The Logical Next Step – The Road To The Publish Button!

Before getting involved in this mess I underestimated the obligations one must accept on the road to being a published author.  I knew there was more than simply writing, but I did not comprehend the sheer weight of the rest.

I finished the first strunkOptimizeddraft of Dean’s novel.  It weighs in at a little over 86K. Although I know there’s a hell of a lot I need to fix with it, I am so damn proud of it.  At the risk of sounding as though I’m developing a large head, I can feel how much I’m improving.  This craft of writing is becoming getting more refined with every outing.

That being said, I was not prepared for the required energy for the editing process.  Now that Dean’s draft is done and shelved for the immediate future I have turned to Seth’s novel.  I have to get this polished and edited to submit to Percy Janes in November.

It turns out that it takes me about twice as long to edit a chapter as it took me to write it.  It’s become a daily grind such that I’m looking even more forward to NaNoWriMo and to get started on Krugers.

I can’t imagine I will feel less drained when I start having to write and edit on the same day until it’s done.  I may need to let NaNo fall behind for the first half.  It’s okay though I feel I write fast and prolific enough that I’ll hit at least 50K by November 31st.

If you’re an aspiring author and working the grind of editing, then shall I make a recommendation for you.  Go to and use it to help.

It’s a great tool.  It won’t help plot holes, or even grammar and spelling, but it will highlight when you’re using a single word too often, and it will draw attention to all your adverb usage and examples of passive voice (both should be limited)

It’s been a valuable ally in my current project, and I know it can be for you to.

Well, that’s about it.

Seth’s Novel – Being Edited (Starting Chapter 9 when I finish this post.)
Dean’s Novel – Rough Draft finished, awaiting editing in December.
Krugers – A few beats outlined, but highly anticipating the start of November to dive into this one.



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