Return of the King… The True King

It’s presently 5am and about 7 hours ago I was sitting in the local Cineplex experiencing a modern day American take on a mythos more dear to me than any other.  In the grand scheme of things there is no comparison, the Star Wars universe, the Marvel & DC universe, Middle Earth, The Halloween Series, Elm Street, and so many  more cannot hold a candle for me to the TOHO Kaiju universe.  Give me Godzilla on Monster Island other any other fictional continuity devised by mankind.

I watched the bulk of the movie through means that I refuse to name publically but the impression it left on me combined with the collective opinions of critics that I respect made me very sceptical of this offering.  In fact there is only one movie opinion that I hold in any real regard that spoke positively of the film, you can read his official review here.

I cannot say that I agree with his conclusion but I will say without a moment of doubt that I can easily rival his fanboy nostalgia.  Godzilla IS my childhood and let’s just say it wasn’t a pretty picture in 1998 with the last American “attempt” at this movie.

If you want a solid review go check out Mr. Pittman’s link, I just want to talk about a few of the significant stand outs for better or ill.

The Good

To quote James Rolfe, “It was a Godzilla movie.”  That in and of itself may not qualify as a positive thing to say however living in a

Gigan Vs Godzilla for Sequel!! Whos’ With Me?

post-1998 Godzilla-verse… that is a huge compliment.

Godzilla follows the formula and does it quite well.  The bland, uninteresting human drama was made more tolerable by Cranston and Watanabe.  If I had to sum up the feeling I got sitting in that theatre as opposed to 16 years ago, it would be that I finally got the feeling that this movie was made to be a Godzilla movie.  Gareth Edwards gives us a whole hell of a lot of give-a-damn in his directing and I finally got the feeling that there was someone who cared about the mythos at the helm.  In 1998 I was subject to Roland Emmerich trying to make yet another disaster movie blockbuster where he was permitted to destroy New York.

We all know how Roland Emmerich loves blowing things up.  He’s like Michael Bay with a natural disaster fetish instead of a military obsession.

Kudos Mr. Edwards, you managed to make a Godzilla movie.  I tip my hat to you.
The final act is also something I found everyone tends to agree with.  The final act of this movie is absolutely epic, not flawless but epic.  The fight could’ve been longer, but for what we got to see on-screen… damn.  I won’t be so bold to say it qualifies as redemption for 1998’s train wreck… but it was a pretty damn good conclusion.

The Bad

Alright this is where I have to be the bad guy.  Just give me a second to put on some Kevlar and get my riot shield because I will imagine there’s going to be retaliation from the aforementioned reviewer linked above.

This movie was lacking in so many ways.  It was a great first step towards giving us a true modern day Godzilla movie and I really hope they keep this going BUT…

We got to talk about humans.    Our main character, Ford is such a bland, generic, boring character.  The only thing worse is the fact that about 30 odd minutes through after we see the first MUTO awaken, he becomes a bland, generic, plot device.  He has to get a play to Hawaii to catch a flight home… OH the MUTO has decided to attack Hawaii.   The military devises a plan to deal with the MUTO…  It just so happens it involves Ford’s EXACT expertise allowing him to get involved…  There’s a problem later on that needs to be resolved for the final act of the movie… Ford’s exact expertise is required and he’s the only one there able to do it…

This treatment was bordering on Transformer’s Sam territory.  It felt like the script was just continually looking for reasons to keep Ford involved on the front lines of all the action.

We have a very weak lead on this film, and his story is by far the least interesting thing going on during this whole ordeal.  Godzilla movies have always had very campy and unrealistic human parts before the big battles but I think the problem with this movie is that there are so many other great stories that I would have loved to follow.

There’s so many unanswered questions about Dr. Serizawa.  How exactly does he know what he knows about the nature of Godzilla, we find out that his father was a victim of Hiroshima.  Considering his work studying this atomic monsters, I feel as though that revelation should be a lot more than a throw away line.

There was a real good compelling plot dancing all around this movie but we have to follow (to quote MovieBob) “his name might as well be Private Player-Character-From-Call-of-Duty.”

Another real big issue I had with this film is the teasing.

No, I am not referring to the building of suspense, that is something that was done quite well earlier on in the film but becomes just unsatisfying teasing later.  I’ve been on two minds about this because I feel as though Edwards can have a by on this one due to at least it was trying something new.  Instead of showing us a one on one battle the scene cuts to Private Player-Character’s son watching the news report where we get to see some of the action.

My problem is that they do well to build up the tension, then provide an incredible reveal…. to cut away and do nothing with it.  This happens more than once and it’s a piss off each time.

The MUTO’s were pretty lame enemies but I am stoked that the script decided to go with the “Godzilla VS” instead of just simply doing another origin of Godzilla attacking man.  Through Dr. Serizawa’s interpretation of what was going on they now have a great foundation for sequels.

Edwards brought the Godzilla I remember from childhood to the screen.  I was not alive in 1954, and I was only born in 1985 so both of those movies were not my first.  I grew up with Godzilla vs Megalon, and Gigan, and King Ghildrah.  I had no idea that Godzilla’s true origins were as an unstoppable force meant to punish mankind for use of the atomic bomb.  He was always the hero in my eyes that comes to man’s rescue when the monsters from Space Hunter Nebula M came to conquer.

Even though I would chalk it up as a negative trait, since it was stretching the disbelief a little too much, showing that Godzilla was legitimately on the side man and swam off into the horizon after saving our asses.

It makes no sense for the military brass to not want him destroyed, to not fire on him.  We all know that’s what would actually happen.

The script was shaking, and it was far from where I want to see it go.  but Thank You Mr. Gareth Edwards for bringing back the Godzilla I admired to the big screen.  Let’s hope for more to come.


In Short, read Brad’s review.  Then go to EscapistMagazine and watch MovieBob’s review..
I am pretty sure I stand in between the two.  Not quite as happy as Brad was, but not as jaded as Bob.

Even Heroes Know When To Be Scared…

It’s a bit embarrassing to admit that the inspiration to write this evening is coming from an Eminem/Linkin Park song.  It has been speaking to me lately, especially since the employment issue has come to the surface and is finally showing its bite.

Life has a way of coming full circle doesn’t it.  I’m currently sitting in the same McDonald’s lobby that I once frequented more than 6 months ago.  I used to sit in this very chair and lay the ground work and early chapters for the Janus novel that I’m writing.  Life was pretty problem free at the time.  Both my significant other and I held down full-time jobs putting a near end of our financial strife, I had a location and ambition to finally get some writing done. Everything was progressing so smoothly to an ultimately happy ending.

… then came the promotion.  I couldn’t be a manager in the same store as her so I was transferred.  We got a little caught up on the semi-good news.  It meant more money, and I finally had manager experience on my resume.  In hindsight I don’t know why we were so excited.

I may have to retract this mindset IF the manager experience contributes to me getting a job that I am gunning for presently but it still won’t change the fact that I haven’t been able to write a word since I left.  My new store didn’t have the right feel and the novel took a back seat to a miserable day-to-day existence.

I’ve been unemployed for two weeks now.  I’ve returned to the lobby twice now counting this visit and I have already made more progress than the last 6 months combined.  Maybe there was some divine intervention that put me at that store just so I would get the management experience I needed to be considered for the job I really wanted.

I don’t know, we’re talking a bit too spiritual for my liking.

Is it too early for me to be wondering what my legacy is going to be?  I’ve spent nearly half my life without the intent to affect the lives of anyone but myself.  I wrote myself off as wasted potential that will never be realized, at best I could have been a cautionary tale that a few of my friends could use on their kids.

Now make sure you don’t end up like that ShallopNewf kid.  He literally could’ve done anything he wanted but instead he left this world without anyone but his family even noticing.

Not that I’m complaining about his absence, but I can’t help but wonder what the hell happened to that kid.  I spent life trying to blend in the background and yet any time I’ve been put in a situation where it involved other people I always end up taking the leadership role.  Feel free to disagree if you must but I know that I’ve grown into something much more substantial than a capable follower.

The last week or so I felt my mind slipping back into the passive little child that let the world pass him by but I refuse to let that be my fate.  The ones who are important to me know that I am a leader.  I am a problem solver.

I’ve been doubting myself for a little while now. Today it dawned on me that just because you carry doubts in your mind and fear in your heart doesn’t mean you’re not capable.

I am not unemployed because I couldn’t hack the job I could’ve played their game and I know I would’ve won… instead I did the right thing and paid the price for it.  I am STILL unemployed due to my own doing, I guess my mind would rather dwell on the mistakes I’ve made instead of trying to right them.

My legacy? Well that’s not up for me to define.  That job is for you, the people in my life and the readers of my thoughts.
My responsibility?  To show the non-believers that the ones who have faith in me were not doing so in error.  It’s up to me to live up to the potential that others have seen in me, whether I see it there or not.

All right, thanks for you time folks.  I got to get back, this novel isn’t going to write itself.

Before The Bat… There Was Gordon

I may be violating some unwritten cyber-commandment when I say that Batman has become so over-rated.

Why do I say this?  This is due to the complete over saturation of Batman in our current culture and his abilities becoming completely overcompensated so that he (for example) can go toe-to-toe with Darkseid.  Batman seems to know everything at all times and is more capable than any of the other justice league.  He’s also one step ahead of everyone in every situation.

I get it DC, you simply lack the ability to pull off any other hero on the big screen.

Gotham_City_by_dblakeThough I am excited to see the next incarnation of Bruce Wayne.

… Ben Affleck is going to be the new Batman?… uhh that’s a discussion for another day.

The next man to play Bruce Wayne, and I use the term man loosely, is David Mazouz.

This post is not about the upcoming Superman vs Batman with Batfleck.  My excitement for that was last sighted sinking deep into the Marianas Trench.  All hope for that movie turning out interesting has forsaken these lands.

Early last year I heard rumblings that there was a batman prequel TV show in the works.  It was going to be a show that showcased the early years of Bruce Wayne and the other Gotham-based villains through the eyes of up and coming future-commissioner Gordon.  I thought this was just a money grab trying to ride the Nolan trilogy’s coat-tails and didn’t invest much into it.

Today I watched the trailer.

I’m excited.

This show has the potential to give the viewing public some real substance.  Without the flashy tights, quirky gadgets, and over the top villain persona’s we have an opportunity to have to real intense and emotional interaction with countless characters from Batman’s mythos.  We get to see the insanity before they became cartoon characters, and with good story telling it can make for very compelling television.

I feel as though Batman was also a very good serial if you wanted to discuss psychology.  This could be due to the presence of Arkham Asylum and how most inmates don’t get arrested, but committed for “help.”  Batman’s edge of the other DC heroes is that many of his villains started out pretty sane (ish) and that there was a visible submission to their psychosis that made them the super villains they become later in life.  If this show can highlight their transformations, it has me excited.

The trailer teases that Selina Kyle is in the scene as is Edward Nygma and Oswald Cobblepot.  (I hope you don’t have to look up who these people are, otherwise I lower my head at you.)

The casting looks top notch. David Mazouz taking the mantle as the grieving Bruce Wayne who just lost his parents.  Showcasing his initial psychological descent into the bat.  I think it was a brilliant choice just from seeing David’s work in the now-cancelled series “Touch” where he played an autistic kid who could see more to in the world around him and how everything was connected through numbers.

This kid played a powerful role with very little speaking lines with masterful expression.  Who better to play brooding Bruce Wayne?

Robin Taylor selected to play Mr. Cobblepot is a great choice as well.  From looking at the trailer and then realizing that this was the bratty, privileged son from “Would You Rather? (very underrated horror movie that I watched simply because Sasha Grey was in it 😉  But ended up being quite satisfied by the narrative… even though a great deal of it was a bit too far-fetched.)  I am incredibly looking forward to seeing how he plays this character.

They even got the little girl from Sinister to play Ivy.

The real gem that I have to mention is Gordon himself.  Benjamin Mackenzie is the kid that a lot of people will probably only remember from the O.C.  That’s where I originally seen him, and although I am not going to publicly oust myself as a fan of the O.C, there was a circumstance that made me watch a few seasons and his acting was quite green but one of the saving graces of that show.

From the extended trailer I see that the character is in good hands and I like how the world is being portrayed.  If the show lives up to the promise I see in that trailer it’s going to be something that will be worth tuning into.

If you haven’t seen this trailer, you need to.  Go, go now!

P.S: Donal Logue as Bullock??  Hell Yeah!

That Which Doesn’t Kill You…

Ladies and gentlemen I am not sure if it is the Macklemore blaring through my headphones at the moment or if I have descended into some sort of delirium but I feel absolutely amazing at the moment.

What happened you ask?  Well, I lost my job.


This clearly makes no sense to a rational mind so to further stress the pure anguish of the last 24 hours I will share my story with you.


In_The_Wake_Of_Adversity_by_autumn_etherealI am was an overnight manager of a certain location for a very popular fast food franchise (for legality’s sake I will not name names since the owner is probably the type to interpret this whole post as actionable and if I wanted a legal battle, I would have waited to post this till after the proceedings).  I will say that it most likely is the first one that just came to your mind.


There has been some issues in recent weeks especially that made me uncertain about my continued employment at this particular restaurant.  Overnight shifts were essentially killing me and it wasn’t complimented by an atmosphere of no job ever being sufficient.

Part of my promotion (that happened in December) means I have to attend certain training and classes, a very important one would have taken place this week.  I made it very clear that I was not going to waste their time and resources sending me to a class without being sure if I was going to stick around making it worth the investment, and in the end the decision I made was that I was going to part ways with the company.

I get confronted by the boss concerning my doubts, and the end result is my notice is submitted Wednesday night/Thursday morning.  I make it clear I want to part on good terms and said I would work out the entire month of May, so in essence giving two extra weeks notice.

Evidently I should have waited until after the paid three-day class because it was Thursday afternoon I get called to come to the office and informed that Wednesday night’s shift was my last one…

So much for giving a notice eh?


Here we are. Day One unemployed.  I don’t anticipate it’ll be difficult to get another job that part didn’t frustrate me.  It was the fact that I tried to do the morally correct thing to do and got a harsh lesson that business really is as cold and callous of a world as I always knew, yet didn’t experience until now.

Am I bitter?  Well, actually no.  I’m not going to lie and say that I wasn’t frustrated in the meeting and I made it clear that I still intend on parting on good terms either way.

The more I think about it the more I come to the realization that even through the frustration and all the profanity that was running through my mind while I was in the moment, when I think back now there is one feeling that comes to mind.  Relief.

I think the lifting stress from parting way has added a few years to my life, that’s how good I feel physically right now.  It’s the first time in almost a year that I’m beginning to feel like me again.  Turns out I was blinded.  I always said that although I wasn’t too thrilled with my job at least when I left I managed to left work stress at the office, but turns out I may have been mistaken about that.

Even now I search myself and try to put words to how I feel and I’m expecting to find rage or angst but there’s none to be found.

It solidifies that I’m making the right choice.  It’s a lot more premature than I would have liked and it’ll lead to a financial hiccup in a couple of weeks I’m sure but it’s nothing that me and my family cannot handle.


I played poker last night, for the first time since my Pre-Telelink days, I felt reinvigorated at the table.
I’m sitting here writing on Jess laptop and stringing together semi-coherent sentences for the first time of 2014.
I’m about to grab a shower and catch up with an old friend,

In the wake of bad news, life is looking pretty good.
World is Broken, I know in December I said I’ll be returning soon.
You can considering this Entry #1 this season. 😉

Cheers folks.


P.S: Please refrain from comments discussing the legality of what was done, how fair or unfair it was, as I said the last thing I want is a spectacle.  This is more of a post about how great I feel now in the wake of a bad situation, it isn’t meant to draw attention TO said situation. Thanks.

I’m Shyamalan-ing Myself!

It’s been almost two months since I began legitimate progress on my Janus project.  The fictitious city is rapidly becoming a fully flushed out and developed locale for my characters to roam.  I am pleased with how far along I am however there has been about a week of inactivity on the project, and this morning I began to understand why.

In case you didn’t get the picture from that first paragraph, this entry is more insights to the writing process so if that isn’t your thing you can skip this entry.  I will eventually get to that procrastination one someday ;).

janus_by_luka_basyrov_art-d4r17n8Janus presently is a story that has focused primarily through a man named Seth Ambrose.  He’s been charged with a job from his shady employer to locate a missing person.  The job would bring him to the Newfoundlands capital.  When told that the global corporate powerhouse Rossi Industries may be involved he wanted nothing to do with it.  

This job isn’t about money though, Ambrose ends up on a plane to Newfoundland when he finds out the true prize.  This missing person could be the key to finding a treatment for a deadly condition that has afflicted his sister.  Teamed up with an old friend from his past, he discovers there is a lot more going on in Janus than he could ever have predicted…

Janus, the city of two-faces.  Named for its economic growth, political stability giving it a very family friendly atmosphere… yet it still has one of the highest crime rates in the country and home to very shady business practices.

Alright so here’s my problem.  I know what’s going to happen to Seth, I know the revelations he’s coming to uncover and the epiphany(s) he may or may not end up having as a result of these events.  I know who’s the “bad” guy and the details of the hidden agendas or everyone in the entire city.  There’s already been some supernatural events happening, either that or Seth is losing his mind…

But trying not to be to disconnected in this entry but it’s in trying to describe this sensation that I realized that I’ve Shyamalan’d myself.

Allow me to explain.

I was a huge fan of the Sixth Sense.  You remember that one right?  Back in 1999 when M. Night Shyamalan was a very exciting up and comer in the business coming strong out the gate with this film.  The twist at the end was just so out there and fresh that I can’t think of any of my peers that were able to figure it out beforehand… (that is a feat in and of itself)

To watch the Sixth Sense now I would imagine that it still holds up okay (I’ll have to get back to you guys on this one).. but unfortunately that was the beginning and the end of Night’s credibility.  There was always something about his films that didn’t sit right with me.  The Village was a little eerie as well with a pretty good twist (albeit much more credible than Sixth Sense).. but from that there was no looking back.

Nightmares_Reign_by_geodexWatching Unbreakable, Signs, Lady in the Water, The Happening… It seems to me that Shyamalan puts more effort into his plot twists;  effort that should be concentrated on the plot itself.  It wasn’t so obvious in Sense or Unbreakable but I truly believe that Shyamalan created the characters, followed by the plot twists, concluded by expanding on the twists to make a cohesive plot.

If this is in fact true then I give him kudos to him because it gave us with a very good film (Sixth Sense) but the difficulty in making a  compelling story when you’re basically just expanding on your twists can’t be easy….

This of course brings me to right now.  I just concluded a portion of the Janus project that is satisfactory (until a re-edit) and the characters are now safe, out of danger… they need to soak in the recent events and knowledge and plan what the next step is… um, but unfortunately they don’t know what it is right now.. nor do I.

I know the emotion and sentiment I want to expose in these characters, I know what’s going to happen to challenge them mentally and physically.. I don’t know what to do to get them out of the damn house to keep this story going…

Hummm, maybe I should make something come to them instead.. maybe it’s time to introduce a little more antagonist to this stor…..

Alright, sorry I got to go.  I think I may have actually just solved my own problem.  Thank you again World Is Broken, you saved me again.
…. now if only I can get MS Word to work.

Dead Or Alive You’re Coming With Me

robocop_2282286bIt’s been almost a week since the unveiling of the new Robocop trailer and my inbox has been flooded with people asking me what my thoughts are on the reboot.  Well the whole project has been an emotional roller coaster for the last year or so.  It began when I first heard they were planning this reboot, I was terrified.  Robocop is one of the most nostalgic franchises from my youth.  If all things nostalgic were in peril and I had the power to save one.. it wouldn’t be Hulk Hogan & The WWF, nor would it be the Star Wars franchise,  I would save Robocop.

I hated the idea.

Then a mock OCP (The company that built Robocop in the movie) website went live and I saw some pictures.  I saw the new design and to be fair I don’t think it was all that bad.  I was afraid it was just going to be a power suit and we were going to essentially end up with a movie like the new GI Joe’s, but the new black design didn’t fuel my nerd rage so I’m okay with it.

The new sleek design is something I expected because I figured with modern technology a robotic police officer would be a lot less bulky and clumsy than the original Robocop design.  It violates my nostalgia but it makes sense considering the time we live in.

So, with the pictures I begin to feel a little bit better.

Fast forward to the launch of the official trailer.  Oh boy.  I don’t think I’ve ever been so conflicted with a trailer in my entire life.  There are some things that work, and also so many betrayals to the series that I can’t forgive.

The long and short of it is that it’s still way too early to draw a conclusion as to whether this film is going to be a disappointment or not.

So what did I think of the trailer?

Joel Kinnaman is definitely no Peter Weller, not saying Weller is an amazing actor but his Alex Murphy was absolutely spot on.  He was the perfect marriage of a believable human being and a cold, yet emotionally conflicted machine.  Joel’s performance in the trailer and where it looks like the story is going makes me worry about this being just another cookie cutter dumb action popcorn flick with no depth.

Reboot’s are terrible cause a lot of the time the filmmakers seem to lose touch with what made the original so great.  So instead of just complaining about the trailer and what it failed to show me, how about we talk about the key aspects that made Robocop the cult classic that it is?

Bare in mind that there will be considerable comparisons to the trailer made as each point is highlighted, and also I would like to mention that I’m referring to only the first Robocop movie.  #3 was pretty terrible, and #2 was passable at best.  I’ll probably go into detail about them some other day.  But for now this is Robocop 1 vs Robocop 2014.

I will try to keep it as spoiler free as I can manage, but it’s a 26 year old movie.  If you haven’t seen the original, go watch it.  Now.


The Score

This is probably something many people overlook when watching the original Robocop.  You don’t realize it when you’re watching it but the use of music throughout the film is masterful.  The emotion they are trying to portray in each seen whether someone is getting killed, there’s a firefight, or even just walking through a home thinking about the past is all complimented so well by the score.

Weller does an incredible job showing the subtle emotions without betraying the fact that he’s essentially playing a machine, and in scenes when it is only Weller on the screen the score is his best friend.  When you watch it just pay attention, the themes are great.  We’re here 30 years later and that theme is still as timeless as ever.

The Villain


I will brag up Peter Weller’s Robocop until the end of time, but I need to give proper due to Mr. Clarence Boddicker.  Another timeless performance from a really talented actor, Kurtwood Smith.  You might remember him as Red Foreman (the dad on that 70’s show).  He’s such a believable crime boss you would swear the man himself has no moral compass, and when he’s getting his ass kicked by Robo you see the more vulnerable side.  The interactions between him and the rest of the cast really round out this film.

Great antagonist have always been the backbone of these films.  I think that’s why the third movie fell so short.  Peter Weller did not reprise his role as Murphy, and  McDaggett was no where near on par with Clarence from part one and Cain (Both the human and the robot) in part two.

The Conflict

Here is where I think it falls short in the trailer.  In the original the internal conflict between whether or not Robocop is a machine or if he is just a resurrected Alex Murphy over flows subtlety throughout the movie.  Up until the end of the second act when a character flat out tells him, “You thought you were a cop? You’re just OCP property.”

At no point in the movie do we ever get to really meet Alex Murphy’s wife.  The closest we get is a single scene after Robo is reminded of the name “Murphy” and he begins to think about his death and his past.  There is a scene that takes place in his old home where he’s walking through the empty house and having flashbacks of various family moments.  It’s a heartbreaking scene that can be really touching, and from there we begin the main external conflict.

Robo goes after the gang that killed Murphy.

The third act especially when everything goes to shit for our protagonist is when we see the humanity coming out in Weller’s performance.  Robocop has begun to realize that once upon a time there was a man named Alex Murphy, an honorable man who knew right from wrong and it’s from there that we find ourselves near the end of the film with one of the BEST EXIT LINES EVER.

Shown Not Told

The MAIN point that this movie has going for it is that they find other ways to tell you what’s going on than just telling you.  The acting in the movie shows what is on the characters mind in complete silence some of the time.  They tend to also use the “Media Break” scenes which I love, it’s a news cast that are usually pretty entertaining.  It feels like a real news broadcast, right down to the commercials they show. (An aspect I doubt they’ll be keeping in the remake, but is something else that is pivotal to the feel of the franchise.)

I could really go on from here, but really I am struggling to not tell you specifically what parts make the movie great, so I’m going to say to just go and watch it.  I haven’t decided yet how excited I am on this new movie, but I’m hoping to see more in the coming months.


I was okay when I first saw the trailer but the more I think about it the more it is bothering me.

Trailer vs Original

My main problems with the trailer can be summed up in two points.  The first is that it seems like there’s going to be too much told and not shown.  The original movie was paced great and it knew what to tell you and what to show you… more importantly it also knew WHEN to do so.

In the original you do not see Robocop without the helmet until 80 minutes in….  the movie’s runtime is only around 100mins.  So for all but the last act we see Robocop as the robot makin his unmasking a big deal.  As a kid I was pumped watching this to finally see what he looked like under the hood.

In the trailer it’s giving the impression that we’re going to see it as soon as the cyber-makeover happens.  Of course this is a modern day movie and I guess subtlety has no more room in blockbusters.  Alright I’ll try to let that go.

In the original Alex Murphy was dead.  They mention that he signed a waiver allowing OCP to take his body post-mortem  and use his brain to put in their machine.  They decided to use his face as well and some other parts but essentially all they wanted was the brain.  There is even a scene during the creation where one of the scientists looks at Robo’s creator and says “we’ve saved the arm!”  He wants nothing to do with it.   This leads to the central conflict between Murphy and his past life.  Even in the second movie when his wife comes in tormented by this “machine” with her husbands face, she is turned away never to be seen anymore… because Murphy wasn’t just injured and repaired.. He died.  Just like the family of an organ donor are not really allowed to go up to whoever got the organ hoping that their loved one has returned from the dead… neither can Mrs. Murphy lay claim to Robo.

In this trailer they specifically state, “he’s suffered 4th degree burns over 80 percent of his body.  IF he survives he’ll be paralyzed from the waist down in a wheel chair.”

Granted I may be jumping the gun.  Mrs. Murphy might actually respond to this by saying to pull the plug and let him go.  But as for right now they are implying that he’s really severely and irreparably injured but not dead.  If they do this Robo transformation to a man that isn’t dead than realistically it undermines the claim they have on him as property, instead of just a free man. I loved in the original how no one in OCP ever treated Robocop like he ever was a person, he was always an it.  Only Anne Lewis, and the police precinct ever gave him respect as a comrade in arms.


Of course in the trailer we have the line, “When the machine fights, the system releases signals into Alex’s brain making him think he’s in control.  But he’s not.  It’s the illusion of free will.”  – What the hell is this shit?  You know what that description sounds like.  It sounds like they have a lead actor that they don’t believe can accurately pull off the core character that made Robocop so timeless.

Alex Murphy didn’t have free will… he didn’t think he had free will… hell for the first half of the movie he didn’t know who Alex Murphy was (Robocop discovering Alex Murphy’s obituary on a police system is one of the more touching moments in the film).  This isn’t a “we can rebuild him, we have the technology” moment.  He isn’t supposed to be a badass inspector gadget.  The Mrs. Murphy side of things was a single scene in the first movie, and maybe the first half hour of the second but that’s it.

Alex struggles with the conflict between “am I man or am I machine” throughout the entire series BUT that isn’t done on the backs of the love he has for his family, it’s done on the man himself.

Like I said, I’m not completely cementing my judgement on whether or not this is going to be good or bad yet.  The changes they made could possibly be handled really well and make for a solid movie.  It may not be the Robocop I remember, nor does it feel like it will have any of the identifying characteristics that made the original great but if I walk into it as a stand alone movie and try to pretend like they are not saying Alex Murphy and treat this as a movie in its own right maybe it wont simply be the generic, forgettable fluff that I see in this trailer.

….wait a minute.  Officer Jack Lewis?  Do you mean to tell me that Lewis is a guy in the remake?  What the hell?

Burn It All Down

There’s a lesson that I truly feel everyone needs to learn.  It’s probably the most important piece of advice anyone could ever give you when it comes to navigating the harsh realities of the world we live in.  It sounds like a very simple concept, but you would be alarmed at how often this thought is just glossed over in today’s youth especially.

Upon reflection you may possibly be surprised at how often you yourself have ignored this little tidbit of wisdom.

Under no circumstances should you unnecessarily burn bridges.

This sounds pretty straight forward but I’ve been sitting here thinking about it and it is appalling how many particular cases I can currently imagine of people just completely ignorant of this idea.  I personally am not free from violating this notion, but generally I try to keep it in the back of my mind at all times.

I’ve always tried to at least maintain a professional courtesy with employers when I know I’m leaving their employ.  With my past relationships I would like to believe I’ve been successful at maintaining meaningful friendships with the ladies I’ve been romantically involved with… well the only ones that matter.

It’s just never a good ideal to burn a bridge if you don’t have too.  How do you know when you leave your dead end job to follow some pipe dream, that one day you’re not going to fall flat on your face and need work.  How do you know that scorned lover that you didn’t bother to at least maintain a respectful co-existence with will not be a significantly important deciding factor in some major life decision for you years down the road.

I guess the real sentiment to it all is more accurately, Don’t be an idiot, because the past can bite you in the ass.

The terrible, offensive decisions you make today can quite possibly cripple you in the future, maybe one day you’re going to need a sanctuary but unfortunately the one place you may have been welcome and safe has locked its doors to you.

Once upon a time I was a lot more soft-hearted than I am now.  I was the go to guy for everyone with any kind of social or emotion problem, and I was good at what I did. I’m not trying to brag, but in lieu of dealing with my own personal problems I was a guru at fixing the lives of everyone around me.

Overtime I developed a little more of a jaded perspective, especially have a near nervous breakdown, and the stark realization that a lot of these “problems” I was solving would have been completely avoided if said-victim exercised any common sense.

There is only so many times I can talk you through the painful sting of your boyfriend cheating on you, or your girlfriend avoiding you before you have to shit or get off the pot.  If you’re boyfriend is cheating on you, and after the 5th time you continue to think it’s a “problem with your relationship.”  Well sorry, it’s time for it to no longer be a relationship.

I legit was called in one night to comfort a girl I knew who was having boy troubles.  She was with a real dick when I met her (which led to a number of discussions in and of itself) but at this point she was with essentially her ideal match.  This great guy that treated her like gold, had a lot of the same likes, and best of all.. he wasn’t sleeping with like 3 of her friends.

She calls me to the room to talk about something wrong with her relationship, and half way through the conversation she admits she’s talking about dickhead #1…

This is a little over simplified but I hope the story gets the point across.

This entry was posted due to a certain Facebook status that I just encountered. It was essentially a proclamation saying that the person in question “always fucks things up” and “doesn’t know a good thing when they have it.”

On the surface, I would message this person and talk it out, find out what’s wrong and try to discern whether or not this was self-inflicted or just a pessimistic outlook.  Of course, I actually know the story on this one.

Accusing everyone that cares about you of lying, alienating your family, and trying to present some cheesy bad-ass persona that really doesn’t fit.

No I’m sorry but you’re not some rebel, cool bad-ass because of “hang out with the wrong crowd” and are “all about doing the drugs.”  It looks a lot like a little child playing a role that doesn’t fit.  Finding scapegoats and firing random accusations about irrelevant things… sorry, your problems are your own.

The old me probably would be a lot kinder about all of this, luckily that guy toughened up a bit.  You’re burned your bridge.  There’s so much going for you in the life you are about to leave behind, and you’ll never truly understand the potential you have to be something great.   All for what?  Because you can’t handle someone saying No to you about something.

The truly ironic part is that the inability to deal with any kind of rules and order and the inability to accept the word no are two things that the real world is going to punish you for, far greater than anything anyone else could ever do.

Like I said folks, it’s NEVER a good idea to needlessly burn a bridge.  One day that might have been the last lifeline you have left.

*moment of silence for wasted potential and the arrogance of youth.*

Chapter One…

Alright it’s about time that I finally put up or shut up.  I’ve procrastinated this for many years but I finally gave myself a deadline and I’m going to see it through.  August 31st, 2013.

I’ve finally reached a point with the city of Janus, Newfoundland that I’m going to commit it to literature.  I gave myself a deadline to provide two trusted sources with the first chapter of what will eventually become a full length story.  One source gets to critique it for the grammar and structure.  For this task I’ve appointed an English that has been hounding me to do this since I was in high school, cause let’s face it, the writing fundamentals of punctuation and structure are not my strongest suits.  You all know this because most of what I write here on The World Is Broken is hardly ever proof read or checked before posting.

The second source is just in the overall interest of the story.  For this task I’ve selected a person I know to be an avid reader of a diverse selection of genres.  Someone I know personally to get themselves wrapped up in stories with the plot and the characters.  It’s a person who inflicted physical violence on me because I did not warn her of Ned Stark’s fate in the first book for A Song Of Ice And Fire.

Today I feel as though I’ve completed this chapter.  After missing the last few deadlines of other projects that have been talked about on here I decided to wait until this moment before bringing you this news so that I insure that at least I will not miss this one.

The final touches on the chapter had me a bit weary though.  It stands at a flimsy 3500 words.  Looking on my screen I ponder to myself a question, “How long is a chapter supposed to be?”  I believe deep down I knew the answer, but it still bugged me.  I was thrilled to discover that this is a question posed by a lot of writers initially, and the answer stays the same.

The chapter is as long as it needs to be.

I still have no title, and there is still a LONG way to go, but August 28th, 2013 is the day that official Chapter One was completed.

All that’s left is one more read through and maybe touch up some areas but the hardest part is now out of the way.

I’ve been stuck on this for almost two weeks now.  I know a lot of the plot of this beast, and I know exactly how most of the character development is going to be handled, hell I even got a couple of potential twists in mind, all the while still keeping in my head that Janus is a horror-based city… this story is intended to be suspenseful, to actively be able to scare any reader that dares become emotionally invested in the plot.

All this going through my head but I was never able to get a beginning down.  I hope now the flood gates are open and I might even be able to have this thing clued up in a matter of months.

One step at a time though.

Wish me luck!

The Name On The Marquee: Chris Kirby

Chris-1In province known for its kitchen parties and rowdy, Celtic traditions there is surprisingly a very diverse music scene that can be found.  Hell, you can’t have George St and not have an eclectic blend of music.  One street, 40 bars (apparently as of 2006) most of them offer live music.  You will find everything from gangsta-rap, to electronic synth, to epic metal… and of course if you venture down to a little venue tucked in by Turkey Joes you will find some blues & jazz.

I’m talking about the Fat Cat Blues Bar, this is a cozy little area where you won’t get pushed around because you are shoulder to shoulder with mosh pitters, nor will you hear the uh-tiss uh-tiss pounding through your head all night.  My first experience with this particular locale was actually not even in person, it was a youtube video I found of a young man named Chris Kirby performing on its stage.   I was hooked from that moment

I was hoping to link it here but apparently that video isn’t anywhere to be found on youtube at the moment.  Oh well.

It’s an atrocity that I was not able to finish editing together my video montage of one of the shows that Chris Kirby and his band The Marquee played in my hometown.  I understand there are a lot of you reading this that have never heard the name Chris Kirby before, for you I want you to search youtube.  Immediately you’ll find Waiting So Long, and Wonderizer.  These are two videos that from his most recent album.

Chris Kirby as a songwriter, keyboardist, guitarist, vocalist… is unrivaled.  Not to mention he’s also produced albums for other well known maritime artists.  The guy is a jack of all trades, and never disappoints  an audience.   I’ve never heard anyone say anything remotely negative about this guy.

Legit there is a part of me that simply hopes that some day my opinion holds weight over even a decent number of people so that I can be an actual contributor to getting the word out about this kid.  His talent is too big for it to be contained in the Maritimes for very long.

If you listen to this and like what you heard please go to and check out the albums.  I would HEAVILY recommend the Vampire Hotel or Wonderizer.  You just can’t go wrong.  My favorite album though is Sounds Like Wednesday with is listed on  Amazon for sale. (If you don’t get the album, at least download “Remember That Girl” … )

For my non-Newfoundland visitors here, I urge you to check this out.


Seasons Don’t Fear The Reaper

Okay, I’ve been listening to some Blue Oyster Cult while titling this entry but the lyric is at least appropriate.  It has been a little over a full month since last I visited my cyber home here at WordPress, but to be honest there really hasn’t been a whole lot to go into.

Audio products also coming soon.
Audio products also coming soon.

In recent weeks I have to admit my life has been rather stagnant.  Nothing really has been changed and the day-to-day conflict I found myself opposing has essentially been just a struggle to maintain the status quo.

I’m still in planning so many projects, they are still upcoming and yet still no true progress has been made to realize them.

Of course there is more to life than future ambitions, so when I say my life has been stagnant I mean everything else as well.  My relationship is still pretty damn solid, I still look at myself as being at the pinnacle of happiness that any man can attain when it comes to companionship.

I have never been this happy with the thought of spending the rest of my life with another person as I have been these past 8+ months.

I’m working graveyard/overnight shifts at the McDonald’s just up the road from my apartment, still hating my job but at least it’s a hatred that doesn’t spoil and taint the rest of my life (like a previous employer did).  It’s still a struggle to find motivation to go to work but in the end I go, I get it done, I get paid.  I’m content for now.

I say this title is appropriate because the other day it dawned on me that there has not been a new season in a long time.  I don’t think many of you are new to my idea about how life is made up of various seasons, (as TV programming works).

I put in my notice with my previous employer, quit there, and the future started looking a little uncertain.  I look back on that day about 4 months ago now and realize that it was a seasons finale.  In this show we see our protagonist quitting his job and there were endless possibilities.. it’s a cliffhanger.  It’s a finale intending on getting the viewer to come back, of course it seems there is a great deal of time elapsing through this off season.

At this rate the viewer will come back to the season premiere to find out that this bold new opportunity where anything can happen, has resulted with out protagonist being only slightly less jaded, flipping burgers overnight.  It’s a very disappointing continuation to the finale, of course that all depends on what really is going on when this premiere actually occur.

Potentially it already has.. and this is it.

My computer crashes, the good old reliable Quad Core HP Pavilion that got me through the last 6-7 years of computer needs, just about every significant computer-related activity I have done in the last half-decade was on this machine, and now it is finally laid to rest… I’ve re-entered the world of portable computing, with my new laptop.

into_the_future_by_the__kyza-d3cwim3In fact right now I am on break at work, and spending it to write this entry.  The thought of being able to type anywhere I go is something that I’ve always envied in my friends with laptops, and now my tech-life has come full circle. It was the absolute failure of my previous laptop (while in warranty) that got my that PC in the first place, (staples bought out the warranty and allowed me 1200 dollars to go towards buying a new machine… at the time I was not really moving around a whole lot so I decided to just go all out on a PC.)

The Janus tale has already been given its first deadline.  I have conceded that without a deadline I will never truly start it.  So, by month end I plan on circulating the first few chapters of this story to a select number of individuals for creative and structural improvements and critiques.

This isn’t an official deadline, but by Christmas the whole thing should be together and hopefully, potentially up for sale.

Anyway, this is just an update, it’s time to get back to work.

I know my little net-troll colleague is looking at this and salivating at the mistakes in punctuation and grammar, to that I say I really don’t care heh, this whole post has just been written with no pre-thought, nor do I plan to re-read and fix these errors.

You’ll all be hearing from me again very soon.