The Name On The Marquee: Chris Kirby

Chris-1In province known for its kitchen parties and rowdy, Celtic traditions there is surprisingly a very diverse music scene that can be found.  Hell, you can’t have George St and not have an eclectic blend of music.  One street, 40 bars (apparently as of 2006) most of them offer live music.  You will find everything from gangsta-rap, to electronic synth, to epic metal… and of course if you venture down to a little venue tucked in by Turkey Joes you will find some blues & jazz.

I’m talking about the Fat Cat Blues Bar, this is a cozy little area where you won’t get pushed around because you are shoulder to shoulder with mosh pitters, nor will you hear the uh-tiss uh-tiss pounding through your head all night.  My first experience with this particular locale was actually not even in person, it was a youtube video I found of a young man named Chris Kirby performing on its stage.   I was hooked from that moment

I was hoping to link it here but apparently that video isn’t anywhere to be found on youtube at the moment.  Oh well.

It’s an atrocity that I was not able to finish editing together my video montage of one of the shows that Chris Kirby and his band The Marquee played in my hometown.  I understand there are a lot of you reading this that have never heard the name Chris Kirby before, for you I want you to search youtube.  Immediately you’ll find Waiting So Long, and Wonderizer.  These are two videos that from his most recent album.

Chris Kirby as a songwriter, keyboardist, guitarist, vocalist… is unrivaled.  Not to mention he’s also produced albums for other well known maritime artists.  The guy is a jack of all trades, and never disappoints  an audience.   I’ve never heard anyone say anything remotely negative about this guy.

Legit there is a part of me that simply hopes that some day my opinion holds weight over even a decent number of people so that I can be an actual contributor to getting the word out about this kid.  His talent is too big for it to be contained in the Maritimes for very long.

If you listen to this and like what you heard please go to and check out the albums.  I would HEAVILY recommend the Vampire Hotel or Wonderizer.  You just can’t go wrong.  My favorite album though is Sounds Like Wednesday with is listed on  Amazon for sale. (If you don’t get the album, at least download “Remember That Girl” … )

For my non-Newfoundland visitors here, I urge you to check this out.



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