– Doing What I Can With What I Got:Self Publishing –

It never ceases to amaze me how many people actually check this website out.  The fact that I’m one post away from my 150th and this site has nearly 16,000 views in total floors me.

Aside from this I’ve noticed that recently more of of my posts are being liked and I am being followed by more and more people… interesting people.  The person I would like to refer to in particular is Christian Mihai.

If someone goes through the trouble of following my site the very least I’m going to do is check them out to see if I can return the favor if I like what I see.  Christian, it would appear,  came around at a very opportune time.

Just after mentioning this new project I have in mind, starting to contemplate doing some real writing.  I never thought of the possibility of selling it or making money from because I understand it is very difficult to be a published writer.

I was wrong, Christian’s blog reminded me of an aspect of today’s world that had slipped my mind… Self-Publishing.

Without question this is something that I’m going to be doing my homework on.  The possibility of selling my work online is absolutely intoxicating.  Although I know it isn’t going to be any kind of get rich quick method, but it certainly is a good place to start.

Christian’s blog had a post about it, it was the second newest one at the time I checked out his blog.  It is definitely an avenue that grabbed my interest.

I was thinking last night about how my writing skills seem to be the only real consistent ambition that has stuck with me for my entire life.  I cannot fathom a time period where I didn’t enjoy writing.

This project has become much more ambitious.

Step One – Write my Story
Step Two – Get the word out
Step Three – See if this Self-Publishing is as powerful as I know it is.

The possibility of legitimately making money is wonderful, but to be completely honest I’m more excited about the concept of putting the time and effort into this to be successful, and I think that is the true indication of finding a true calling.

Anyone can take a job for the payout, but when the long winding road to success appears to be littered with obstacles and you STILL get pumped about the journey… you know you’re onto something .


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