That Which Doesn’t Kill You…

Ladies and gentlemen I am not sure if it is the Macklemore blaring through my headphones at the moment or if I have descended into some sort of delirium but I feel absolutely amazing at the moment.

What happened you ask?  Well, I lost my job.


This clearly makes no sense to a rational mind so to further stress the pure anguish of the last 24 hours I will share my story with you.


In_The_Wake_Of_Adversity_by_autumn_etherealI am was an overnight manager of a certain location for a very popular fast food franchise (for legality’s sake I will not name names since the owner is probably the type to interpret this whole post as actionable and if I wanted a legal battle, I would have waited to post this till after the proceedings).  I will say that it most likely is the first one that just came to your mind.


There has been some issues in recent weeks especially that made me uncertain about my continued employment at this particular restaurant.  Overnight shifts were essentially killing me and it wasn’t complimented by an atmosphere of no job ever being sufficient.

Part of my promotion (that happened in December) means I have to attend certain training and classes, a very important one would have taken place this week.  I made it very clear that I was not going to waste their time and resources sending me to a class without being sure if I was going to stick around making it worth the investment, and in the end the decision I made was that I was going to part ways with the company.

I get confronted by the boss concerning my doubts, and the end result is my notice is submitted Wednesday night/Thursday morning.  I make it clear I want to part on good terms and said I would work out the entire month of May, so in essence giving two extra weeks notice.

Evidently I should have waited until after the paid three-day class because it was Thursday afternoon I get called to come to the office and informed that Wednesday night’s shift was my last one…

So much for giving a notice eh?


Here we are. Day One unemployed.  I don’t anticipate it’ll be difficult to get another job that part didn’t frustrate me.  It was the fact that I tried to do the morally correct thing to do and got a harsh lesson that business really is as cold and callous of a world as I always knew, yet didn’t experience until now.

Am I bitter?  Well, actually no.  I’m not going to lie and say that I wasn’t frustrated in the meeting and I made it clear that I still intend on parting on good terms either way.

The more I think about it the more I come to the realization that even through the frustration and all the profanity that was running through my mind while I was in the moment, when I think back now there is one feeling that comes to mind.  Relief.

I think the lifting stress from parting way has added a few years to my life, that’s how good I feel physically right now.  It’s the first time in almost a year that I’m beginning to feel like me again.  Turns out I was blinded.  I always said that although I wasn’t too thrilled with my job at least when I left I managed to left work stress at the office, but turns out I may have been mistaken about that.

Even now I search myself and try to put words to how I feel and I’m expecting to find rage or angst but there’s none to be found.

It solidifies that I’m making the right choice.  It’s a lot more premature than I would have liked and it’ll lead to a financial hiccup in a couple of weeks I’m sure but it’s nothing that me and my family cannot handle.


I played poker last night, for the first time since my Pre-Telelink days, I felt reinvigorated at the table.
I’m sitting here writing on Jess laptop and stringing together semi-coherent sentences for the first time of 2014.
I’m about to grab a shower and catch up with an old friend,

In the wake of bad news, life is looking pretty good.
World is Broken, I know in December I said I’ll be returning soon.
You can considering this Entry #1 this season. 😉

Cheers folks.


P.S: Please refrain from comments discussing the legality of what was done, how fair or unfair it was, as I said the last thing I want is a spectacle.  This is more of a post about how great I feel now in the wake of a bad situation, it isn’t meant to draw attention TO said situation. Thanks.

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