– Can’t Let Go –

I tried, I really did.  The plan was to leave this particular site behind me and go about my business with my new endeavor, “Scratching The Surface.” I just can’t seem to let go of The World is Broken.  Apparently neither can a lot of internet goers, (well a lot by my standards),  It has been a little over 5 days since Scratching The Surface went live and I said my farewells to this site, and yet when I came back to this wordpress account to look over some of my subscriptions like to Future Tom or Gemma, I found the stats telling me that I actually received 75 views since my last post.

This does seem to blow my mind a little bit since I did announce this site was going to be put away making room for my new adventure.  But I’ve come to my senses.  Scratching The Surface is meant to be a tool to get my introduction to Journalism.  Reviews, opinions, editorials, and news-related posts.

The problem is, a lot of what made “The World is Broken” something special is when I have my case of verbal diarrhea and I need an outlet.  Posts about my personal life and circumstances would not mesh so well with the professional, yet casual feeling of Scratching The Surface.. so do to this realization AND to popular demand.  The World Is Broken is not going to die, and will have new content… albeit just not as frequently as before.

Thank you to everyone that has been supporting both sites this past week, and I hope to keep seeing you coming back.