– Intoxicating Stage Lights –

It’s a little funny when I take a moment to reflect on how I got here.  My musical influences growing up shouldn’t technically extent past Green Day’s Dookie album, and the complete discography of Weird Al Yankovic and yet I am about to proclaim my love of performing.

Guitar_2Don’t get me wrong I’m completely over simplifying my musical roots, but considering I come from an environment where just about everyone in my social landscape has a passion for music or at least pretentious enough to fake one.  I never really considered myself to be one of them, I am just a guy whole learned to play guitar in lieu of actually developing the social prowess to talk to girls.  I sat on a chair and get paid $75 dollars and a couple of free drinks to play cheesy one hit wonders and sappy ballads for the good folks at Clancy’s Pub.  I was simply the noise you hear between the genuine musicians… nothing more, nothing less.

It’s coming on exactly 12 months since I made the move to  capital and I actually have played a couple of open mics for a laugh.  I even managed to snag another bar tab at O’Reilly’s in my first outing down there.  It never really hit me in any real significant way though… not like it used to.

Recent months led me to believe that the guitar and music phase of my life had finally ripen and expired.  I didn’t think I could enjoy it again, evidently this is an assumption that was far from truth.  Enter Rob Roy and a name from my past, Mr. Stephen Green.

Accompanied with the lady friend last week I ventured down to see what this was all about.  It was a poorly lit bar with an estimate of 20 people in the bar (if I’m being incredibly generous and including bar staff).  This does not sound like the establishment that would rekindle anyone’s motivation for anything.. but it was exhilarating.  Being new in the unfamiliar setting made my heart rate triple as I ran through ideas in my head of what I was going to play.  I didn’t even make it into the top 3 on the night, but it was great.

I don’t think I’ll ever be comfortable with calling myself a musician, especially after being in the company of so many people who specifically came through town with the sole purpose of being educated on how to make their living with music.  These people have legit passion.. I’m just an overweight, timid kid who learned to play guitar because he didn’t know how to talk to girls.

Back to Rob Roy tonight, let’s see if I can at least shoot for top three tonight.
Sorry for being so long between post, I will keep ya’ll posted.


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