Burn It All Down

There’s a lesson that I truly feel everyone needs to learn.  It’s probably the most important piece of advice anyone could ever give you when it comes to navigating the harsh realities of the world we live in.  It sounds like a very simple concept, but you would be alarmed at how often this thought is just glossed over in today’s youth especially.

Upon reflection you may possibly be surprised at how often you yourself have ignored this little tidbit of wisdom.

Under no circumstances should you unnecessarily burn bridges.

This sounds pretty straight forward but I’ve been sitting here thinking about it and it is appalling how many particular cases I can currently imagine of people just completely ignorant of this idea.  I personally am not free from violating this notion, but generally I try to keep it in the back of my mind at all times.

I’ve always tried to at least maintain a professional courtesy with employers when I know I’m leaving their employ.  With my past relationships I would like to believe I’ve been successful at maintaining meaningful friendships with the ladies I’ve been romantically involved with… well the only ones that matter.

It’s just never a good ideal to burn a bridge if you don’t have too.  How do you know when you leave your dead end job to follow some pipe dream, that one day you’re not going to fall flat on your face and need work.  How do you know that scorned lover that you didn’t bother to at least maintain a respectful co-existence with will not be a significantly important deciding factor in some major life decision for you years down the road.

I guess the real sentiment to it all is more accurately, Don’t be an idiot, because the past can bite you in the ass.

The terrible, offensive decisions you make today can quite possibly cripple you in the future, maybe one day you’re going to need a sanctuary but unfortunately the one place you may have been welcome and safe has locked its doors to you.

Once upon a time I was a lot more soft-hearted than I am now.  I was the go to guy for everyone with any kind of social or emotion problem, and I was good at what I did. I’m not trying to brag, but in lieu of dealing with my own personal problems I was a guru at fixing the lives of everyone around me.

Overtime I developed a little more of a jaded perspective, especially have a near nervous breakdown, and the stark realization that a lot of these “problems” I was solving would have been completely avoided if said-victim exercised any common sense.

There is only so many times I can talk you through the painful sting of your boyfriend cheating on you, or your girlfriend avoiding you before you have to shit or get off the pot.  If you’re boyfriend is cheating on you, and after the 5th time you continue to think it’s a “problem with your relationship.”  Well sorry, it’s time for it to no longer be a relationship.

I legit was called in one night to comfort a girl I knew who was having boy troubles.  She was with a real dick when I met her (which led to a number of discussions in and of itself) but at this point she was with essentially her ideal match.  This great guy that treated her like gold, had a lot of the same likes, and best of all.. he wasn’t sleeping with like 3 of her friends.

She calls me to the room to talk about something wrong with her relationship, and half way through the conversation she admits she’s talking about dickhead #1…

This is a little over simplified but I hope the story gets the point across.

This entry was posted due to a certain Facebook status that I just encountered. It was essentially a proclamation saying that the person in question “always fucks things up” and “doesn’t know a good thing when they have it.”

On the surface, I would message this person and talk it out, find out what’s wrong and try to discern whether or not this was self-inflicted or just a pessimistic outlook.  Of course, I actually know the story on this one.

Accusing everyone that cares about you of lying, alienating your family, and trying to present some cheesy bad-ass persona that really doesn’t fit.

No I’m sorry but you’re not some rebel, cool bad-ass because of “hang out with the wrong crowd” and are “all about doing the drugs.”  It looks a lot like a little child playing a role that doesn’t fit.  Finding scapegoats and firing random accusations about irrelevant things… sorry, your problems are your own.

The old me probably would be a lot kinder about all of this, luckily that guy toughened up a bit.  You’re burned your bridge.  There’s so much going for you in the life you are about to leave behind, and you’ll never truly understand the potential you have to be something great.   All for what?  Because you can’t handle someone saying No to you about something.

The truly ironic part is that the inability to deal with any kind of rules and order and the inability to accept the word no are two things that the real world is going to punish you for, far greater than anything anyone else could ever do.

Like I said folks, it’s NEVER a good idea to needlessly burn a bridge.  One day that might have been the last lifeline you have left.

*moment of silence for wasted potential and the arrogance of youth.*

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