Horror In The Post-Season!

So the Halloween spirit is officially out of season and now that Remembrance Day (or whatever holiday you celebrated to remember the fallen troops of years gone by) it’s now completely socially acceptable to begin your arrangements for the Christmas season.  From this point on it’s going to become decreasingly acceptable to proclaim the love of the horror genre.  It’s the off-season… the ghouls return to their lairs awaiting 2013 when they can once again emerge and terrify the public at large.

In spite of the fact that the season has come to an end and the Christmas season is rapidly approaching I still sit here on the edge of my computer chair excited for what is to come.  The NoTearsPlease.com project hasn’t been updated since the viewing of Silent Hill, but that does not mean that it’s falling stagnate.  I’m going to post a review within a week just to have some new content, but the part that I’m really anxious for is “One Good Scare” the podcast, and the video review series that I’ve been preparing.

I know The World Is Broken has not been updated lately as well, I’ve been completely bogged down with getting these project off the ground.. but needless to say my excitement is reaching a boil.  As soon as the video review character and set is finished there’s going to be some video uploads, and I’m estimating within two weeks you can look forward to seeing… well hearing… the first episode of  “One Good Scare”  Featuring ShallopNewf and ThatDamnedBesaw.

I figure I’d just stop in here to let you all know I’m still around, still kicking.. and there’s going to be lots to look forward to in the coming weeks.. ESPECIALLY if you share my love of horror…


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