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Writer’s block has been a cruel nemesis to my progression on this website in recent weeks.  I haven’t been able to put much new up here recently and I hope to change that soon.  There are so many new things going on in my life right now that I’m sure is going to inspire some new entries.

I’m back to going to the Gym…  I’m back in the poker scene… I’m in the midst of jamming with a colleague from work and has been asked if I was interested in performing a weekly show at a club downtown (so I of course bought a new electric guitar for the occasion)…  My romantic life…  well I’m not one to hold back on a post, but let’s just say this is a topic I’d prefer to keep offline for now.

Anyway this post is about the other ambitious project that I’ve decided to dive into.  It goes back to my earlier entry about Self-Publishing.  I longed to create a world and characters and begin to write stories that takes place in that world.  I’ve written fiction in the pass that has received some fairly high praise and I feel like I would be okay at it.  So the real work began.

In the midst of creating this new world, I realized a lot of my initial work has already been completed.  For a game of World of Darkness I created a shadow of St. John’s, Newfoundland and placed it in the world under the name of Janus.

Other than the the geographical position and a few locations that the cities share Janus is it’s own separate entity, in a world where St. John’s never existed.


So it begins.  I’ve taken all that I’ve already established about Janus and have begun to expand on it.  This city is going to be my Wonderland… my Thieves World… my (lesser-man’s version of) Middle-Earth.  I’m creating a city, with it’s own system, it’s own residents and businesses.. essentially it’s own life.

It played host to a three-session game of World of Darkness already… but in this I made a fatal flaw.  I over-reached.  There were lots wrong and right with these sessions (and they may even eventually be put online).  But one thing I will openly admit is that I think the biggest failure to that game was that I tried to have too large of a scope for my game, especially considering that I am basically a first time story teller.


Through writing this I only now realize that I have readers that may or may not have experience with this game so they may be getting lost by some of what I’m talking about.  So here’s the coles notes summary of what World Of Darkness is.

Picture Dungeons & Dragons if it took place in the real world and instead of Magic and dragons there were supernatural beasts like Vampires and Werewolves.  The game is played mostly in the imagination, as a player you get your sheet that has your character.  All of their abilities, physical traits, fears, hopes, and dreams are all put on paper and this is YOUR character.  One play runs the game called a “Storyteller” in D&D terms this is the “GM/DM”.  

The storyteller is the one who describes to the players what is happening and governs the world the characters are living in.  It is up to him/her to throw monsters at the characters, reveal or not reveal key items they may need, etc etc.  It’s a little over simplified but that’s the jist of the game.  Some people argue about whether something should be character-driven .. story-driven.. little munchkin-driven, I really don’t care about getting into the debates.  It’s a game where a group of friends hang out, have fun and go on a make believe adventure.

Now back to the post

I’m going to be enlisting the assistance of a particular sidekick to help me populate my city.  To bounce ideas off, and to get a fresh perspective since we both think very different about a great deal of things.  So I’m actually getting pretty excited about what I believe to be the completion of Janus in its first incarnation.

It’s going to evolve and grow beyond I know for a fact… but just to have a place to call my own where my stories can have a home already feels great.  I’ve got a couple of stories in mind that were possibly going to be chronicles of World Of Darkness, but I think I’m just going to make them stories of the city.

In other news, the actual game of World Of Darkness is about to undergo a reboot.  I’m having a session Wednesday (even if it means I can’t make my card game).  This session is going to be built on a pre-made chronicle that was written by the designers of the game.  So the fact that it’s in Janus may or may not even be relevant… but the fact is let’s say I use a haunted building… all of a sudden that building is in Janus.. whatever lore and background associated with it comes along too.

Slowly through these games pieces like this will be added to the city.  So not only am I going to be writing and going to experience that kind of natural evolution that a writer experiences with a character or setting that he uses over time… but it’ll naturally be evolving through the help of other people playing a game.. their characters and adventures will help shape the landscape of this city.

There’s so much new in my life right now, I am stoked.  There should be much more activity here on The World is Broken.

After spending a lot of time following the Spoony Experiement, I really like what he’s doing with his Counter Monkey off-shoot.  So I figured World is Broken is my internet outlet for the insanity that goes through my mind, I might as well include the madness of my pastimes.  So Janus has it’s own separate online home.

If you’re curious at all about Janus or the games about to take place/stories take place in the city… then you can check out

The City of Janus Which is where I house information that the players use.. having real updates on the news of the city.  It hasn’t been updated too much lately since there hasn’t been a game in a while.  But as new aspects get added to the city they will be here.

The Janus Chronicles – This is where you’ll be able to read or listen to the stories that have been happenin in this city.  Like I said, the first few sessions have been recorded but I am unsure if they’ll ever make it online.  Time will tell.

What y’all think?


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