Decision Made: I’m Self Publishing in 2016! Thanks Dead Robots & Authorcast!

If you fancy yourself a writer and you have any desire to produce high quality work and publish it for the world to enjoy, then I have two very important places for you to go.  Writing Excuses is an amazing podcast to get some real input in how to focus on vital aspects of your writing, it’s one of my favorite resources I use to improve my craft.

Of course listening to these guys can be quite influential to thinking the best route to take is traditional publishing.  They don’t actively discourage self-publishing but they have to talk about what they know and they are all traditionally published with a major publishing house – except Howard who has a daily comic strip.

The idea of self-publishing was something I knew about but never completely understood how viable the process can be, especially if you’re starting from scratch.  It’s not inaccurate to say that I don’t know if my work is up to snuff to get the attention of a publisher, but in all reality I’m quite content with finding an avenue of getting my work out there for people to see it.

I am confident that I have good, compelling stories to tell.  The novels I’m working on are among the first ones I’ve ever written in their entirety.  This means that from professionals of both self and traditional publishing, my work is probably sub par at best.  It will take a few novels at least before I truly find my voice and hit my stride.

I’m okay with that assessment, but I also believe they are enjoyable reads anyway. So with that being said I’ve made the decision to continue to work on these stories for a few more months.  I have Seth’s story done just going through a copy edit, I’m 25k into a stand alone novel, and come November I intend to use NaNoWriMo to power through a rough draft of Seth’s sequel.

You loyal reader, if you haven’t already stopped reading, can take heed of this announcement.  I intend to announce a publishing date for my first novel on Feb 26th, 2016.  I am going to be a self-published author – of course I will from here on out use the term Author-published, or indie-published.

So check here on the 26th of February to find out when my first novel is going to be published on Amazon. (I still haven’t completely decided on if it’ll start exclusive to Amazon or if I’ll branch out to other streams – that’s stuff I need to figure out before announcing it.)

In the new year I will be losing my day job (not by choice) and more than likely be subject to drawing unemployment.  My fiancee and I have done the math and although things will be tighter we will be fine with my unemployment & her income.   The positive side of this is it will provide with an abundance of time I intend to work on getting the word out and clocking my hours writing.  There will be short stories collections, novels, maybe I’ll even have some novellas.

The plan is to establish that back catalog as efficiently as I can without sacrificing quality.

Where is all this coming from?  I just finished talking about Writing Excuses in at least a subconscious way encouraging Traditional, so why am I going Indie?

Well two podcasts opened my eyes to the world, and I serious believe if you are a writer and have any inclination of being in business for yourself then you have to listen to these guys.  The first is the Dead Robots Society – there’s over 350 episodes and they are all available.  If you listen from beginning to end you actually experience these guys on their journey navigating the indie-publishing world.

The other is AuthorCast, it’s hosted by David Wood – founder of Gyphonwood Publishing, and Alan Baxter, great author who had his Alex Caine trilogy picked up by Harper Collins.

Pic_DRSE9sQz3if_400x400These two casts are so casual, yet helpful. You don’t get that “in a classroom” vibe that I get from writing excuses.  The way these guys carry themselves it’s like you’re there with them – it’s just a bunch of buddies talking about their writing ventures.  They use what they know and have discussions about industry strategy and just how to carry yourself in general as an author-published writer.

If Writing Excuses helped me improve my writing, it was DRS and Authorcast who gave me the ambition to stay at it.  They make it feel like it isn’t such an impossible goal to achieve if one if willing to put in the work.

You have absolutely no reason NOT to listen to these podcasts if you are  writer, or aspiring writer.

Do It, now.

Then come back here on Feb 26th to find out when my first book will be dropping 😉



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