From Z-Burbia to Dead Mech to Fighting Iron: The Progression Of The Jake Bible Fiction Apocalypse

In Lieu of my own post this I want to share this from Jake Bible’s website.  I’ve read through the first chunk of Zburbia – I have Z7 on my phone, and anticipating starting the Audiobook for Dead Team Alpha.
Here’s a guide for how a number of his series are tied together.
If you haven’t experienced some J-Bible fiction, head to amazon or audible and check out a sample. You won’t be sorry.

Jake Bible Fiction

A long time ago, in an office far, far away, a novel called Dead Mech was begun…

Okay, it was 2008, so not that log ago. And the office is in downtown Asheville, or was, which is only a ten minute drive from my house. I was being hyperbolic with that opening sentence. I was going for an attention grabber. Did it grab ya? Did it grab your attention?

So, a strange thing has happened to my fiction. At least to a good many of my novels published by Severed Press. Without ever truly planning it, I have created a universe that stretches from the first Z-Burbia novel to one of my latest scifi novels, Fighting Iron. How? Well, keep reading and I will tell you how it all came together.

When I first wrote Z-Burbia, I expected it to be a completely separate world from the zombie…

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