The Objectification of Magic Mike XXL – Not Cool Bro.

This is going to be a strange one… for one I have to openly admit that I voluntarily went to Magic Mike last week.
*sigh*  To defend my masculinity it was a surprise to the girlfriend; not out of a deep-seated desire to see the movie.

This is something that has been bothering me ever so slightly for a few days.This past Friday I entered the completely female filled theater to surprise Jess taking her to Magic Mike XXL. – Up until Channing Tatum showed up on the screen she thought we were going to see The Gallows 😉

maxresdefaultShe puts up with enough things from me so I figured I could survive a viewing of Magic Mike XXL. You know what? It actually wasn’t as bad as I was expecting; it’s true that I’m not a fan of the male ass shots but there really wasn’t a lot of them.

A couple of surprises came out of that film,

#1 Holy Shit, Kevin Nash is in this movie. (Apparently he’s in both). Kevin Nash could barely walk to the ring without looking feeble a few years back during his return to the WWE; and now he’s playing a burly, dancing, male stripper? Just hilarious.

#2: Donald Glover is ALSO in this movie. He plays a stripper that does more singing than actual stripping but the only thing going through my mind is; I would love to see how Troy (from Community) would react to all the things going on in this movie. Always good to see Don Glover; I’m a fan.

Honorable mention surprise: I wasn’t expecting to also see Jada Pinkett Smith in it as well. She basically played the same basic character as she does on Gotham (minus the mob ties),but it was enjoyable.

#3… and this it he big one.

1415127555179_wps_27_Myrtle_Beach_SC_Channing_Why are women not looking at this movie and getting offended? I’ve seen Show Girls, I’ve seen straight up pornography, there are very few well-known distasteful video that I haven’t seen.

I have seen nothing in many years that so blatantly objectifies women as bad as this movie does; and it gets away with it.  There’s no backlash.

Who would’ve thought a movie about male strippers would objectify women; but here we are.

Anytime there is a dancing scene it’ like they realize there’s only so many times these guys can strip before it gets old so to “spice up” their routines they use props. That’s not really that big of a deal; except the most commonly used prop in this movie are women watching the dance.

The literal definition of objectification is seeing and/or treating a person as an object.

The “oh my god these men are so talented” moments they were trying to go for while the actors were dancing seem to exclusively be focused on how skillfully they can pick up and throw the women around. There’s one scene at Jada Smith’s place where a dancer literally bends two women over adjacent tables and then lounges over the two of them like they were chairs.

I know there’s suppose to be crotch trusting in personal areas but this movie takes it way beyond believable and acceptable levels.

I’m not saying that I am personally offended by it; I don’t really get that easily offended on topics like this. I think most groups have grown too sensitive and tend to over-react…. but this is one case I would consider it perfectly acceptable.  It’s not so much that I’m offended, It’s more that I’m absolutely stunned there is no radical backlash coming from the eccentric part of the feminist community about this.

I guess because it’s about “male strippers” it gets a pass; but that makes no sense to me… when I google the topic of Magic Mike and objectification the only responses are talking about objectified men. This movie treats these men like they were gods; all the girls that meet worship them and with a few exception there really isn’t any true character flaws to see… Other than a very few examples of the men trying to avoid telling someone they are strippers; they are always met with cheers and admiration wherever they go.

The women? Well not to spoil the ending but there is only one solid female lead (not including Jada Smith who was badass and respectable – she needed more screen time.) She is the main love interest who delivers witty banter to Magic Mike and never seems to compromise her own beliefs….

Until the end when she is brought on stage for the climax of the movie to sit in a chair and have Channing Tatum flip her in the air and thrust his dick in her face. Seriously if you have already seen this movie and don’t know what I’m talking about all this give it a second showing and keep an eye open.

Yes there are male strippers but that doesn’t necessarily mean the men are the only ones being objectified. How are feminist groups not jumping all over this thing? If you watched the movie instead of just reading the premise and assume you know what is going to happen you will see what I mean.

The very sad part is, in spite of the ridiculous premise and some of the more juvenile situations written in this film; as a narrative it really isn’t all that bad. The one last ride of an old rag-tag troupe… it can make for a good road trip movie. If it wasn’t about male strippers, I’m sure there would be a lot more of both genders checking it out.

I guess all that’s left now is to sit back and see how many pro-feminist readers are only going to read the title and assume I meant that the men of the movie were being objectified… without ever reading my post.

Le Sigh.


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