Seasons Don’t Fear The Reaper

Okay, I’ve been listening to some Blue Oyster Cult while titling this entry but the lyric is at least appropriate.  It has been a little over a full month since last I visited my cyber home here at WordPress, but to be honest there really hasn’t been a whole lot to go into.

Audio products also coming soon.
Audio products also coming soon.

In recent weeks I have to admit my life has been rather stagnant.  Nothing really has been changed and the day-to-day conflict I found myself opposing has essentially been just a struggle to maintain the status quo.

I’m still in planning so many projects, they are still upcoming and yet still no true progress has been made to realize them.

Of course there is more to life than future ambitions, so when I say my life has been stagnant I mean everything else as well.  My relationship is still pretty damn solid, I still look at myself as being at the pinnacle of happiness that any man can attain when it comes to companionship.

I have never been this happy with the thought of spending the rest of my life with another person as I have been these past 8+ months.

I’m working graveyard/overnight shifts at the McDonald’s just up the road from my apartment, still hating my job but at least it’s a hatred that doesn’t spoil and taint the rest of my life (like a previous employer did).  It’s still a struggle to find motivation to go to work but in the end I go, I get it done, I get paid.  I’m content for now.

I say this title is appropriate because the other day it dawned on me that there has not been a new season in a long time.  I don’t think many of you are new to my idea about how life is made up of various seasons, (as TV programming works).

I put in my notice with my previous employer, quit there, and the future started looking a little uncertain.  I look back on that day about 4 months ago now and realize that it was a seasons finale.  In this show we see our protagonist quitting his job and there were endless possibilities.. it’s a cliffhanger.  It’s a finale intending on getting the viewer to come back, of course it seems there is a great deal of time elapsing through this off season.

At this rate the viewer will come back to the season premiere to find out that this bold new opportunity where anything can happen, has resulted with out protagonist being only slightly less jaded, flipping burgers overnight.  It’s a very disappointing continuation to the finale, of course that all depends on what really is going on when this premiere actually occur.

Potentially it already has.. and this is it.

My computer crashes, the good old reliable Quad Core HP Pavilion that got me through the last 6-7 years of computer needs, just about every significant computer-related activity I have done in the last half-decade was on this machine, and now it is finally laid to rest… I’ve re-entered the world of portable computing, with my new laptop.

into_the_future_by_the__kyza-d3cwim3In fact right now I am on break at work, and spending it to write this entry.  The thought of being able to type anywhere I go is something that I’ve always envied in my friends with laptops, and now my tech-life has come full circle. It was the absolute failure of my previous laptop (while in warranty) that got my that PC in the first place, (staples bought out the warranty and allowed me 1200 dollars to go towards buying a new machine… at the time I was not really moving around a whole lot so I decided to just go all out on a PC.)

The Janus tale has already been given its first deadline.  I have conceded that without a deadline I will never truly start it.  So, by month end I plan on circulating the first few chapters of this story to a select number of individuals for creative and structural improvements and critiques.

This isn’t an official deadline, but by Christmas the whole thing should be together and hopefully, potentially up for sale.

Anyway, this is just an update, it’s time to get back to work.

I know my little net-troll colleague is looking at this and salivating at the mistakes in punctuation and grammar, to that I say I really don’t care heh, this whole post has just been written with no pre-thought, nor do I plan to re-read and fix these errors.

You’ll all be hearing from me again very soon.



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