The World Is A Changing

I am a writer.

I dove into the inner most reaches of my mind searching every crevasse and recess for another way to articulate who I am.  A tapestry of elegant words began to make their way to my finger tips as I write this… but no matter what I did they all fell short.

Nothing can describe me better than those four little words.

I am a writer.

Old_fashioned_way_of_blogging_by_GermanizaI play guitar and sing, in fact I’ve done that for nearly two years for cash.  Technically that would make me a professional musician…
but I am not a musician.

I enjoy playing Dungeons & Dragons, and enjoy 90% of geek culture.  I even technically belong to a gaming group that meets for “geek outs”
but I am not a nerd.

I’ve been working in a call center for 5 years worth of experience.  I have technically worked in almost half a dozen different companies doing this type of work.
but I am not a Call Center Representative.

I’m a writer.  It is something that has always been in my blood, and it is always the place I turn to whenever things get too much to bear.    Writing is my safe haven, my escape from everything.  It can be a short story about some far away land, or a gritty tale about demonic creatures terrorizing innocent mortals, or even something as simple as just writing a point by point blog entry about whatever is on my mind.

I’ve talked about the self-publishing route, about creating my own world and writing fiction to populate it with intriguing characters and stories.  Where the relationships are so intricate that it feels not like a piece of fiction, but a legitimate community brought to life with the power of narrative.

I am not perfect by any stretch of the imagination.  My grammar and punctuation is absolutely atrocious, especially considering I went to school for journalism where we had a specific course design to explain these fundamental tools of the writing profession, and I don’t necessarily believe I will be able to bring anything new to the table that hasn’t already been done.

but… I’m a writer.

This is what I do.

At the end of the day if I can write one thing, and have it read by one person, who can tell me they could relate to it any some way… I am more than content and believe that to be the true measure of success for anyone that picks up a pen.

Why am I saying this?

Well, I find myself in a bit of trouble.  Financial.

I see the face palms already, a no-name, non-reputed writer is talking about financial trouble… good god.

I’ve toyed with this idea of self-publishing stories and trying to get a name for it.  I find myself now in a position where the only true commodity that I have in abundance is time.  There are very few leisure activities that I can partake that does require the expenditure of the almighty dollar.

I have no delusion that I’ll make millions of dollars selling top caliber fiction.. but If I can produce something small that can help toss a few dollars my way in my road to financial recovery, why not?

I’m well open to suggestions and ideas if anyone would like to lend a hand it would be much appreciated.  Whether it is advice on how to get word out about it, tips structure or even just ideas that you would like to see in a story that I may be able to flush out.

The World Is Broken is in for an overhaul.  I have so many different projects going right now that this is going to become a multi-blog website, to cover them all.  Meanwhile this will still remain the primary cyber-home for ShallopNewf on the world wide web.

Stay tuned folks, The World is still broken but things are a-changing.


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