A Deadline Appears… November 13th

My name is Devin Lee. I don’t think this is the first time I’ve used my actual name on this blog, but I know it is something I’ve avoided whenever possible.

The World is Broken was never to be referred to as a blog even though that is clearly what it is.  My name was Shallopnewf for any online interaction.

Why did I take this mentality so early?  I really have no idea.  Maybe in my mind I was thinking the blog would blow up and ShallopNewf would become a recognize name in the blogosphere. I really can’t answer that question.

The last post I made here was my proclamation that I am finally Taking My Shot. There’s been so many different failed endeavors in my past but the one passion that never waned throughout was my passion for writing.

Even if it was just incoherent rambling on this blog, I never stopped writing.

Today I have a vibrant fictional city of my own being constantly developed and grown over the last few years and I am sitting on a second draft of my first novel.

I am in the midst of a major rewrite to create a third draft.  This will be the final draft after a few passes as a proofread.

I’ve made a lot of progress from this point to where I finally began taking this seriously.

I’ve sent my first submission of original work for an anthology.  I offer thanks in large part to Dave Banko for sharing the link with me.  Hopefully I’ll be getting good news from The Telegrams short fiction contest the Cuffer Award in the fall.

Even if I hear nothing it still feels good to finally hit a point in this process where I can submit work.

There is a much more critical deadline on the horizon. I have until November 20th to complete the manuscript of my novel in order to submit it for a particular competition.  I am absolutely ecstatic that I have this deadline.  It adds a lot of pressure but I feel it’s the motivation I need to help persevere through this difficult part of the revision process.

Without this deadline I feel I would make excuses and put off revising and it would take at least another year to finish.  Without that luxury of time I am confident I’ll stay the course.

I made a personal deadline of November 13th.  This will offer a full week for a final pass over the manuscript  to tweak the small details I will miss between now and then.

This blog has now become the official home of Devin Lee on the internet, I’m stepping away from the curtain of ShallopNewf.

Stay tuned each week, there will be at least one new entry every week, starting this coming Wednesday.   Sept 2nd.

Until then, Cheers.


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