I’m Their Biggest Fan!… No You’re Not.

12 Stones are absolutely incredible, I defy any of you to find a bigger fan of them than I.  Let the earth open up and swallow us whole and the heavens burst with the thunderous roar of all the ancient deities if I am ever proved wrong on this…

Wait. what?  Um, No I don’t really know any of the members names other than Paul McCoy being the lead singer?

Uh, Where are they from? Well I know they’re American.

Newest Album?  That’s easy, Anthem For the Underdog is their newest album.  I like it better than Potter’s Field but not as much as their original self titled albu… what? Their new album is actually out now?


*Pauses for the Rapture described in the earlier statement*

Alright I’ll be the first to admit that this is probably a little more dramatic than I need to be with this entry but this is something that has come up a number of times lately with more than one person in my life so it needed to be said.

Essentially this is going to be a discussion on the term Fan.

The first disclaimer I want to say is that I’m using this is in a very specific context.  In the terms of someone claiming that they are the “biggest fan” of someone or something.

The term Fan these days is defined as
“A person who has a strong interest in or admiration for a particular sport, art or entertainment form, or famous person.”  So I’m not saying you need to know every little detail about something in order to fall yourself a fan.  Simply liking it will suffice in todays world.

However the word originally was short for Fanatic.  If you tell me that you are the biggest fan of something you better be able to back up a statement like that.

Before I get the eye-rolling just hear me out.

I can appreciate that you don’t need to be completely knowledgeable about something to be absolutely crazy for it.  I really like 12 Stones, I would rank them as definitely one of my all time favorite bands that I have  grown up listening to.

Ever since I found out that the male voice in “Bring Me To Life” by Evanescence was not the band co-founder Ben Moody, but was in reality Paul McCoy from this unknown band “12 Stones” I’ve been hooked.

I’ve downloaded all of their albums and purchased as much merchandise as I could find (albums included).  I am a fan of 12 Stones, and I love their music.  I can listen to any of their songs on repeat for hours and never tire of it.

Am I their biggest fan?  I’d have to say No.  You see there is a defining difference between liking something a whole lot and being a huge fan of it.  I would never consider myself to be a huge fan of something unless I knew more about it than most.

I know Paul McCoy is the front man, I can sing along to almost every song and I can name off every album(save for the new one) and every song on it, but as far as when it comes to the band itself I know not a lot about their history, their current tour schedule, and to be honest I don’t know anything about how they got started or any fact really that isn’t directly on their album.

This is not huge fan behavior. Now let’s look at the alternative.  WWF/WWE in the mid 90’s to the mid 2000’s.  Throughout this decade I was a die hard WWE fan.  I would consider myself to have been one of the biggest fans on the island at least, maybe even on a grander stage.

There was nothing that could stump me about the industry. I knew the inner workings of the matches, the ring psychology that the really good superstars use to put on entertaining matches.  I knew almost every superstar on the WWE payroll, by both their real name and their wrestling name.  I could rhyme of the results of any pay per view, and for a lot of them I could even tell you the attendance at each one.

I watched Owen Hart fall to his death, I watched Shawn Michaels win the World Title for the first time, I wrote articles on the shows I’ve been watching and I read all the forums of the so-called “insiders” that would report on the drama and politics going on backstage.  I even kept up on news posted on the actual guys own home pages and stayed in the look.

I was a huge wrestling fan..
Did I enjoy wrestling more than I like 12 Stones?  To be honest I don’t know.  The enthusiasm I had when I was younger drove me to soak in everything WWE.  I enjoy 12 stones immensely but in my later years I don’t feel that same get up and go for anything really.

I am a fan who LIKES 12 stones, but I was a huge FAN of WWE. See the difference.

My buddy’s girlfriend really enjoys the Rolling Stones.  Like she goes completely ape-shit when anything Mick Jagger comes on the radio or CD, she is even more knowledgeable about the songs and albums than most stones fan.  She is by far a significant fan of the Stones, but when she told him that she was the biggest fan in the world of the stones .. he politely corrected her.

One of our friends could tell you every detail about every tour, and discuss just about every myth surrounding the stones, hell I’m pretty sure she could tell you the exact date of birth of Keith Richards down to the minute.. without the aid of google.

Anyway, this is a bit of nit picking I’m sure. I know it’s just an expression. But, I think it’s something that’s used far too loosely in our day.  Maybe this is all just stemming from my own annoyance with the cliché of, “I’m you’re biggest fan.”  at the beginning of every fanboy/fangirl e-mail/letter to their favorite celebrities.

Anyway, that’s it for now.  I got something else to talk about but that’s more about my own future.  But more on that later.

Note to self.. Get the new 12 Stones album after work today!