– The World Is Broken, But I’m Scratching The Surface –

Alright before any of you come out and correct me I will say it for you.  Yes, I know last post was going to be my last one, I’m well aware that technically this is a post too and it will make THIS one be my last.  Needless to say I just wanted to come back here to the old stomping grounds and give it a look over again.  This site has been great to me, and I’ll go far enough to even say that it has been instrumental in the return to sanity that I’ve experienced near the end of the summer.

The World Is Broken will always be an important part of my past, and I had to thank it one last time.

That being said, as the door closes on The World Is Broken, the new door is opening.  “Scratching The Surface” has gone live, and it is now my official online home.  Hopefully in conjunction with my two colleagues, and the support of all our combined readers, we’ll see that this really has the ability to help everyone grow as journalists, reporters, and story-tellers in general.

If you are reading this and haven’t done so already, please.. update your bookmarks and head over to


We’re trying to break into a pretty cut-throat industry… any and all support is appreciated.  Hopefully I’ll see you all there.