Where To Spend The Money?

It feels like forever since I began taking this writing gig seriously.  My deadline of the end of February approaches at break neck speed.

Everyday feels like a violent intense roller coaster.  One day I feel incredible and look forward to the day where I can say I am a full time writer, the next I look at all the obstacles laying before me and wonder if I’ll ever hit that milestone.

Three Installments of Krugers completed, so far beta response is positive

Presently I’m wrestling with the post-writing questions when it comes to publishing work.  Three months ago I posed a question to the Dead Robots Society.  How does one go from draft to E-book with the minimal amount of cash.

The guys offered some great insight, and some tools and tips which helped a lot in coming up with my game plan going forward.  The gist of the episode can be boiled down to two schools of thought.

Scott was of the opinion if you had to sink the money in only one aspect of publishing, editing is where you want to go.  The alternative came from Terry, his view spoke more to the importance of the book cover.

While Justin summed up the dilemma in a perfect, succinct way.

“I think here’s where the trouble comes in.  If you got a mediocre cover it doesn’t matter how great your text is because most people aren’t going to read it anyway.  But if you got a great looking cover and it’s just got editing errors out the wazoo, then I feel almost like a there was some kind’ve trick played on me.  So I’m not going to go buy your next book.  

Of the two one of those you got money from me and the other you didn’t, but if I feel like I got tricked then my inclination to ever look at your work again is much less than if you just had one book with a sorry cover and the next one looks fine.”

So coming from someone who can barely afford one of these two key elements, I’ve come to a decision on how I will proceed.

Strange enough I’ve decided to take the Scott Roche approach, but I justify it by something Terry has said on numerous episodes.

I know that with a mediocre cover I can expect to not get a lot of visibility on my books, sales won’t quite be at a place where I’ll be making a lot of money.  But the small number of people who take a look at the book and get past the cover will read it and have the best chance to enjoy it.  Especially with KDP’s new quality control policies inbound.

Terry has said on numerous occasions, it’s fine to not stress about having a stellar product in the beginning because if you don’t have a quality product then no one will see it.  It will stagnate on amazon’s charts near the bottom and no on will ever see it.

This will allow me to get a couple of books up there before I make a major push with a release later on in my schedule.  If a terrible cover means 10 people see my work instead of 100, that’s still 10 people who are likely to come back if they enjoy what they read.

It’s a small, incremental victory but it’s better than having an amazing cover that will attract a lot of readers and the most of them will see a subpar product and when they see my name later in my career will most likely remember the terrible experience and skip it.

So, the battle of cover art vs editing for me simply comes down to more exposure vs better quality.  When I seen it this way the answer was clear.

So, editing is my priority. Well financially, in the mean time I got a couple of stock photos bookmarked and here’s hoping that the book cover I end up with doesn’t come off too amateurish.

I’ll be posting it here once I got something to show, we’ll see what you guys think. Speaking of which, it’s time to get back to work.
Wish me luck.



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