On The Cusp

Without question this feeling is the strangest that has ever come over me.  The last week especially has become a little overwhelming.  It is unnerving, yet not anxiety… it’s frustrating, yet exciting…  This is very difficult to articulate with written words.

On_the_Edge_by_petitescargotI’m balancing on an edge not sure of where I will end when I finally stumble.  The most appropriate description of this emotion is that of nearing a climax.

You’re reading a gripping masterpiece, nearing the end.  Everything is beginning to come together, the build up is at its absolute peak and you burn through page after page as the tension grows until you find that sweet release when you reach the point where the loose ends get tied and  the story reaches its climax.

… I just realized how dirty this metaphor can be interpreted…. well even if you’re mind traveled beyond the realm of PG-13, even in THAT context you still understand what I”m talking about.

I’ve been bitten by a bug that yearns for the day that I open up Microsoft Word, hell even a WordPress page, and begin writing the narrative I’ve been planning to write.  The problem is I can’t get release.  The more I try to get myself to start writing the tale that keeps playing out in my head, the more I fail.

Tonight just happens to the first night I’ve been able to recognize this sensation that has come over me.  I need to bring Janus to life.  I have a cast of characters, I have my world, I just need the tale.

I just finished watching an interview with RA Salvatore.  He spoke of his writing methods and I realize that his method is similar to Martin, my own.

“The way I write all my books is I introduce these characters and I know enough about them that I might be interested in them and then I sit back and let them tell me the story.  

When I’m writing a book it’s almost the way other people read a book.  I don’t really know whats happen or what’s going to happen next but it all seems to keep falling together as they tell me their story” RA Salvatore on Sword & Laser 

As I’ve said. I have my characters (mostly) and I have my world.  I feel like a vehicle that continues to get just a little bit of fuel at a time.

When it comes to Janus, after listening to George RR Martin I started getting moved towards writing, and I did.  There are a number of characters that have been introduced to my world since… and now Salvatore has done the same except this time I feel as though the tank is full.

My fingers actually tingle as they interact with the keyboard, they cannot wait to ive into bringing Janus to life.

Salvatore made a lot of sense especially when talking about writing in general and the advice he offered for young writers.

“If you can quit. Quit.  If you can’t quit, you’re a writer.  I say that because if you’re a writer it means that one of the ways that you make your way through life is by asking yourself questions and answering them in your stories.  This is true of every writer some are very aware of it others aren’t.  

It’s almost like your way of making sense of the world.   When you look at it that way, if you’re a writer then there is no way you can not do that and be happy.  But if you can quit, if it’s not that important to you and you can quit writing and it’s more about wanting to make money, forture, and fame, then quit.  This business will kill you” RA Salvatore on Sword & Laser


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