Online Piracy via The Jimquisition

“For a publisher to complain about piracy is like a burglar complaining that he got mugged, and I have cunting sympathy for them”  Jim Sterling of the Jimquisition.

Jim Sterling, speaking against Pirates

I want to be on record here saying that on the whole I am NOT a fan of Jim Sterling.  He does make some valid points from time to time but his stance on video games as an artistic medium has guaranteed that me and him will continue to have a very different viewpoint.

It doesn’t help that his show was added to “The Escapist” and within weeks “Extra Credits” was removed.  I know it had nothing to do with him, but Extra Credits is an online show that I wrote about in a previous entry that is made by three people looking to get the video game industry to mature and take its rightful spot in general society as a form of art just like music, movies, and television.  There was a dispute between them and The Escapist that led to the show being pulled from the sight.  It just didn’t help that one of Sterling’s first shows basically ripped into the entire concept behind Extra Credits by saying games are games and anyone who thinks otherwise is stupid.

That being said I wanted to link you all to his most recent episode.  In this episode he talks about Piracy and retracts his previous opinion that piracy is evil, no questions asked.  He talks about the fact there is a grey area, especially considering the way copyright laws exist… usually big budget games that are pirated are not even owned by the original creators.

Take a look for yourselves.

Click For The Episode

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