OneGoodScare: Way of the Wicked (2014)

So, never did meet it’s completion so let me introduce you to a scaled down version that will hopefully expand to my original vision.  One Good Scare was intended to be the supplementary podcast for NoTearsPlease (the horror site that never got past pre-production.)

One Good Scare is going to feature weekly postings of reviews, news, and profiles of all things horror.  When time permits the ambition is to even expand it into a podcast like it was originally intended.  Anywho, with no more adieu, here’s the first review for the new “One Good Scare”.  Click below to check it out!

“The Way of The Wicked”  (2014)

Detective Vinnie Jones & Father Christian Slater star in a thriller that is trying so desperately to be an alternative to The Omen.
“The cop and the priest… you guys should have your own sitcom” – Robbie Mueller, The Way Of The Wicked