Tuning up the band. The return of the Puppet Master! – T-Minus 6

To begin I need to express my absolute crookedness at the moment, the new work schedule is released and revealed that I will be working till 130am on Halloween night. I haven’t had to work a Halloween night in … ever actually. I’m beyond rotted, but have no right to complain to anyone here because I took for granted that I would be off early that I didn’t bother asking to be free that night.

… *Insert lots of yelling and profanity here* …
Okay. Give me a moment to compose myself, I’ll be with you shortly…

Ahhhhh Yes.  I feel so much better now.  Mr. Band, you do good work. I love this series!!!

You hear it all the time when people talk about the great franchises you will find when you look into the horror genre, you hear of Jason Voorhees, Michael Myers, Fred Kruger, Regan MacNeil, and so on.    If you dig into the cult classics you even become familiar with Ash Williams and even personalities like the mistress of the dark, Elvira.

A truly underrated and under-appreciated franchise that seems to be passed over quite frequently by all but only the most avid of horror fans is the Puppet Master series.  The gang is all there, Blade, Pinhead, Tunneler, Six Shooter… the list goes on.  If you were to ask me what is my favorite horror movie of all time, I hope you had a couple of days to spare while I dive into the genre in an attempt to answer that question… if you ask me what my favorite franchise is, the answer is clear.  Puppet Master.

Puppet Master is the baby of a legend in the horror franchise, Charles Band.  Never heard of him?  Well he’s got a near endless amount of movies to his credit.  You won’t find a multi-million dollar blockbuster on his resume but the man started making films at the age of 22, and he’s still at it.  In fact the inspiration for this post is the release of the 10th Puppet Master movie.  If that alone was enough to get me absolutely pumped, this movie is called Axis Rising meaning that it is a return to Nazis!

Blade & Pinhead – Two of the most well-known puppets

…  Upon news of this I have decided the retrospective I had planed to record for the Paranormal Activity saga must be placed on hold because the Puppet Master series is the one dear to my heart and there’s so much to talk about.  Seriously, if I didn’t have restraint in this post, it would go on for hours.

For the sake of this post I’m going to just give a brief over view of the story, but if you are a fan of horror or just want something creepy to watch for Halloween then watch these movies.  The first and second part are more like your classic horror films, part 3-5 they seem to hit their stride of realizing that although the puppets were capable killers and should be feared and respected… they were also VERY likable and developed their own fan base.  The third movie takes place in the second world war where we see the origins of the puppets as they take vengeance on the Nazi’s for the murder of their creators wife.  The 4th and 5th shows the emergence of a new puppet master, and the puppets are displayed in a more positive light defending their puppet master from the antagonist of the movie.  Some people say this is where the series got a little too over the to… I’m getting way ahead of myself.


The story of Puppet Master is the story of Andre Toulon.  Toulon was a puppeteer during the second World War, his specialty was providing incredible puppet shows and miraculously there did not appear to be any strings on his puppets.  Only Toulon ever knew the secret of his act, and it was a secret that he took to the grave.  (You find all this out in great detail in the third movie, which is a prequel showing Toulon in the 40’s)

The discovery of the puppets and the secret behind animating them is the blood line of the series.  In the first movie there’s a very malevolent Puppet Master therefore the puppets are merciless killers, in later installments with a new Puppet Master you see the change in their demeanor.

SixShooter – Another Fan Favorite Puppet

Come to think of it, I think I saw the 4th & 5th movies were the ones I seen before the original because the puppets were never scary to me.  They were systematically killing people off in the first movie, but I always saw them as friendly.  It’s strange how perspective can shape a film.

This is by far my favorite series of any horror franchise but regrettably I have not seen the later installments of the series.  The 5th was intended on being the end of the series and has a pretty good ending to a series, but this is an issue I’m going to remedy very soon.  Puppet Master marathon anyone?

The effects on the original movies especially haven’t aged all the best but they were amazing for its time.  Mr. Band definitely had a masterpiece with The Puppet Master, and the cast of characters (The puppets) is so diverse and creative that it’s hard not to be drawn into the series.

I’m absolutely stoked for tonight now to catch up on some  Puppet Master.

… This post was actually supposed to be about Charles Band more so than Puppet Master, but I am just way beyond excited about this new movie.

Well at least I now have my idea for tomorrow.  Charles Band and more specifically Full Moon Entertainment.  Providing some of the best practical effected horror movies in the genre.

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