Establishing The Daily Routine – Book Two to begin…

The most common advice I have encountered on the topic of being a successful writer is very simple.

Just write.

never_by_scheinbarGranted the advice varies in the specifics; some more helpful than others.  On the surface the counsel is always the same, to be a successful writer one must write. Writing isn’t something you do when you get some free time; it’s something you do every day with as much consistency as possible.

Some days will be brutal and every word you type will look out of place and you will find no value at all; other days you will find it comes far more naturally.  Being a successful writer requires a dedication to the craft and a constitution to make it part of your daily routine.  Common mistakes, weak aspects of your writing, and other problems will become apparent over time and the end result will something of quality.

….*thinks about Stephanie Meyer and EL James*… okay I mean to be successful AND respected as a writer.  Success in the literary world doesn’t necessarily always go to the most talented.

Anyway, my overnight schedule has given me an unusual opportunity to find a consistent time every day to write.  Today is actually a lot later than I normally would but I got a staff meeting at 3:30 so there was no sense in sleeping now… but I digress.

All of my shifts end at 7am so lately I’ve been finding myself at the local Tim Horton’s by 7:30ish where I sit next to a power outlet with my laptop.  I’m at a point in this whole thing where I recognize the importance of writing every day; even if it is just a few hundred words for “The World is Broken.”

I got a good routine going now.  During my shifts I have pen and paper ready allowing me to make jot notes of the various ideas and twists that come to my mind concerning new stories as well as the ones I’m currently working on.  Then at 7am I leave work en route to Tim’s where I try to translate as many of those ideas into full text.

It’s been working great so far.

I’m about to dive head first into the second novel soon.  I finally recovered the original 5 chapters I wrote months ago.  Unfortunately I also had the displeasure of reading them over. I’m a little glad my laptop was fried while I was writing it, the pacing, the story, the dialogue.. there was so much wrong.

I have a second chance now to keep what I like and fix what I don’t.

Anyway, I’m going to go grab another coffee and get back to work.
As long as I can keep up this routine I suspect I’ll be able to post here practically daily now.

So until tomorrow,


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