse (appropriate for the Treehouse of Horror).

One of the ones I liked from the more recent episodes is when the family falls asleep in church and each individual cartoon is a dream that one of the characters is having.  They were religious type cartoon, even one parodying David and Goliath, which illustrates my “they are NOT horror anymore” ideas… but to save the episode the Simpsons wake up at the end of the service and everyone is already gone.  They leave the church to reveal the apocalypse, complete with four horsemen and everything.  The Flanders are saved and brought into heaven through a beam of light…. a light that comes on Lisa but as she’s being ascended Homer grabs her ankle bringing her back to the ground with her family.

The cartoons strayed but the overall tone stayed the same.

Also don’t get me wrong, parodies are a great way to celebrate the Halloween season and the Simpsons have done it masterfully in the past.  Parodying movies like Dracula, Nightmare On Elm Street, The Lost Boys, The Shining, and even episodes of The Twilight Zone just to name a few, has become a staple of the series.  When they start parodying Avatar because that’s what was popular at the time I lose my respect.

But despite of the qualms I have with the later offerings I cannot dismiss this series.  Treehouse of Horror to any 25+ year old fan is as essentially to the full Halloween experience as Pumpkin carving and black cats.  There’s just so much to love about this series, and even if I believe it has lost touch with the X-factor that made it great (which can also pretty much said for The Simpsons in general)

A tree house of Horror marathon is indeed in my future between now and October 31st.


Good Grief! Still 9 Days Away? Halloween Specials Prt.1

When I think Halloween, there are two particular specials that come to mind. I’m going to talk about one in this entry and the second in the next.

The first is a tradition that I hold dear and I’m sure a lot of other people my age and older also appreciate it.  How many of you think about Linus sitting in a pumpkin patch all Halloween waiting for the Great Pumpkin to show when you think of traditional Halloween images?

Yes I’m referring to one of my favorite childhood Halloween specials, “It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown!”

I’ll admit that the peanuts crew and their specials are a little before my time with a release date of 1966.  Through the magic of re-runs on YTV Charlie Brown has become ingrained with my early development.  The thought of the great pumpkin was so intriguing to a young ShallopNewf

I haven’t seen it in many years and I”m sure a lot of this love comes from nostalgia, but Peanuts is Peanuts… I’d imagine going back it wont lose any of its splendor…. I think I’ll have to try that out tonight.

*note to self, watch It’s The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown tonight*

The part about this story that I find compelling is not necessarily the Halloween aspects of it.  I guess you can draw a parallel with this special and just the idea of having faith in anything intangible. *coughReligioncough*

Linus sends his letter to the Great Pumpkin in the hopes the Pumpkin will visit.  This special is rife with the the gang telling him his crazy and just wasting away his Halloween in a pumpkin patch instead of having fun with his friends.  It’s a fools errand but Linus sticks to his guns.  He doesn’t need to make them understand because he knows the Great Pumpkin exists and there is a chance that he’ll appear tonight.

I think what I enjoy about it is that in the end … oh wait.


… is that really necessary for a beloved childhood special that is nearing 50 years old??..


The pumpkin does NOT come to visit Linus that particular year. This part, I’m sure, catered to my inner-developing Atheist before I knew it even existed.  Somewhere there was a voice saying, “ha ha that’s what you get believer!”

However before some of my followers leap on me for that statement, I need to draw attention to the ending and how it show’s that it doesn’t matter whether or not faith is justified.  The important thing is that you have it.  One of the scenes that I vividly remember from this special is the ending.  An exhausted Linus is talking with his good buddy Chuck when Charlie tries to reassure his best friend by telling him “It’s okay, I’ve done stupid things too”… upon hearing his friends counsel Linus lets loose a tirade that takes Charlie Brown off guard.

Linus vows that next Halloween, he’s going to find an even bigger and better pumpkin patch, and he WILL see the Great Pumpkin.

There is absolutely no evidence other than his own faith and yet he remains undeterred from his belief.  As an adult able to look at the psychological side of this special I can’t lie, though the fact there was no Great Pumpkin caters to my inner atheist there is something about Linus conviction that I envy.  For other children his age (and me as a child) Halloween was about getting as much candy as you possibly could.  For me personally, it was a competition with my classmates to see who could get the most.

For Linus, October 31st meant so much more.  It was a lot more meaningful then the sugar rush and gut rot that the others experienced.  Linus is able to see something very special about this day.  Personally I think this is the earliest contribution of Halloween becoming so dear to my heart.  The thought of this day being about so much more than just candy and costumes began right here.  This time of year can (and does) mean so much more… but I’ll get into that a little closer to the day itself.

Needless to say “It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!” is a timeless Halloween special that should be seen and can be appreciated by all ages!

Grave Encounters – Found Footage Done Right! T Minus 10 Days!

There are two types of film that have been severely lacking in quality, especially recently.  Those types are “horror” & “found footage” movies.

They style originally made famous by the Blair Witch Project was an innovative twist on film-making and at the time it was a pretty original idea.  People, myself included, give the Blair With a snobbish stare when you measure it up against the icons of the horror genre.  Taking away the condescending attitude towards the film it would be impossible to not give credit where credit is due that they launch a new sub genre of film.

Found Footage is a blessing and curse at the same. It brings a new way of bringing stories to life and more important for the film makers because it allows to create with a very minimal budget.  All you really need for a found footage film is a handy cam and an average powered computer for editing.  I enjoy this in theory, but unfortunately this also means that every hack with a camera and a bad idea is able to make a full length movie these days. There are so many examples of this technique done wrong but it’s the Halloween season and I want to focus on the good.

This brings us to “Grave Encounters.”  I will channel my inner hipster here by saying that I found this movie when it was a brand new release and the trailer got me excited.  It’s a movie that was able to legitimately keep my attention and did a pretty above average job giving the creepy atmosphere and the heart-wrenching suspense intertwined with a few decent jump scares.

Grave Encounters is a reality TV show that was in production back in 2003.  It’s host Lance Preston and his team of ghost trackers would go into haunted locations to try to make contact with the paranormal.  For their 6th episode they selected an asylum.  They never did return from this shoot.  The movie is the raw footage they captured, only edited for time but not doctored in any other way.

It begins the first act by essentially making a parody of the ghost hunting reality shows that are actually airing these days, before descending into madness of well thought out scares and eerie  situations.  My only complaint is that there are times when they do go a little over the top but all in all it was a very well done found footage popcorn flick.

…. Last night after finishing my SlenderMan post I sat through the recently released, “Grave Encounters 2”  the meta-documentary-horror film.  This movie has giving me hope that the Grave Encounters idea has the potential to become a full-blown series with maybe even a third installment… wait a minute, maybe I should check to see if that’s a plan already or not?

*Pause for quick google search*

Okay yeah, as far as I could find there is no talks yet of a Grave Encounters 3, but Vicious Brothers I really hope you get on that.

Anyway, I digress.

Grave Encounters 2 opens with a montage of interview video reviewers talking about the original movie, ending with a review from this films umm.. I guess you could call him a protagonist but really I stretch that word because although the film does centralize around him he really is one of the most unlikely horror characters I’ve encountered (pardon the pun) in a long time.

Alex gets a video response to his review of Grave Encounters from a user named “Death Awaits.”  This is a throwback to the original movie because that is what is spray painted on the door as they enter the asylum.  This snowballs into a conspiracy that Grave Encounters really happened.  Becoming obsessed with this idea which leads him and his film school friends to embark on a journey to the actual asylum where the movie was filmed.

The sequel follows all the rules.. it’s bigger, more intense, and yet has facets of the original to tie it together.  It’s a treat to return to the bathtub room, or the room with the window that opens by itself, but then they do something new and turn it up a notch.  The plot gets a little more in-depth than one would expect from what was essentially a very good, stand-alone, popcorn flick back in 2009.

They tied a complicated, yet remarkably interesting story together here.  I dare not spoil anything but I do want to mention the ending.  The ending is something I am very proud of, since the Vicious Brothers managed to have a found footage film where there was actual thought put into the ending.  It was not a movie where all the characters just died off one by one and ended with the death of the last character.. the ending is essentially the reason I wanted to write about it and why it became my third post on my Halloween countdown.

There WILL be more time put into to discussing both of these films and it will be posted on NoTearsPlease.com so stay tuned for that.  In thea meantime, tomorrow I hope to have something more Halloween and less horror since there really is more to Halloween than just the horror genre that I hold dear.


The Fat Man Talks About Slenderman – T Minus 12 Days!

It’s very difficult for fans of the horror genre to really get excited when there is a new offering in theaters   There are very few filmmakers that seem to be able to do this right… actually you know, if everything that has come out recently is disappointing maybe that means as a horror fan my expectations may be just too high?  Could that be it?

Maybe all along the movies have been subject to unfair criticism because of just ridiculously high expectations.  Of course Freddy Krueger was a scary force of my childhood, I was a child. Maybe Orin Peli is actually as talented as Wes Craven, I’m just older now and hoping to feel the same tingly sensation I got as a child…

…. Maybe they’ve been doing it right all along…

*Dramatic Pause*

This was my attitude the day before I stumbled across Marble Hornets.  The day before I saw what creative storytelling with a new big-bad could do.  Marble Hornets came around to remind me that YES the genre can be done much better and deserve a lot more respect than it receives from big budget Hollywood companies.

Huh? What is Marble Hornets you ask?  You haven’t heard of it? I see, well then let’s fix that shall we?

You haven’t heard of Marble Hornets but you probably heard of this guy right?

That’s right ladies and gentlemen I’m talking about Mr. Slenderman himself.  A couple of years ago you might be excused for never hearing of this horrifying man but after the viral Marble Hornet productions on YouTube and more recently the free indie game “Slender” there is no reason for you to never have seen him.

Slenderman is the first of a new mythos of creature called “Fears.”  They are all incredibly creepy and have their own domain they control.  Slender’s domain is The Path of Black Leafs.  He is the fear of the unknown & strangers.

If you want more of an insight into the Fear’s themselves there has been a wiki compiled on them.  Check it out here 

So who exactly is Slender Man?  Where did he come from.  Well despite what you might read if you google him, this particular creature has only existed in recent years, 2009 to be precise.  Something Awful held a photoshop contest looking for a new monster.  The winning entry as a black and white photo that I’m sure most of you have seen by now of an unnaturally tall man in a suit with no distinguishable face, holding hands with children in a playground.

The image was creepy enough and I believe it was the winning entry.

That’s it, that is the humble beginnings to what may take my pic for being the most effective new horror image of our generation.  Of course that picture alone wasn’t enough to launch Slenderman to mainstream success.  THAT accreditation goes the minds behind the YouTube Channel Marble Hornets.

Marble Hornets is a strong contender for the most significant contribution to the horror genre put to film in the last decade, maybe two.  It’s strength was not in jump scares like too many directors use these days, the eerie feels are a lot more subtle.  This is clearly due to their lack of budget but I like to think that even more financial assets they would have kept the scares the same.

The real strength to Marble Hornets is immersion.  It creates a world and characters that you believe and begin to actually care about, but it also stretches beyond the film itself.  Incorporating an alternative youtube channel and even real-world twitter in its narrative.

If you are a fan of horror and want to just have a creepy old night out of it I highly recommend killing your lights and going to youtube and watching Marble Hornets.


The best narrative goes up to Entry #26.  This is where I stopped, and they actually stopped for about a year.  If you take those 26 entries and put them together you have an amazing, yet bone-chilling movie with a solid, enjoyable ending.  I cannot vouche for any of the entries beyond that, I heard they are getting quite tedious but since there was a year between 26 and 27, I’m guessing 26 is when they intended on ending it.

Sooo, go watch it.

Marble Hornets is the name of a college film that was being made by what I suppose could be one of our two protagonists for this story, Alex.  The plot takes place long after Alex quit production of his movie and “Jay” (the narrator/protagonist) of our tale saw how tragic it was for so much footage to be wasted and wants to see if he can edit what they already had shot.  Reluctantly Alex gave the tapes to Jay and disappeared instructing Jay to never speak of the tapes to him again.

As Jay reviews the tapes he begins to find some odd recordings and realizes that near the end Alex was filming himself 24/7 and that something sinister was after him.  The “entries” are the vehicle for our story, they are found-footage style clips that Jay supposedly came across while watching the tapes.  He decides to upload and air anything found odd.  Some are scenes from the actual movie with distortion, others actually feature the Slenderman himself.

The beauty of this is that even the entries that have no supernatural activity can still creep you out because you’re just waiting for something to happen.  That’s the overall plot.  Eventually things start happening to Jay that is narrated through text at the beginning and end of each entry.

It’s a very simple premise but played straight up and done so well that it works.  Marble Hornets is one of the very few things that actually gave me a creepy feeling after I watched it.  This is the true touch of good horror.  Any director can make viewers jump in their seats with loud noises or throwing stuff at the camera… Marble Hornets will have you looking in every dark recess of your room to ensure there is nothing there, and you will always be looking over your shoulder… since most of the time Slenderman is just seen standing still and observing.

The real treat to this Marble Hornets experience was that during the time of the original airing there was a twitter account for Marble Hornets and it had “Jay” updating and giving us little bits of information of things he was during throughout the week and what was happening to him.  To anyone experiencing this during its original run, they did everything possible other than put you literally in the movie to immerse you in the world around them.

It was bone-chilling, it was suspenseful and was probably the best example of “what you don’t see is what really creeps you out” that I’ve seen in a horror video in recent memory.  If you can find a method of immersing your viewer in the experience you’ve done your job.

Kudos Marble Hornets.  One day I will catch up and see if you were able to keep that up through the other two “seasons” of entries.

SlenderMan and Jigsaw(SAW franchise) are the only real two contributions I can think of from our generation to the world of horror.  I’m a little let down thus far and I’m convinced that there is some new up and coming ideas for the genre.  Of course I’ve been saying this for years though and so far we have two, I guess that’s not too bad.

Anyway, Slenderman has taken on a life of his own.  Recently he was put into the spotlight by the game that is free to play all you must do is download it.  It’s named “Slender” and is … wait give me a second to think… yep.. yeah I’m pretty sure…. okay I decided… Slender, if played alone and in the dark is THE creepiest game I’ve ever played.  Sorry Silent Hill 2.

You are dropped in a fenced off forest in the middle of the night armed only with a flashlight your goal is to collect 8 pages that are randomly dispersed over a number of locations in the forest.  The only real sight you have is limited to the flashlight, everything else is really too dark to make out.

Once you get the first page the music begins to grow eerie, and officially SlenderMan begins his hunt.  The more pages you get the fast he is at catching you.  Before you know it you’ll be turning around and find yourself actually moving your head left and right to see if you can catch a better look to make sure he isn’t stalking you around the corner.

You can run, but if you do it gets difficult to see as your flashlight is less stable, and running means Slenderman has a better idea of where you are.  You can turn off your light and get around more discreetly but then it is impossible to see where you’re going.

The sprite of Slender himself is kind funny looking if you just see the picture, but if you’re playing the game and you turn to see him I guarantee you’ll urinate yourself.  As soon as you see him the screen gets distorted and if you don’t get away you see his face up close and it says Game Over.

This is once again done with pure genius, it’s simple yet effective horror-story telling.  I think the character of Slenderman himself makes that easy to portray, he’s a very a methodical creature that loves to torture his victims to the point of insanity before coming in to snatch them.

If you have never heard of this guy, or heard of him but haven’t quite experienced his work.  Go now and watch the Marble Hornets YouTube channel at least up to entry 26, and THEN give the Slender game a try.  If you’re a horror fan you will NOT be left unsatisfied.

Sorry  about the delay in posting this ladies and gents, I had a little bit of a crisis that needed my attention today and I couldn’t get back to upload until now.  Next post will be up by midnight tomorrow NL Time.

Giving Props to Oren Peli – T-Minus 13 Days Left!

To begin, there is no birthday hangover!  I just wanted to get that out there.  All I did last night was have a few drinks with a small number of my closest friends and swapped stories about the old days, it was nostalgic, it was chill, it was… a Happy Birthday.

This title should say, “Giving Props To Oren Peli… Despite The Tragedy Of A Movie Named Chernobyl Diaries.” But I refuse to give that flick Title Privledge on anymore than one of my entries and I already spoke my mind on that one. Click Here To Read

Putting that behind us, It’s time to break into the Halloween Season and start living life a little darker.  I want to start by talking about a series that horror fans seem to either love or hate, Paranormal Activity.

It would be a lie to sit here and tell you that I was singing the praises of this film when the first one hit theatres, in fact I was so underwhelmed by the trailers that I’m pretty sure the trailer for Paranormal Activity 2 was being aired before I got around to seeing the first one.  I do not hold these movies in a very high regard.

The acting in the first movie was near unforgivable and I probably would rate it equivalent to a big-budget college film.  The relationship between the two protagonists was so artificial and unrealistic that it made it very difficult to be immersed into the world.  In my old age I’ve decided to give the series another chance and although I will still hold it to be flawed at best I need to give credit where credit is due.

Oren Peli consistently improves on his techniques, feeling out what works and what doesn’t and although I think this has led the to stray a bit from the near perfect pacing in the first film I really think this franchise represents the first real significant strive to do some things new with the genre.

Tonight is the opening of Paranormal Activity 4, it’s a movie I will end up seeing more than once if I end up seeing it tonight.  I look towards this fourth installment with a great deal of anticipation.  With each movie the series seems to be getting better, and what’s more important is they offer up more, and even fresh ideas.

The first film was a straight forward found-footage-ish type haunting story.  The scares were subtle yet creepy, until the final act where the proverbial feces hit the fan.  It was great because the build up felt continuous and they tried to never keep you bored for too long before doing something to catch your eye.  It was well done.  I maintain my gripes with the acting quality but hey, it wasn’t too bad. Considering the budget they had to work with its a damn fine flick.

The second one told a seemingly independent story that had ties to the original couple, it gave the series introduction to the static cams set up through the home.  It’s not necessarily a revolutionary idea for the genre but  it was a great idea for the series allowing a plot device to show things that the characters normally wouldn’t have the opportunity to catch on film.  The scares were bigger and the pacing was amplified, the ending that tied the events of that movie with the first movie was done quite well and was good fan service to the people who adored the original.

When I heard about the third film I was feeling so-so about it, until I found out it was a prequel.  The thought of seeing some of the events that led to the first two films.  I was curious how they were going to do it, and was pleasantly surprised by the VHS recordings.  The movie didn’t really “conclude the trilogy” like a lot of people expected, if anything the audience left the theatre with even more questions.  But, the reason why I hail this movie as adding something new to the series was the fan-cam.

I think this idea in its simplicity had so much potential for really well thought out scares.

The series is not really the flagship of the genre or anything but I cannot deny that giving it another chance it gives me hope for the future.
They got the prequel out of the way and have decided to finally advance the story future with their fourth outing, the back story has been given in sufficient detail, with the story of a new family living across the street from the characters we know so well this movie I think has the ability to make or break the series as it enters the new leg of its story

I think for No Tears Please I’m going to end up doing a retrospective on the series, at least the first three movies.  There’s an idea!

BTW: Did I mention my new mic came in yesterday? I’m beyond pumped to give that a go.

Soooo Pumped

Also did I mentioned how pumped I am for the next few weeks? There’s a few movies debuting that I plan on seeing to review for NoTearsPlease.com

With the mic, we’ll be able to get the podcast up and on the go soon enough.

I actually have some costume gear en route to my place, so I’ll most likely be dressing up for Halloween this year for the first time in ages.

Not to mention that there is already plans for a Nightmare On Elm Street marathon, and a separate night for all Halloween specials.

Tomorrow, I am going to give a history of and briefly look into the terror that is “Slenderman!”

Another Year Older, Two weeks till Halloween!

I truly love how strategically placed my birthday is on the calender.  I was brought into this world exactly two weeks before Halloween.  Years ago there were 12 days of Christmas, well for my life Halloween has always been a 14 day event kicking off today.

Did I mention I Love Halloween?? – Razoolies, Stephenville, 2010

As I wrote last week my plan for this season is to get a Halloween related entry up each day, counting down to the big day itself.  Here’s where I begin.

The season starts with a bang.. a bang on my door actually.  My landlord came downstairs to tell me that a package had arrived for me, god bless the people of TigerDirect for giving me my first official birthday present (even if I bought it myself).  A brand new Yeti Blue USB mic.  Do you understand what this means?  No?  It means that after taking this week to get comfortable with the device and its operation, “One Good Scare” can probably go live as early as this time next week. One Good Scare?  Well that’s a podcast for NoTearsPlease. Wait, What’s NoTearsPlease?

Welllll… NoTearsPlease.com is the location of the new horror site that I put up about a couple of weeks ago but after Halloween I plan to dive right in with the content, this content is going to include a podcast with my buddy That Damned Besaw (who is not actually in town yet so his side will be recorded through skype or however we do it… the point is I’m pumped.)

I just tested this mic out and it’s amazing…

Wait.. this is supposed to be Halloween related..  well the site IS a horror site and the content there is generally Halloween-ish.  And to be fair I AM listening to Pet Cemetary by The Ramones while I write this so there’s Halloween and horror all over the place.

So I actually got a considerable amount of feedback about my last post about a number of you that are a bit excited about the upcoming posts.  So since this is a birthday post and the kick off to the two week Halloween season I leave the ball in your court to give suggestions of things you’d like to see.  Whether it be literature, film, horror, spooky, superstition… anything that ties in with the genre.

This particular entry maybe a little light, between cleaning the apartment and tinkering with my new toy (which means there will probably be audio updates on here to come as well soon), I’m essentially just writing here to welcome you all to the madness!

If you aren’t in the Halloween Spirit, it’s about time you start.  This is the best time of the year, the one season where it is socially acceptable to pretty much be whatever and whoever you want.  So live it up.

See Ya’ll Tomorrow 😉 Just keep it down please… Birthday Hangovers are usually the worst!

Day One of Age 27… T-Minus 14 till Halloween