Holding Breath Under Water – A Break From Janus

February 7th, 7:00am

It has become somewhat difficult to maintain control of the various ideas that continually swim through my mind; this causes me to end up blankly staring at the daunting 165 page Word document on my screen.  If I am being completely honest I just cracked a beer while listening to Stone Sour’s “Bother” through my headphones.  The deadline I gave myself for the second draft of this story is rapidly approaching and I feel as though there is so much left to do.

writinIt’s difficult to focus on a single part of the story to revise because so many additions and omissions keep entering my mind.

You want to know the very odd part to all of this?
… I sincerely would not have it any other way.   Is that weird?

My apologies to one specific person who has been vocal about my lack of revising & editing for my entries here; I won’t be doing a whole lot of it this time either.  This feeling just struck me down in the middle of working on the novel; even while frustrated I discovered I feel legitimate joy when working on it.

I am presently a sales associate at EB Games and a line cook at Pizza Delight.  These are both part time jobs.  I give my best effort at both jobs; obviously I prefer the EB Games line of work over the kitchen but they are both equally important.  I completely understand this is going to sound like another guy basically complaining about his jobs; I assure you that is not my intent.  Well that isn’t my sole intent.

I decided I would take a brief few moments away from reading and revising my rough draft of the Janus project to address you readers.  It has been too long since I’ve put an update here and yet I still seem to be getting a nice portion of you guys visiting; a lot of my older posts have been getting visits lately.

Days where I don’t have to make pizzas or explain to a young child why he can’t find that one Skylander he’s been looking forever to find are terrific days; they have allowed me to get myself completely lost in Janus.

The second draft of the story will be complete within the next 7 days; the final draft I anticipate will be completed sometime in late March/early April.  Between this novel and the planning process for relaunching NTP.com I’m feeling a lot more like myself these days.

It feels great.

I guess really that’s all I wanted to say here.

Thank you for all of you still checking in with me.  I’m feeling amazing and should have a final product to share with you soon enough.



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