You’re Kidding Right? No Way In Hell Kid!

Scratching The Surface is back up and on the go ladies and gentlemen.

Never fear though, The World is Broken is not going anywhere this time around. is an official Sister-site of  However I figured that it was much more appropriate for my new post on Rejection being placed on STS.  The site is designed to help those of you starting new projects in your life so rejection is a massive part of that.  Why not celebrate the relaunch with a word to help those of you cope with this pretty significant and global issue when your starting a new career.

Rejection and how it differs from Failure can be read just by clicking the picture below.

– You Can Be Your Own Spotlight –

So I’m browsing through the new music torrents that showed up on today and I come across Patrick Stump.  I’ll first concede to my ignorance that I had no idea who this guy was until I listened to a song.  Former Fall-Out Boy frontman Patrick Stump apparently has a solo album out that I was not aware of.

“They might, try to tell you how to live your life.  But don’t forget it’s your right.  To do whatever you like.  Cause you can be your own spotlight” – Patrick Stump

I’m not a huge fan, but the song I came across really spoke to me.  It’s such a positive message, and although it’s so simple it strikes me as clever.  This life we lead is a headlining show.

We are the main character.
We have our companions and our antagonists.
We have various acts and chapters.

You don’t need to be someone extraordinary, because when it all comes down to it we actually are our own spotlights.  If you decide you want to take the story in a particular direction, make sure you do it for the right reasons.  Never let someone else dictate your priorities.

There will be obstacles and assists.
There will be victories and failures.
There will be happiness and anguish.

In the end, it’s all about who we are and what we do with the time we have here.

– On The Anniversary Of An Unimportant Event –

As time passes the closer we begin to get with our own mortality.  It may be a little alarming that this thought races through the mind of a young 25…26 year old male.  My entire existence was turned upside down on October 17, 1985 when I exited the safety and comfort of the womb.  I intend on making 2011 become a quite similar landmark in the history of my future self.

This sounds a bit pretentious I’m sure, but I’ve actually made strides of progress recently.  My overall goals seem to be nearly halted by overwhelming obstacles, a lot of which are my own doing.  In the last 12 months I’ve made some mistakes, and I’ve learned some lessons, the 27 year of my life is going to be the defining one.  This is the year that I am going to finally realize the potential within me, or fail miserably and never amount to anything.  No pressure though eh?

I’ve wronged people this year, and I’ve had associations turn sour.  There’s new people in my life that I would consider to be good friends, and others that have drifted without looking back (like the person who originally used this title about their own special day) I’ve given people the wrong impression of me, and I’ve enlightened others to the error of their misconceptions.  It’s been a pretty eventful 12 months.

It’s incredibly difficult for me to pass through this threshold and start trying to become the man I’m supposed to be.  Early last week I actually missed two days of work.  I was not absent because work sucks and I’m lazy, I physically could not get myself to remain in that building.  She was the only thing I could think of.

I have not been this emotionally unclear in many years, and in all honesty I would be hard pressed to argue that this is not worse than my first encounter with losing a loved one.  Elaine’s passing weighs heavy on my mind and I can’t seem to shake it.  I was hoping her funeral and wake would cause me to break down and let everything out, but other than a few nights at the grave site and seeing her face in the casket at the wake I held most of everything back.

It isn’t intentional, I just lack the required part of my psyche that will allow me to deal with such things, so when the walls around that pain began to crack I was at the mercy of my remorse.

An episode of “A Gifted Man” set me over the edge and it took two days to recover.  It’s quite possible that in the near future there is going to be a post about how my day went at counselling.  My parents want me to consider it, and lately I’ve been actually tossing the idea around my mind and getting more comfortable with it.

Not a good start to a reinvention year eh?

The real part that is sad is that I’m pretty sure this time last year I made a similar statement to anyone that will listen.  Hopefully with Elaine in my mind and my mistakes in the past I will be able to post a much different tune next year.

Maybe next year I’ll feel good enough about myself that I will actually have a Birthday Celebration.  Sounds like a nice thought, hopefully I’ll see you all there.


– The Year I Voted –

Tuesday Newfoundland welcomed the first elected female Premier of our province.

2011 became the first year that I cast a ballot in a Provincial or Federal Canadian election.  This may seem rather odd considering I am a 25 year-old graduate of journalism.  The truth is I really couldn’t see the benefit or detriment of voting for either candidate up until now.  I still had the stereotypical, childish view that all the parties are the same it’s just different names and faces.

I didn’t really feel the need to vote federally because it was basically already decided long before polls opened.  Between the original ABC campaign to subsequent elections this riding would be Liberal. I did not feel the obligation to be another number solidifying Liberal dominance.

Provincial is quite the same.  Danny Williams made the whole province see blue, and truth be told if I was going to vote I would’ve voted PC .  Of course for me to admit this with the expectation that my family will read this is a bit nerve-racking.  I come from a very liberal family.

… Family is what sparked this post.

10 years ago an interest in politics started when I heard Danny Williams address the province.  The charismatic leader was a masterful wordsmith.  With his presentation and intelligence the man took the trust of the Newfoundland & Labrador people and ran with it never faltering until his resignation last year.

Kevin Aylwayd, Newfoundland Liberal Leader

Fast forward to 2011, I get a phone call from my parents asking if I am going to go to the Holiday Inn for Kevin Aylward’s meet and greet.  Aylward was named the new leader of the Liberal Party.

At that moment I instantly thought that this is not something I should have been surprised. Considering my field, I really should have been aware of this long before that phone call.

I decided to go and see what Aylward had to say.  It was that night I realized that this would be the year I finally voted.

There’s a particular sentiment that caught my attention.  Aylward made a claim that this election they will do things differently.  His platform would not simply be a bunch of candidates standing on a soap box telling us what we need and what is good for us. He said their campaign will be more about listening to what the people are asking for, and doing what they must to get the job done.

It isn’t so much the words that caught me, it was how they were spoken.  I have not felt that sensation from a political speech from anyone other than Danny Williams.  I saw a lot of the same charisma and natural leadership qualities emanating from Aylward.  It isn’t something I could find in the other party leaders.  I’ve watched them speak, I’ve heard what they said and was left underwhelmed.

Lorraine Michael may have received my vote if I was at gun point and had to vote.  NDP have seem to become the voice of the younger generation.  The politically minded 18-27 year old friends and colleagues that I know have shown me two things: The younger people are starting to get involved in the political scene and being politically aware, and a lot of them are tired of the same old parties.  PC’s and Liberals have been back and forth for many generations, a lot of like-minded younger constituents are wondering what the NDP can offer.

Of course this was before that night at the Holiday Inn that secured my Liberal vote this year.

I was hesitant about making a politically charged post, the last thing I want to do is be pigeon-holed into the role of supporter of a single party, especially considering that Aylward is my first cousin. My political thoughts and decisions are usually based on what each particular group plan to do and have done.  Right now  believe the province would benefit a great deal with Kevin Aylward at the helm.

I did not expect anything short of a PC victory in this past election.  The Liberal leadership changed hands less than 2 months before election day.  I congratulate the Liberals on regaining the opposition and I implore everyone to keep your eyes on the House of Assembly in the next four years.  I’m willing to bet if you do you will come to see what I am talking about when it comes to Aylward’s presence.

Liberal government in 2015?  Maybe in the next four years if the people realize that Dunderdale is a far-cry from Williams, it can happen.