– Taking My Shot –

Hey guys,

The first thing I want to say is that I’m thankful for each of you who keep coming back here and checking out my various ramblings over the last few years.  The World is Broken has been here for some of the greatest and most heart wrenching moments of the past five years.  Thank you.

A lot of you who are new to the site have found this blog because of some writing related action I did on some form of social media. In light of that I hope this re-direction doesn’t turn away very much of my small, yet appreciated reader base.

smoking_barrel_by_tntrekabulator-d6or65dI’m in the early stages of revising my first full length novel into a Third draft.  My life over the past week or two has consisted of nothing else other than Sleeping, Working, and Writing.  Like the title of this entry says, I am taking my shot.

Of course this isn’t really a huge surprise and I’ve written about that right here more than once.  This time I mean it in a way that’s going to affect the World is Broken.

I have a long way to go before I’m going to find success as a writer; unless some one in a million miracle happens but I’m not banking on that.  All the advice I’ve received and the opinions of everyone I’ve talked to who is making a living at this continue to tell me how you need to just do it.  My first book is probably going to be terrible but the more I finish and the harder I work the sooner I’ll find myself in a position to make it.

So I decided that aside from working on the writing, I need to focus myself when it comes to my online presence. The World is Broken has been a home to my random thoughts for a very long time.  I’ve even dabbled in television reviews and a couple of journalistic endeavors.

But I need to brand it.  I don’t want to just start a new site and go from there, I want The World Is Broken to be my definitive home online.  Although I still intend on the randomness of whatever goes through my head being fair game for an entry… I am going to primarily use this blog to share my experience while I’m writing this novel, to talk about various advice or news from the literary world, and all in all turn this mostly into a writing blog.

The writing community is where I am trying to break into so I need to use everything at my disposal.

For example, I’m in the midst of introducing a character that wasn’t in a previous draft but so far it’s been difficult to begin because I don’t clearly know his voice… I don’t know him all that well yet.

So instead I wrote a blog post about how I’m going to change the general concept of my blog posts.  Humm.. Maybe I’ll change the theme too, make it more literary in design.  Yeah, that’ll kill another hour or so.

Haha, and to my comrade at arms Firebat-Medic Gurt, you’ll be pleased to know this is the last entry I’m going to put that isn’t really proofread at all.


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