…And never brought to mind.

2016 has been with us for nearly two weeks now.  It pains me ever so much to find myself striving towards some significant life changes so close to the near year.  My procrastinatory personality would love to use this excuse to delay my plans but I fear listening to that part of my psyche is how I got in this mess in the first place.

2015 was a banner year in terms of bringing about change.  It’s the year I buckled down and decided that full time writer is the career path I want to take with my life.  However lavish or poverty-stricken this path decides to be, I at least will give it a solid attempt.

My health has always been something lingering on the back of my mind but before this past year I don’t think I ever made any solid steps towards fixing what is wrong.  I actually began seeing a doctor when things feel out of sorts and although I haven’t felt any physical improvement – well that’s what 2016 is for.

This upcoming year is about building on the solid foundation of its predecessor.  I know how tacky and repetitive this sounds, but I am gym bound too.  I’ve been paying for it so I might as well go, besides I have a backlog of audio books I need to get through.

Publishing & Health.  (Physical, Emotional, and Financial)
These are my goals for 2016.  It’s not original, it’s not even the first time I’ve made these goals specifically.  That being said, I am confident this will be the year I follow through.

2015 was already a terrific start. Bring on the new year.

Currently the third Krugers story is underway.  After some tweaks the Krugers 2 the beta’s will be getting to read it.
I’m looking at a comfortable time frame of the end of the month before I have this complete Krugers arc finished.

I’m still hoping by the end of Feb I will be able to give a better indication of when these works will find a home on amazon, but we’re still too far out to say if that’s an accurate goal. – But I am trying.