– Fear Of Failure –

This isn’t going to be new by any stretch of the imagination.  You shouldn’t have any “What ifs”… Live life to the fullest… live for today… carpe diem.  There’s so many clichés that offer the same advice.

And frankly, this entry is going to be no different.

Since my last post and throughout most of today I have given this a lot of thought and discovered that I know where I went wrong.  Well, at least recently… I’m still a bit dumbfounded how it got to that point in the first place but that is an entirely different story.

I have always said that I would never put myself back into the previous situation without going full steam ahead and never looking back.  The way this circumstance went down it was horrific for the other party especially, but it left lasting scars on both of our psyches.

It was the wrong attitude to have, because I find myself looking back at the guy that made that decision and I want to smack him upside the head for being so blinded.  You can’t let a fear of failure, or the chance of defeat deter you from the path you want to take.

Life is about taking risks, making decisions, reveling in the fortuitous ones and surviving the consequences of the negative ones.  I should not have let the fear of failure stay my hands and my words.

It’s easy to look back and judge, but I guess the real measure of a man is what he does with the information and opportunities provided for him.  Here’s hoping to not making that mistake again.

It is already too far gone to lay any amends on previous mistakes… the opportunity to be heard about that has passed.  It’ll fall on deaf ears now, but it’s about time I stop letting the possibility of failure hinder my strive for success.

Journalism… I am NOT finished with you yet, and April 21st, I WILL be walking across that stage as a graduate…  and for previous situation.  I wish all involved the best… and at the risk of speaking too freely about my honest feeling on that topic I will end it here.


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