Does It Get Any Better?

I’m not going to lie this entry is probably going to be a little more fluff than normal.  There isn’t really any major news to report on in my personal or writing life, but I have every intention of keeping this blog as current as possible so here we go.

passion_weight__by_m0thyykuThere’s a certain feeling of euphoria surging through me as I arrive at Tim Horton’s with my laptop to start today’s writing session.  Truth be told I’m pretty significantly behind where I want to be with the current projects, it looks like I’ll still be editing Seth’s novel during November.

I was hoping I wouldn’t have to divide my time so much during NaNoWriMo, but I really don’t feel comfortable leaving Dean’s story cold for a full month and trying to finish the rough draft in December.

This week had a zero word day but I allocated that time to see the Attack On Titan movie at Cineplex. There was only one showing on one day, so it had to be done.

It befuddles my mind why it took so long for me to dive head first into the writing world, I’ve never felt like this about anything I’ve ever done.  Just sitting down at the booth, opening the laptop and my exercise book with notes in it, and popping the tab on my coffee cup have given me this warm fuzzy feeling.

Starting a writing session is a high unlike anything else I’ve experienced in my life, and embarrassingly enough I have a lot of alternatives to compare it to.

Presently I’m still waiting to finish the rough draft of Dean’s Novel so I can get to the edits on Seth’s.  I’m still hoping to get those edits done before November 1st to offer all my attention to my NaNoWriMo serial project.

Dean’s novel just popped over 75,500 words and I’m hoping I’ll be bringing it to a close within the next couple of days.  It’s only moderately behind schedule, but between sick and other obligations there were a few set backs.  All in all I’m confident I’ll still be hitting my goals.

Also a very rough outline of the Krugers serial got plotted while at work last night, I assume I’ll put a little more effort into that tonight, getting more characters created and establishing more rules for what these characters can do.

It’s quite an exciting time.  The best part of it all is that this is basically the norm, there will always be new projects coming up and new ideas to flush out and work on.  I love this whole process.

My seriously regret not giving this a serious run years ago.
Anyway, enough ramblings, I need to try and hit 78K on Dean’s novel before work tonight.

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P.S:  I am presently only finished the first chapter but I feel the need to spread the word anyway.  Betty Rocksteady, another Atlantic Canadian author has just released her book “Arachnophile” – published under Eraserhead for their Bizarro Author series.

From my best assertion this story is a paranormal, horror-ish love story.  A man having troubles with his wife falls in love with the girl next door – who happens to be a giant spider.

Like I said, I’m only a chapter in but I’ve read a some of Rocksteady’s flash fiction and know how twisted of a mind she has when it comes to her writing.  I’m looking forward to reading the rest and I think you all should check it out too.

Click Here to Buy


After the aforementioned writing session I just crossed the 80,000 word count. There’s three chapters left to write and I’ll be putting this to bed.  I’m projecting if I can get a good session in I can finish Dean’s novel as early as tomorrow, Oct 25th, or the next day at the latest Oct 26th.

Eff Ya!


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