The World Is Broken, Looking Back

I do not want to sound arrogant at all because despite of acclaim from a large number of people reading this… especially people I have no idea how they stumbled across it… I do not really feel like I’m all that good of a writer.

I started “The World Is Broken” on a whim back on July 14, 2010.  Approaching the two year anniversary I’ve spent a little bit of time looking back on my entries that I’ve written and it has given me a given me new insight into why I do this in the first place.

The World Is Broken is not my first little endeavor into the realm of Journal writing.  I didn’t truly understand it at the time but although my blog here doesn’t start every entry with “Dear Diary”.. it still stands that this is exactly what it is.  In my writing I can see my progression as a writer, but in the vocabulary and the expression I see my progression as a person.

Most of my entries I can go back and the writing literally takes me back to the moment I’m describing or at the very least the moment I was at the keyboard typing and the feelings I had at the time.

The World Is Broken is my online home, and has essentially evolved into my Time Capsule.  I may take the occasional hiatus, but it always comes back to this.

There are people that actually read this website.. people that I’ve never met and do not know.. reading entries that were written even a year ago.  I can’t say that this is indeed the pillar of professionalism and I don’t think I will really ever attract a potential employer based on my work here… but this website actually truly feels like home.

It’s one of the few places I am am able to actually be myself.

Reading some of these old entries it feels like the butterfly effect.  I’m reading about things that happened so long ago, or at least it feels long ago, and it’s taking me back to that exact moment and I experience it all over.

I said this before in jest, but as I read back I truly believe it. If there is anyone who ever wants to really understand the way my mind operates at any given time, the absolute best insight I can offer is this website.

I might even consider re-posting some previous entries as I go through them if I feel they are relevant or at least interesting to people that may not have already read it.

But one thing that is for sure.. this place is going to remain active and you can expect more to come in any genre/topic/way of life.  This place is the cyber manifestation of my innermost thoughts…

Wow.. that’s kind’ve a scary thought.