Human Nature & Absolute Disgust

Cruelty, like every other vice, requires no motive outside of itself; it only requires opportunity.” – George Elliot

I’m beginning to think this post has more to do with the fact that we are almost 24hrs away from the 3rd Anniversary of Elaine’s passing. I’ve read stories like this in the past and although I will admit that it is something that should not be happening, I never had an emotional reaction prior to now.

Alyssa Funke was a 19 year old girl who happened to do a video for Casting Couch, which for those who don’t know is a porn website.  I’m not quite sure what were her motivations and why she did it, but the video made it back to her high school.  Twitter exploded with enough slut-shaming that Alyssa drove to a cabin and ended her life with a 12 gauge to the face.

Clearly there had to have been a pre-existing issue with depression, whether that stemmed from a home life or even some form of bullying while she was in the school to begin with.  To say that internet teasing on its own is enough to drive a psychologically stable individual to that kind of low is something I never really put a lot of stock in.

When it comes to the cruelty of teenagers I can certainly put faith in the statement that the overwhelming response from such a large outpouring of shaming could do some seriously psychological damage and even that aforementioned “psychologically stable” person can be dragged to lows where suicide becomes a thought.

This is a sad story to digest but the reason it hit me hard enough to write this, is because the bullying did not end with her death.  Reading some of the tweets that have been posted on twitter about guys talking about how she’s a “dumb b*&$%” and how they will “fap to her video anyway’ absolute disgusted me.

I haven’t put the time into research the story as well as I normally would before sharing it with the World is Broken, but I will link you to the post that alerted me to the story and parallels my opinion fairly accurately considering the information I have to go on.

Slut-shamed to death for saying yes to sex, murdered for saying no