Leave Me Your Stardust To Remember You By

Everything feels so different now, the seasons are changing.  I’ve spent most of my time at the gym lately, it has become a hobby that I find quite satisfying.  Life is starting to change and everything is starting to sort itself out for the better.  It’s difficult though, to look back on times gone past and not wonder how things would be today if it were possible to change the past.

As good as things are now, I honestly am not even jarred by the bit of trolling I’ve experienced on a post I wrote early last year, it seems like as the days go on I wonder a lot about the what if’s in my life.

There is one of you that will get the reference in the title.

Things I could’ve done differently, people I shouldn’t have let drift away so easily echo throughout the hallows of my mind.

There are changes, and new observations I want to discuss, but that is for another time.  This is merely a temporary mental dump. Needed to get these scattered thoughts out of my head in order to sleep.  So I’ll be back later on.. for now It’s nearly 8am and I got to try and get some sleep.



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