McFail? Seriously? – Is the minion black & blue or white & gold? I…Don’t…Know!!

Really people?  This is a big news story of the day? I had such a randomly awesome day yesterday and was hoping to share that tale here this morning but I can’t yet; not without getting this off my chest.

Oh God, I just realized this is from a “Fox News” broadcast… suddenly this makes a little more sense.

What is wrong with this world?  Parents being outraged at gibberish of McHappy Minion; it sounds it’s swearing. I understand McDonald’s is a big company who is going to do damage control about this “public outrage” and it really wouldn’t be wise for them to say point blank, “”Seriously people what the hell are you smoking?”  or even ‘Minions speak gibberish; their language importance is more tonal changes rather than actual words… if you hear swearing, that’s all you  Grow the f*ck up and get back to telling me not to vaccinate anyone for fear of Autism.”

Like seriously…

Swearing? This whole fiasco is nothing but another picture of a black and blue dress. It’s about perception and the way we interpret our world.  I saw the youtube video entitled “Mcdonald’s Minion toy fail” (And yes I understand the contradiction of being annoyed by the outrage while in the same post mentioning the therefore giving it more exposure… I don’t care.)

I listened to this video expecting the eye to fall out or that the minion had some deep, James Early Jones kind of voice.  Something to give the “fail” legitimacy.  I didn’t realize it was an “outrage due to minion swearing” video until the ending when the guy states, “to me, it sure doesn’t sound like anything a kid should be hearing.”

So then I started thinking maybe I got the wrong video, and maybe I’ll find one where the minion starts playing George Carlin’s explanation of the word Fuck… as epic as that sounds; it was not to be.

…*Live update* – While writing this, I have just discovered that the line I thought was the swear wasn’t the right one.  The minion says three lines and I thought it was one of the long one but apparently it’s the quick short one.  THAT’S how indistinguishable this bull is. *fin*

I then went back and listened very closely over and over again, and sure enough I finally heard it.  I had to concentrate and I had to be told that the “minion was swearing.”  but when I started listening for it, I heard it.

I started writing this entry on the basis that I finally heard it, and wanted to come and just tell the parents to calm the hell down because your kids are not hearing this “foul-mouthed” minion. They hear the random sounds and syllables intended. I thought the minion was saying “God Damn”.. like “Goddd damn”  But turns out parents are flipping at the quick laughter because it is quick and abrupt and could be perceived as “What the f*ck.”

As with the white/black dress a few months ago; this is all about how you see/hear it.

Hey If Ronald McDonald did this on purpose as a subliminal message to its consumers then that’s terrible; if they did it full well knowing that there’s an abundance of people going to buy Happy Meals now just to hear it for themselves, that’s terrible (but genius).

Otherwise, it’s as absurd to me as the penis shaped play dough cake decorator, or the previously mentioned Dress debate.  Children don’t see the world the way we do.  No child is going to take that toy minion and play with it and start running around the house saying “what the f*ck.”  It’s just not going to happen.  If any child is going to develop a potty mouth from this kerfuffle it’ll be due to their own curiosity of why mommy and daddy are mad at the toy.

Did I really just use kerfuffle in a sentence; for real?


I’m sorry, if you’re one of these outraged parents I can’t help but feel some sympathy for you.  The only thing you’ve managed to achieve by blowing your load over this little toy is increasing the sales of the happy meal (hell I want to run down to Mount Pearl’s McD’s right now and pick one up myself to hear the little guy.)…bravo mom and dad. You get your panties in a bunch and in exchange you will get some half-assed apology about the situation and denial that it was intentional from the big bad McDonald’s; afterwards they’ll count their money and it’ll be business as usual.

Enjoy the spotlight guys! Congrats on the solo movie :)
Enjoy the spotlight guys! Congrats on the solo movie 🙂

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