Giving Props to Oren Peli – T-Minus 13 Days Left!

To begin, there is no birthday hangover!  I just wanted to get that out there.  All I did last night was have a few drinks with a small number of my closest friends and swapped stories about the old days, it was nostalgic, it was chill, it was… a Happy Birthday.

This title should say, “Giving Props To Oren Peli… Despite The Tragedy Of A Movie Named Chernobyl Diaries.” But I refuse to give that flick Title Privledge on anymore than one of my entries and I already spoke my mind on that one. Click Here To Read

Putting that behind us, It’s time to break into the Halloween Season and start living life a little darker.  I want to start by talking about a series that horror fans seem to either love or hate, Paranormal Activity.

It would be a lie to sit here and tell you that I was singing the praises of this film when the first one hit theatres, in fact I was so underwhelmed by the trailers that I’m pretty sure the trailer for Paranormal Activity 2 was being aired before I got around to seeing the first one.  I do not hold these movies in a very high regard.

The acting in the first movie was near unforgivable and I probably would rate it equivalent to a big-budget college film.  The relationship between the two protagonists was so artificial and unrealistic that it made it very difficult to be immersed into the world.  In my old age I’ve decided to give the series another chance and although I will still hold it to be flawed at best I need to give credit where credit is due.

Oren Peli consistently improves on his techniques, feeling out what works and what doesn’t and although I think this has led the to stray a bit from the near perfect pacing in the first film I really think this franchise represents the first real significant strive to do some things new with the genre.

Tonight is the opening of Paranormal Activity 4, it’s a movie I will end up seeing more than once if I end up seeing it tonight.  I look towards this fourth installment with a great deal of anticipation.  With each movie the series seems to be getting better, and what’s more important is they offer up more, and even fresh ideas.

The first film was a straight forward found-footage-ish type haunting story.  The scares were subtle yet creepy, until the final act where the proverbial feces hit the fan.  It was great because the build up felt continuous and they tried to never keep you bored for too long before doing something to catch your eye.  It was well done.  I maintain my gripes with the acting quality but hey, it wasn’t too bad. Considering the budget they had to work with its a damn fine flick.

The second one told a seemingly independent story that had ties to the original couple, it gave the series introduction to the static cams set up through the home.  It’s not necessarily a revolutionary idea for the genre but  it was a great idea for the series allowing a plot device to show things that the characters normally wouldn’t have the opportunity to catch on film.  The scares were bigger and the pacing was amplified, the ending that tied the events of that movie with the first movie was done quite well and was good fan service to the people who adored the original.

When I heard about the third film I was feeling so-so about it, until I found out it was a prequel.  The thought of seeing some of the events that led to the first two films.  I was curious how they were going to do it, and was pleasantly surprised by the VHS recordings.  The movie didn’t really “conclude the trilogy” like a lot of people expected, if anything the audience left the theatre with even more questions.  But, the reason why I hail this movie as adding something new to the series was the fan-cam.

I think this idea in its simplicity had so much potential for really well thought out scares.

The series is not really the flagship of the genre or anything but I cannot deny that giving it another chance it gives me hope for the future.
They got the prequel out of the way and have decided to finally advance the story future with their fourth outing, the back story has been given in sufficient detail, with the story of a new family living across the street from the characters we know so well this movie I think has the ability to make or break the series as it enters the new leg of its story

I think for No Tears Please I’m going to end up doing a retrospective on the series, at least the first three movies.  There’s an idea!

BTW: Did I mention my new mic came in yesterday? I’m beyond pumped to give that a go.

Soooo Pumped

Also did I mentioned how pumped I am for the next few weeks? There’s a few movies debuting that I plan on seeing to review for

With the mic, we’ll be able to get the podcast up and on the go soon enough.

I actually have some costume gear en route to my place, so I’ll most likely be dressing up for Halloween this year for the first time in ages.

Not to mention that there is already plans for a Nightmare On Elm Street marathon, and a separate night for all Halloween specials.

Tomorrow, I am going to give a history of and briefly look into the terror that is “Slenderman!”