This is Halloween!

As a child there was one magical time of the year that it felt that the whole world was trying to live in harmony with each other.  Of course as a child my views were slightly small scale since this magical time of the year was Christmas and I didn’t realize that more than half the world doesn’t even celebrate it.

Christmas was the greatest, the decorating, the good will towards fellow man, the PRESENTS!!!! … *ahem*  Sorry. *adjusts tie*

As I grew older I began to become far less interested in the gifts I would receive the jolly old fat man, and I began to feel the spirit of the season.  There is something about Christmas talk and atmosphere that just advocates good, friendly feelings towards thy neighbor.  This again may sound a bit absurd because I started developing this appreciation around the same time I outed myself as an Atheist.

I don’t need to believe that the reason for the time of year of the birth of the lord savior to appreciate the time of year is just an enchanting time and if it didn’t require a lot of effort to let yourself get swept up in the moment and feel this joy.

Of course, I’m talking about more than 15 years ago when I talk about the ease of being swept up in the season.  Present day society seems to enjoy bitching about “the commercialization of the seasons” and argue about how “Merry Christmas” is an exclusionary, offensive term to some “not of the faith”… It really gets difficult to try to look past all the gripes and whining to see that it is still a great time to decorate your home (or in my case these days an apartment) and spent some quality time with the people who mean the most in your life.

… This post is slowly going into a Christmas spirit talk so I need to stop that right now.  This entry is about a more seasonally appropriate subject matter, for you see as the popularity of “Christmas is too commercial” began to rise I noticed that there also has been a significant increase in the Halloween love.  As a child Halloween was one of my favorite times of the year, and I have lots of friends that would say the same, or course for the most part we all knew that if we had the choice between it being October 31st, or December 25th… we’d go with seasons tidings.

Halloween was always a popular time in my group of friends, but in the last 10-15 years. I’ve noticed a rapid increase within my own social circle of people who really absolutely adore Halloween.  The scope of this may very well be just small since I am basing it on my own experience however I am willing to place a bet that there have been a significant increase in Halloween related spending in the past and not just due to inflation.

There’s bound to be more Halloween related posts to follow.  It IS October which is essentially Halloween season, and I am in the works of getting my website off the ground celebrating all things horror… we all know World Is Broken is where I put the excretion from my mental diarrhea online.

You know what, for The World Is Broken I’m going to try a little assignment.  My birthday is the 17th of October. I’m not only going to try to have a post for each day between my Birthday and Halloween, but I will try to keep within the Halloween theme.

It’s at times like this I wish I kept my old web space for, there was an awesome Halloween theme that I would’ve used for this, I wonder if WordPress has some good free Halloween based themes.  I’m gonna have to check it out.

Anyway, I’ll be talking to you guys real soon.

Sinister Movie Review!

Just finished seeing Sinister, TWICE.  No It was not THAT good, I was supposed to see another movie with a friend, then see Sinister’s late showing.  So I bought my ticket to Sinister, but then we went to buy the tickets for the other movie (I refuse to name) it was already sold out.

This friend then suggested seeing Sinister, and I didn’t want to tell her I already had my ticket. So I saw it twice, back to back.

I’m a little glad I did my expectations blinded me in the first viewing, and after looking at the second one with a more critical eye I was able to completely change the review I had written in my head.  Anyway, I posted it over on  So check it out.



I goofed…  I did the one thing I tell every horror fan never to do.  I broke my own golden rule.

NEVER walk into a theater with any level of high expectations

It may be a harsh realization but as much as I live and breathe for this genre, expectations are the worst enemy to an enjoyable experience because there is very few films that can live up them. Is Sinister an exception?  Am I able to look past what may be a geyser of disappointment?
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