The Storm Before The Storm – Where I’m At.

Alright guys I know it’s been quite a while since I’ve been active here; I’m going to save you the “I’ll be more active from now on” speech. Things have been absolutely insane for me since we last spoke in February.

The second draft of the Janus novel is officially complete, I am just waiting on feedback from a handful of people I chose to beta read the draft. From this upcoming feedback I hope to draft a third edition before proofreading and polishing it into a final product. Here’s hoping I can get that sucker sold this year.

32e6369d3870e1c6d90b185e3b06a901The progress with the book segways into the real inspiration that brought me back to the world is broken. The main thing I need to work on now is my online presence. I’ve begin an attempt and getting more involved with like minded individuals. I joined a group on Facebook aptly named “Horror Writers.” From here I’ve been conversing with other independent writers trying to get their work out there. It’s been pretty rewarding so far.

No Tears Please has also been a heavy time burden for me in recent months. I still hope to launch that around Halloween of this year. The development hasn’t hit any major obstacles yet but there’s still a long way to go before it’s ready to go. Here’s hoping I haven’t jinxed myself by saying so.

As part of the build up to NTP’s relaunch and in an effort to get more intimate with the literary world I am trying to join, I’ve decided on some new content that I am going to regularly upload to One Good Scare (NTP’s Sister site, and its podcast homepage).

I’m going to read through the work of some of these authors making themselves known on the Facebook group, as well as any other author that happens to catch my fancy; Jim Butcher, I’m looking your way!

I’m going to start posting a by-the-chapter style review of what I’m reading at the time. As in I’ll post an entry reviewing a multi-chapter section of the book. I’ll give my thoughts and commentary on it, but this also allows me to actively give my predictions for where the story is going and I can communicate my opinions and expectations for what may come.

I’m hoping it’ll be a good read for all.

That starts in the next day or so with the first book I intend to review in this manner, “I Am Legion” by James Hershey USA UK Canada

If you want to read up in advance and see my epic prediction failure, or just read along with me, go check it out. The best part about independent e-books is they are quite inexpensive.

So that’s it for now. I’ll save my rant about how bad I am with technology lately, or how much I hate the M button on this keyboard, for another time.



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