Chapter One…

Alright it’s about time that I finally put up or shut up.  I’ve procrastinated this for many years but I finally gave myself a deadline and I’m going to see it through.  August 31st, 2013.

I’ve finally reached a point with the city of Janus, Newfoundland that I’m going to commit it to literature.  I gave myself a deadline to provide two trusted sources with the first chapter of what will eventually become a full length story.  One source gets to critique it for the grammar and structure.  For this task I’ve appointed an English that has been hounding me to do this since I was in high school, cause let’s face it, the writing fundamentals of punctuation and structure are not my strongest suits.  You all know this because most of what I write here on The World Is Broken is hardly ever proof read or checked before posting.

The second source is just in the overall interest of the story.  For this task I’ve selected a person I know to be an avid reader of a diverse selection of genres.  Someone I know personally to get themselves wrapped up in stories with the plot and the characters.  It’s a person who inflicted physical violence on me because I did not warn her of Ned Stark’s fate in the first book for A Song Of Ice And Fire.

Today I feel as though I’ve completed this chapter.  After missing the last few deadlines of other projects that have been talked about on here I decided to wait until this moment before bringing you this news so that I insure that at least I will not miss this one.

The final touches on the chapter had me a bit weary though.  It stands at a flimsy 3500 words.  Looking on my screen I ponder to myself a question, “How long is a chapter supposed to be?”  I believe deep down I knew the answer, but it still bugged me.  I was thrilled to discover that this is a question posed by a lot of writers initially, and the answer stays the same.

The chapter is as long as it needs to be.

I still have no title, and there is still a LONG way to go, but August 28th, 2013 is the day that official Chapter One was completed.

All that’s left is one more read through and maybe touch up some areas but the hardest part is now out of the way.

I’ve been stuck on this for almost two weeks now.  I know a lot of the plot of this beast, and I know exactly how most of the character development is going to be handled, hell I even got a couple of potential twists in mind, all the while still keeping in my head that Janus is a horror-based city… this story is intended to be suspenseful, to actively be able to scare any reader that dares become emotionally invested in the plot.

All this going through my head but I was never able to get a beginning down.  I hope now the flood gates are open and I might even be able to have this thing clued up in a matter of months.

One step at a time though.

Wish me luck!

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