– By All Means Paint! Curse You Writer’s Block! –

“If you hear a voice within you say, ‘You cannot paint,’ then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced.” — Vincent van Gogh

It feels like the most common topic for me these days.  Writer’s Block has plagued me for far too long.

I’ve powered through it with the last few entries but now I face an bigger problem.  A very strange occurrence, I feel completely inspired to write and yet this block is such a daunting force that I am unable to do so.

I have come to a conclusion that what I want to do.. what I’ve always wanted to do… is to create a world and characters that I can write about.

Tolkien had his Middle Earth… Martin has his Westeros… even John Hughes had his Shermer, Illinois…

I am in no way comparing myself to these men in actual writing ability, but I want my own world that I can write about… one that will grow and develop natural throughout the course of my writing.

With a knowledge of characters and setting it one can let a story evolve naturally.

The idea that the characters you create can dictate the events and pacing of a story to the point where the author himself does not truly know how they will get from the beginning to the end.. or even what the end will truly be.

This spark started with that interview with George R.R Martin on Sword & Laser, where he commented on the stubbornness of Lady Stark and how she likes to go off on her own at times.

When I used to do fantasy wrestling and had to write up extensive roleplaying segments I found I had a very similar relationship with my character and the side characters that I was using at the time.  A lot of times I didn’t even know where a roleplay was going until half way through writing it.

I know this is a writing style that I am comfortable with, it has worked well for me in the past (I won a lot of my matches due to the strength of my roleplaying)..

But I just can’t get my mind to agree on an idea.  Every time I get an idea and put it down I begin to dislike it.  It will not be possible to achieve this kind of harmony with the world & characters unless I find the right setting.

I have to watch Finding Forrester again… as I recall that movie has a lot of good one liners when it comes to overcoming writers block… and for writing in general.

“You write your first draft with your heart and you re-write with your head. The first key to writing is to write, not to think.” — Sean Connery

Anyway, I’m hoping to have something significant started soon.  I’m finding inspiration in almost everywhere I look, there are so many ideas shooting around my head that it’s getting very difficult to get them out and in text form.

I need to decide on the kind of world I’m trying to create.  The process of creating Janus for our World Of Darkness campaign was so natural and flowing… I need to find my next Janus, because I don’t think it’s the city that I want to write about for this project

Gahh… *Punches self in face*

I really don’t think I’ve encountered a feeling more frustrating than writer’s block.

“The wastebasket is a writer’s best friend.” — Isaac Bashevis Singer

You said a mouthful there Isaac… if there was actual paper for all the trashed ideas I’ve written in the past two days I think it would register as an ecological incident. *le sigh*