Janus is coming alive, want to help?

Think what you may concerning my ability to write a coherent story and make it compelling.  View this website for its mountain of grammatical and punctuation errors that I constantly fail to correct.  In spite of my literal shortcomings I am in the process of creating a vibrant, supernaturally charged city to replace St. John’s Newfoundland in my fictitious world.

Janus, Newfoundland is a place that exist in a version of our world where St. John’s doesn’t exist; Janus is the capital of the province. I was using White Wolf’s “World Of Darkness” to model the city allowing me to flush it out by playing games with players in a pen & paper rpg type setting.

81__Pen_and_Paper_by_SpectralFairyJanus is a major project for me.  I intend on having it as the setting for World Of Darkness games, video series, maybe even a simple RPG with RPG maker someday.  The purpose of this setting originally was my fiction.  I’m in the process of creating a story I hope to fill a novel that takes place in the city of Janus.

I have a close-knit group that has been following the progress of this story but I am getting to a point where I would like to get a little more insight on the progress of the story from beginning to end so I retreat to you the readers of “The World Is Broken.”  This website has been the single greatest tool for me to refine my craft and improve on the previously mentioned grammar and punctuation errors.  So I decided to come here and take two or three people to respond to this as my alpha readers.

Talking with some writer friends of mine I have been told this is a terrible idea and you shouldn’t let anyone see your work until it has some semblance of completion.  A story in its rough draft is a very fragile state, especially when the author doubts his own abilities.  Any criticism can destroy it.

I don’t entirely disagree, but I see a strength here that you cannot get by making people read the whole story in its entirety.  I have been physically assaulted more than once by an agree alpha reader when they got to the end of the most recent chapter simply because there wasnt’ any more to read.

That kind of anticipation is what I want to try to capture.  My end game is to have a story that no one is going to want to put down. So as an alpha reader you would be free to give critiques of structural and grammatical errors but know that this is not the type of feedback I”m looking for at this time.  There’s time for that in beta.

I want to know the impression on the story.  How you feel about where it’s going, where it has already been, about the characters.  I want to insure the characters are living, breathing entities in a real populated fictional city.

So yeah, not everyone who asks will be selected but if you have an interest in reading along while I write this story then email me, or if you want you can even comment on this post here.  This also goes to my facebook and twitter so you can reply there as well.  We are in the age of social media, so don’t be shy.

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