Another Day Closer To The Grave.

..::The cryptic title was more to draw attention to my return to the horror community, not an emo-cry for help. Apologies for any misunderstanding 😉 ::..

Another day, another year closer to death.  It has become a longstanding tradition to begin October 17th sitting at the keyboard and addressing the surprisingly large number of readers who visit this site even when I go long periods without new content.

I once described this day as the anniversary of an unimportant event, of course that was back when my life more resembled a downward spiral of which  I was unable to escape. Today I conclude the 29th year since I entered the world.  This time next year there will be a large number 30 somewhere in the middle of a cake… and yes, there will be cake.

Oct 17th has become a promise and declarations of change.  It’s a logically starting point for a drastic turn in my lifestyle in a half ass attempt at putting my life back on the rails.  It’s right up there with New Year’s Day and those ridiculous New Years resolutions.

17The thing is that makes the 2014 incarnation of 10/17 so different is that I really don’t have any life changing plans or world shaking visions for what the future is going to hold for me.  I keep vowing that I’ll get finances on track, and well that’s something I’ve been working on for months now and it looks like by the end of this month the family’s financial woes will be completely under control.

For the first time in many years I look at today and begin to set very different goals.  I’m finally at a place where I have enough grasp on my life that I can return to putting my effort and time into hobbies and interest that I love.  NoTearsPlease the website that was supposed to be live last Halloween but never really got off the ground can finally get some really energy devoted to it.

In fact that is one of the plans I hope to achieve in this 30th year of my life; I want to have No Tears Please up and running by Halloween 2015.  Hopefully with enough content prepared that it can launch either Oct 1st, or even Oct 17th in preparation for the Halloween season.

The Janus novel has been coming along great.  I am about half way through where I expect the ending to be, though the story has evolved a bit differently than I had expected so I really am not certain where the ending will take place.  I’ve been able to actually sit down and write and it has been exhilarating.

The only real short term goal that I want to achieve is the resurgence of our semi-weekly World Of Darkness game.  There is no tool, no technique, no method more effective at world building for my fictitious Newfoundland city than having a game of World Of Darkness.  It tailors to my writing style better than any other helpful method I have ever encountered.

Since my method of writing is to just create characters with as much detail and care as possible, unleash them upon your setting and see what happens.  My characters are living entities in this city who react naturally to things that are going on, I have no control over what they do because as long as their response is in character it fits in their story.

Of course there are certain things I try to keep under control… for instance there has been an ongoing issue with two of my characters that when they are alone in a scene together it’s near impossible to stop them from flirting.  I do not want a romantic story with these two characters in particular so I almost always end up finding a way to re-write those parts.

World Of Darkness is a story-telling system where the characters are not beings I control, they are the brainchild of the players. The 3-4 other people in the room that have created the characters.  They react as fluid and as natural as their creators allow.  So it’s the truest form of story telling when it comes to building up my world of Janus.

It’s the same as when I’m writing the novel, only the characters aren’t controlled my be in any sense so there are no re-writes.

My only real regret with my current state of things is that Horror has truly fallen from my life. I seen some of the releases in theater but the true essence of my horror lifestyle has been put on the back burner recently.

This is something else I intend to remedy with the re-emergence of OneGoodScare.  This site was originally supposed to be a companion site to NoTearsPlease, and home of the One Good Scare podcast, but for now it’ll do as a horror blog and medium by which I can update the cyber world on the progress of NTP’s relaunch. So, stay tuned for that guys.

Unfortunately I do not have the entire day off to fully realize what I wanted to share in this post, since I do actually have to work today. It’s just such a change for this day to come and not be struck with some overwhelming epiphany for where I want my life to go…

It’s a treat to be able to look at everything and legitimately feel like, “yeah, I’m already on the right track.”

It’s about time…



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