– Summer Is Finally Here! –

The temperature is rising, and days just begin to feel more full and lively.  Coming to work today at 12pm driving down Newfoundland Dr, I finally felt the joy of summer.  It absolutely broke my heart to be inside all day while it’s a beautiful day out there, but I now look forward to a weekend off and the hi-jinx to come.

I can’t help but let my mind wander every which way.  Thoughts go through my mind like “People seem to not be able to live without their cell phones, and yet camping in areas without service or even just being out downtown and your cell goes dead provides such a freedom that can be intoxicating in and of itself”

This summer is all about the outdoors.  So much of my young adult life was spent locked away within the confines of my place of residence.

The fire ban has been lifted here in St. John’s so my plan is to kick off this summer with a beach fire tomorrow night.  The aim is that his summer is going to dwarf that of “The Golden Age” and the Epic Summer of ICT back in the day.

Anyone up for giving me a hand with this goal?  Any ideas for Summer Adventures, Let me hear em.