NoTears Back In Production!

“He may get the blood, but I will get the glory” – Freddy Krueger 

So as a lot of you know October I came forward with an idea to launch a horror-based website.  It would be home to a podcast called “One Good Scare”, an as-of-yet untitled review show, and just ramblings and writings on horror-related topics, not to mention it’ll be another medium to help bring the world of Janus to life.

To be completely honest the website in its infancy has yet to really define what makes it stand out from other horror sites online.  At this point, I would be ecstatic just with a decent product that can find a home in the horror community online.

There’s so much work left to do before it’s ready to go live, and time itself is a commodity that I find myself in a very large demand with a very modest supply.  Can’t wait to get this underway.

… okay as I was writing this I just got an idea regarding the site, gotta go folks..



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