– Too Late For White Horses-

Really?? A Taylor Swift song??  Are you serious man?? *sigh*  I think the rapture is back on byes, a Taylor Swift song got to me today this has to be a sign of the apocalypse….  alright, let’s get on with this entry.

Wow it’s really been over a month since I posted anything here?  I’m still getting people viewing this regularly.  This is dumbfounded.  The World Is Broken has become my refuge when I can’t seem to make sense of my own mindset; I guess I should be thankful that I haven’t needed to write here in forever eh?

It’s Monday evening and due to some fluke of internet surfing I came across Taylor Swift’s “White Horse.”  I listen to the lyrics, and after only a line or two I cease to hear the voice of Ms. Swift.

I hear the voice of someone else, the voice of a princess who discovered that her princes were all dragons.  She starts singing this song and all of a sudden every note is striking at my core like tiny daggers.

It’s the story of a girl who is going through her break-up and the guy apologizes for everything but it’s too late; she realized already that they are never going to work.

The reason why this song is getting to me to the point that I need to write about it is because a little over a year ago I was that guy.  I made a terrible mistake that I’ve had to relive over and over since then.

On the phone the guy in the video asked for another chance, her response is “no.”

In my case she has found something new, worth holding onto.  I don’t have to like the new changes in her since this has happened, and I don’t have any kind of authority to really challenge it.  She isn’t the same princess that I knew a last year, she seems a lot more reserved, and a lot more emotionally subdued.

I grow more and more frustrated at this, she was once so free-spirited.  It was difficult to keep up with her level of energy, and now it is so different.

Picture Sailor Moon – The carnival trio would remove people’s dreams in the form of a big mirror.  While the mirror is hovering in front of them their pupils get so wide and their voices go monotone.  It’s the same thing.

But she tells me that she’s happy.  So I chose to respect that fact.  There are still flashes of the happy-go-lucky princess in their somewhere; like in a recent conversation about a blue-colored liquid specifically comes to mind.

I’ve been Angelus for far too much of our time together, I’m glad that Angel is here.  If only it could’ve happened 14 months ago  it would’ve saved a lot of grief and I think things would be great right now.

Oh well, as Taylor said, it’s too late for the white horse to come and catch her…  it doesn’t mean I can’t scramble the ground with arms out just in case.


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