Another Year Older, Two weeks till Halloween!

I truly love how strategically placed my birthday is on the calender.  I was brought into this world exactly two weeks before Halloween.  Years ago there were 12 days of Christmas, well for my life Halloween has always been a 14 day event kicking off today.

Did I mention I Love Halloween?? – Razoolies, Stephenville, 2010

As I wrote last week my plan for this season is to get a Halloween related entry up each day, counting down to the big day itself.  Here’s where I begin.

The season starts with a bang.. a bang on my door actually.  My landlord came downstairs to tell me that a package had arrived for me, god bless the people of TigerDirect for giving me my first official birthday present (even if I bought it myself).  A brand new Yeti Blue USB mic.  Do you understand what this means?  No?  It means that after taking this week to get comfortable with the device and its operation, “One Good Scare” can probably go live as early as this time next week. One Good Scare?  Well that’s a podcast for NoTearsPlease. Wait, What’s NoTearsPlease?

Welllll… is the location of the new horror site that I put up about a couple of weeks ago but after Halloween I plan to dive right in with the content, this content is going to include a podcast with my buddy That Damned Besaw (who is not actually in town yet so his side will be recorded through skype or however we do it… the point is I’m pumped.)

I just tested this mic out and it’s amazing…

Wait.. this is supposed to be Halloween related..  well the site IS a horror site and the content there is generally Halloween-ish.  And to be fair I AM listening to Pet Cemetary by The Ramones while I write this so there’s Halloween and horror all over the place.

So I actually got a considerable amount of feedback about my last post about a number of you that are a bit excited about the upcoming posts.  So since this is a birthday post and the kick off to the two week Halloween season I leave the ball in your court to give suggestions of things you’d like to see.  Whether it be literature, film, horror, spooky, superstition… anything that ties in with the genre.

This particular entry maybe a little light, between cleaning the apartment and tinkering with my new toy (which means there will probably be audio updates on here to come as well soon), I’m essentially just writing here to welcome you all to the madness!

If you aren’t in the Halloween Spirit, it’s about time you start.  This is the best time of the year, the one season where it is socially acceptable to pretty much be whatever and whoever you want.  So live it up.

See Ya’ll Tomorrow 😉 Just keep it down please… Birthday Hangovers are usually the worst!

Day One of Age 27… T-Minus 14 till Halloween