Merry Christmas, No I did NOT say Happy Holidays!

I want to make an apology if there are any close friends of mine who are adamant about politically correct terminology.   However I cannot share in your mindset.  I see nothing offensive about wishing a Jew a Merry Christmas, just as I see no problem with someone Jewish wishing a Happy Hanukkah for me and my family.

It is not a stance of ignorance and I am not shunning everyone’s belief if they don’t celebrate Christmas.  Hell is this a good time to point out that I am an Atheist, and that by rights I really have no right to try to justify the greeting of Merry Christmas.

Christmas is indeed the holiday that I celebrate on the 25th of December.  It’s without question the most magical time of the year, whether for better or worse.  It has a way of amplifying the base emotions that govern your life, hell sometimes it can even bring cheer and joy into the coldest of hearts.

The Christmas I celebrate is not the birth of our Lord Savior.  (Especially considering it’s been accepted as fact now that he wasn’t actually born on the 25th, and it was just a date selected by the Church.)  I celebrate the good will towards man and the togetherness that comes with this time of year.

This emotion is not something that is exclusive to Christmas, because it exists in all of the holidays that occur around the same time. It’s just this time of year.  I still refuse to gather all of them into a single term, because when you do that you are saying that they are all one.  Which would be more offensive if you ask me.

I understand I may be contradicting myself by saying the real treasure is the holiday season that is shared among all and then I say that we need to treat them individually.

I may not be a spiritual man, but I was raised into the traditions of Christmas and it is those traditions that I look forward too.  I even swallow my own belief to attend midnight mass as a gift to my mother.  (It makes her year every Christmas, and gives her hope that one day I’ll “come to my senses” and “find my faith”.)

Each holiday needs to be respected for the beauty it holds. Whether it is Christmas or Hanukkah or any other holiday it’s something to cherish.

I will wish people a Merry Christmas, and if you don’t celebrate it then I would be more than honored to hear a greeting of your own holiday.

Truthfully, I think the best way to sum up what I am trying to say is the ending song on the Community Christmas special from the second season, take a listen.