– The Doctor is In: Select Clientele Only! –

My history is filled with patients and sessions.  I’ve been the crying shoulder, the guiding voice, the pillar of strength for so many of my friends and family over the years.

As of late a new trend has emerged.  My strength began to waver and cracks began to show in my armor.  Of course this leaves room for talk.  I’m getting sick and tired of idle talk and the spread of lies.

Last night my suspicions were realized when I was approached about a piece of information that was supposedly distributed.  An action that I did not do, and a state of mind that just doesn’t exist.

What’s worse is that I’m sure, but I suspect that this information has played a role in the distance that now exists between one of my closest friends and myself.

I know I may be an easy target because I tend to find myself wrapped up in everyone else’s problems and situations.  But, it’s getting to a point where I’m beginning to be pained by the amount of fiction that is being created involving me.  The worst part about it is that a LOT of what I’m talking about is being fabricated by someone who was very close to me once upon a time.

Someone who I’m rapidly beginning to understand that I can’t trust, and will gladly throw me through the dirt for absolutely no reason.  The heartbreaking things about this most recent piece of news is what really happened that night.

It was a bad night for this particular friend, I actually spent a lot of the night talking them through it and giving them the best advice I could… but apparently it got spun that I did something very immoral (and disgusting from my perspective)… I personally saw that I wasn’t going to be able to enjoy the night and for what?? To have stories spread.  I’m done with it.

This doctor is still here, he’s still willing to help, but it is no longer an open door clinic.  I’m here and I always will be.. for those I trust…. for the friends that are actually real with me.

Part of this goal that I have set for myself is to take care of a lot of loose ends in my life, dealing with bullshit from people who just stab me in the back is NOT one of them.  For anyone reading this that may not be certain, what I am saying now is that I’m growing a LOT more select in who I consider to be a friend.

There’s definitely one person for sure that is being deleted from my Facebook for this and I will be friend-cropping later today.  I don’t care if my friends list drops to 20.  It is time to cut these people out of my life, once and for all.