1 Toilet + Some Super Glue + Unsuspecting Woman = International News

Seriously?  This has to be a joke?  Really?  And the cops think wha… Oh god.

Yeah, I’m at work at the moment.  In my downtime I log into WordPress to add to our World Of Darkness game that I’ll be playing with some friends later but the news always has something that is remotely entertaining.  The following is pretty ridiculous even for the news.

Allegedly a woman in Monticello went into a Walmart bathroom and upon finishing  her quality time on the porcelin throne, she discovered that she was not able to stand.  The seat was covered with quick bonding super glue.  EMT’s had to be dispatched.

Now, I understand that this is pretty funny but honestly I beg the question.  Who the hell would take the time to do this.  Props to them for making the news, and considering this happened in the US it is International News.

Here’s the kicker, the glue is pretty quick drying.  The articles specifically states that the police are not accusing the victim of anything, however “if the glue was there for any significant amount of time it would not have stuck to her because it would’ve been dry.”

Which means not only is this an incredibly embarrassing story, it may have very well been self-inflicted.  Of course this begs the question, If this is the lie she tells, then how embarrassing is the ACTUAL story?

Click Here To Read The Article On LAX18

Anyway, I saw this headline and felt that it had to be shared with you all.

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